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  1. Unit price is no guide to real costs. Lets wait and see down the track. Now there are 23k vehicles to be serviced... The old saying is "give them the vehicles for free, providing you get a support contract"
  2. The physical interface is the same and a launcher for LR will fire an LR2 but will not support all LR2 features. You are correct to put simple in quotes. There is nothing "simple"about changing the software in a turret, let alone software that controls ordnance....
  3. Pretty much has to. Iron Fist is mandated by CoA - not chosen on its merits (there aren't any) by either tenderer. Iron Fist is a complete dud.
  4. The CoA is very, very, very paranoid about impartiality. Did I mention very paranoid? The article was always going to be a waste of time. Zero possibility of any real content as the parties are in an active RMA. Yes, the marketing answers are nauseating as usual.
  5. Look at the Hanwha advert in the latest DTR. SPIKE "Successfully fired" but Iron Fist "Proven integration" Big difference'
  6. Yep. And given all the fanfare around the SPIKE firing, with video and all, I struggle to take the Iron Fist claim seriously. Maybe they did fire it - but what happened? Is there a video?
  7. Hanwha dodgy on APS too, Hanwha have good claim for SPIKE integration (tho I reckon it was an LR2 fired from a turret set up for LR1 but still a good claim)
  8. No. 6 is the Requirement.
  9. Bottom line - 6 is the number and has been for years
  10. The Requirement is six and always has been, 8 and even 9 is occasionally stated by the Primes. Utter bullshit. No matter how many bodies, you must carry their gear. 6 plus gear is a challenge for both teams. 8 is simply not possible.
  11. Odd choice given they are promoting LR2 and colour is one of the features. I reckon its just bullship PR using LR not real LR2
  12. Ahahahahahah - chose sides much!? Seriously, your kimchee is showing again, I like my sauerkraut better! But, yes, both are just cabbage.
  13. Good answer should have thought of that myself!
  14. Mechanically yes, software etc - no No idea how I know that.....
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