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  1. According to an interview of the ZTZ-96B engine designer, the intake extension is really only specifically designed for the water obstacle in the tank biathlon, where it will reduce water gets into the intake. It's a useless feature for normal use. They later redesigned the filter element to archived the same effect but didn't bothered to remove the intake extensions.
  2. @David Moyes I believe few of the CV-12 engines w/modifications were used in the Type 99 prototypes as their own V12 150HB engine was not ready until after year 2000.
  3. The "D" version of the 150HB V12 engine of the ZTZ-99A. No, it's not a copy of MTU engine. It has a 60 deg V, 150mm cylinder and DOHC value train.
  4. Type 05 AAAV has the V12 150HB engine from the Type 99 MBT. The output on water is 1580 hp and reduced to 700 hp on land. During high speed water operation, it uses sea water intake for additional cooling for both the engine and the intercoolers. There's a new quad-turbo prototype of this engine that output 2100 hp on water.
  5. No ERA on the Type 99.....it's 30mm RHA + 20mm of sapphire ceramic on heavy duty bracket (probably 5-10mm thick steel) on the turret side (+ 450mm air gap + 80mm RHA + 45mm spall liner). The front tiles are probably twice as thick with more ceramic layers. They will probably start using graphene ceramic when they have enough production.
  6. from interviews of all four designers from various media sources, the Type 98 MBT book published in 2002, and other open source info.
  7. My contribution to this thread: Glacis armor of the ZTZ-99 generations Prototype/Project 9910/ZTZ-98: - 220mm thickness + 45mm spall liner - 30mm RHA + 35mm glass textolite + 40mm HHS + 35mm glass textolite + 80mm RHA - it offers 500mm RHA protection - lower glacis: 50mm ballistic polymer panel or steel entrench blade + 80mm RHA Phase 1 production: - increase to 260mm thickness + 45mm spall liner - a 2nd 40mm HHS plate was added - plus the 22 add-on armor tiles in 3 different sizes on the glacis - it offers 600mm RHA
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