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  1. Nope - where are these stories coming from?
  2. Are they? They have gone to contract but it ain't in service yet so best case, the jury is still out.
  3. Was always there. It is a feature of the gun really. There is a barrel support bearing about 500mm from the tip of the barrel. Bushmaster by comparison is a conventional cantilever barrel
  4. or any other - even vapouware EOS types Iron Fist just does not do what it says on the tin.
  5. I could barely get in and once in, could hardly move at all. I am average size - or at least I used to be!
  6. having to select crew on the basis that they can have weekend jobs in a production of Snow White....
  7. Not sure who is doing their business development, but they have a track (LOL) record of choosing losers. Remember the STK "Sentinel"?
  8. We can debate relative merit once the decision is made and we can really share
  9. and what the hell, I make my call. LYNX to win. On merit but it won't hurt that the current Defence Minister is from Queensland...
  10. So, we have Baaaanaby Joyce back as leader of the Nationals and thus Deputy PM. Given his serious foot in mouth disease, I anticipate an early end to RMA and an early call on the winner. Defence do not want the next Federal Election to impact the program and with Joyce in the mix, the odds are for an early election and real prospect of delaying the overall program due to caretaker provisions and or a change in Government.
  11. Rotations, one of the wasps in the jam of life...
  12. Bullshit. May I remind you that CoA is already in contract for the Rheinmetall weapon and ammunition. And has taken delivery of a dozen BOXER with this weapon and is firing this weapon and its ammo. So - no way is "Lynx's ammunition" a factor - except maybe positive as it is common with in service ammo
  13. True but CoA will not allow changes that to introduce any hint of unfair advantage. As each part of RMA proceeds, extent of change that could be permitted will reduce for fear of damaging prior assessments - and CoA is definitely not going back to repeat prior work. Changing the turret to a different design is massive. I simply can't see it being allowed - it could invalidate blast results for example.
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