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  1. Slovak Trial Report rates CV90 as best from Requirement compliance and cost perspectives. Ref SEMOD-EL74 / 57-161 / 2022 "Feasibility Study for Procurement of Tracked Armored Vehicles (PBOV & POV)" [google translation - my apologies to native speakers ]
  2. Hi Kal, you were correct - he has been appointed now
  3. No - he is the Employment Minster (sworn in this morning) and Deputy PM. I have no idea who will get Defence. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-05-23/anthony-albanese-sworn-in-australian-prime-minister/101089902
  4. and that is exactly correct. As Head Armoured Vehicle Division MAJGEN Jason Blain made clear during Senate Estimates yesterday: "We never scoped to have any tank guided munitions fitted to our Block 1 vehicles. Again, in transition, as we move into Block 2, there is in the project scope and a plan to integrate an anti-tank guided munition system onto the Block 2 vehicle. We will have ATGMs, those missile systems, on our Block 2 fleet. It was never the case we'd have them on our Block 1 vehicles."
  5. No "they" were not. There are 13 of the buggers 2 were in but I don't know what for. Block 2 is on schedule as far as I know. The gun is fully external to the turret crew space. The gas issue was to do with the NBC system and hatch seals not allowing full over pressure - now resolved. It has nothing what so ever to do with gas or chain operated. Both types make the same volume of gas ex-propellant. The real issue is if the weapon breeech etc is in the crew space or not. LANCE weapon is not in the turret crew space.
  6. from the same article: What is not clear is the possibility of retrofitting Spike, or including it on future variants of the turret. It could be that the Chief of the Army was only referring to the first batch of vehicles currently being introduced into service. Block 1 does not have and cannot have SPIKE. These are the first 25 vehicles (13 turreted) entering service now primarily for training purposes. Block2 does have SPIKE but not every turreted car (fitted for not with) - purely cost related. Block 2 covers the body of the fleet. LANCE for Phase 3 (LYNX) which is the topic of this thread, does have SPIKE and APS.
  7. God - reduced fleet size to save cost. Yeah, nah. Take the fleet down from 450 to 350 and save, I reckon, nothing, All the NRE and support costs stay the same and the unit price willl go up.. As for use Bushamaster to fill some roles..... Really just a clear example of the complete lack of understanding.
  8. It is true that not all my mates are the smartest bricks in the barbie - but, none of them are that stupid They are saying that the advice to the Minister was LYNX. Lets leave further discussion till aftet the actual announcement.
  9. Probably best to caveat your comments with "according to my old mates" or similar. My mates have the reverse story....
  10. Nope - where are these stories coming from?
  11. Are they? They have gone to contract but it ain't in service yet so best case, the jury is still out.
  12. Was always there. It is a feature of the gun really. There is a barrel support bearing about 500mm from the tip of the barrel. Bushmaster by comparison is a conventional cantilever barrel
  13. or any other - even vapouware EOS types Iron Fist just does not do what it says on the tin.
  14. I could barely get in and once in, could hardly move at all. I am average size - or at least I used to be!
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