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  1. That is half a recovery flat tow A frame. Each vehicle carries half so they have some intrinsic ability to recovery each other.
  2. No, it isn't. This model has features that are actually on delivered vehicles. Correct mirrors, relocated front camera etc
  3. we have driven down a mirror rabbit hole..! My point is that the CAMERA has been deleted. No number of mirrors on any platform in any way is equivalent to a CAMERA. Clebs post is very useful. Looks like the drivers camera has evolved. Latest version is more practical as it sits back behind the front edge of the glacis. I take back my comment about mounting provision too. It looks like the latest cast housing picks up on 4 existing armour mount bolts, Cable routs still not obvious tho. And on mirrors BOXER does not look t have any mirrors fitted during driver conversion tra
  4. Understood and agreed - the mirror I am talking about is the one mounted near the right hand front lifting point on the REDBACk, the one angled to look down/forward instead of a camera. No BOXER has that. They have a camera.
  5. probably not - there are no mounting provisions or a port for the wiring. I actually liked their front camera with the groovy cast in spider!
  6. Absolutly, nothing wrong with that but. Still have to meet the spec and I can't see a mirror being much use at night!
  7. could be. This it would be odd as the mineblast test vehicle were to be first delivered.
  8. not sure we have apples and apples - that is not a production boxer ex Germany. They are painted DPP in Aus and have lots of gear including the SAS cameras fitted locally. they use tectonica cameras; I don't see a mirror added...
  9. Note that the front camera has been replaced bu a mirror! So, the strategy is cheap and nasty
  10. What the hell are the lumps on the glacis? Two look to have antenna base mounting patterns but are horizontal and I have no idea what the front two things are. Maybe the set of features is a clumsy FPECM install?
  11. yep, no way it could have been left as we first saw it. K9 will have to have something similar too'
  12. Ph3 is really, really not in any way an M113 replacement. Ph3 is something Australia has never had = IFV Utterly different. I frankly don't care about the nationalist side of this - I want the best equipment. The real RMA trials will shine a light on the claims of both teams.
  13. oh, and Germany is NATO... Germany has PUMA. Puma has Rheinmetall gun. I don't personally see NATO commonality as an issue for Australia (not a member) but if it was an issue, then I reckon Germany using the Rheinmetall gun suggest that it isn't
  14. yeah, vehicles are being delivered and moved around the country so regardless of official pics, some stuff captured by the public in Victoria on the roads to Graytown etc should pop up.
  15. So, the bottom line is that Australia is already in contract with Rheinmetall for Phase 2. The contracted BOXER CRV uses the Rheinmetall weapon. If there is any kind of ammunition issue, it is already real. I am struggling to understand what anybody posting might imagine that this topic has not been thrashed to bits by the ADF already. As for the main topic pf this thread - no way in hell does the choice between REDBACK and LYNX come to down to the single parameter of ammunition. So, anybody have any new images of either contender?
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