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  1. RPG30 uses a main RPG with a tandem warhead so yes it is. No it wasn´t, read the articles I linked. This was my last contribution in the forum. Been harassed in every of my few posts with no reason.
  2. This concept was introduced some years ago with dual-RPG: https://www.wired.com/2008/11/russia-unveils/ https://soldat.pro/en/2018/07/03/rpg-30-kruk-rychnoi-protivotankovyi-granatomet/ But the initial purpose was to defeat ERA. Thanks for the pics!
  3. Sorry, feel free to delete or move the post.
  4. Turkish uparmored Leo2A4: Credits: https://www.snafu-solomon.com/2019/03/turkish-improved-leopard-2a4add-on.html
  5. "Battle management" screen is a Panasonic Toughbook worth 480€
  6. Hope it´s not a repost. Bradley with Iron Fist. Source: http://circulotrubia.blogspot.com/2019/03/bradley-con-iron-fist.html
  7. My first post, hope it´s not a "re" one: http://defensepoliticsasia.com/nera-understanding-non-explosive-reactive-armour/
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