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  1. Still not enough. The real "tank killers" are ATGMs (because they have real firepower advantage over tanks).
  2. How can this vehicle be a "tank killer", it has no advantages in protection and firepower over MBT. Just like Russin "Sprut-SD" - it's not a "tank killer" but that's how media calls it.
  3. https://www.idf.il/אתרים/חיל-התותחנים/ביקור-הנשיא-בשבטה/ 5:39
  4. image hosting 30 mb Solid green looks much better than camo, IMO.
  5. As for me, Nagmachon looks ridiculous. Puma and Nakpadon are the best.
  6. BTW, Nakpilon on Gaza border. I thought it is not used anymore.
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