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  1. T-64BV modeled in 2015 by A. Kostur. T-64BM Bulat modeled in 2015 by A. Kostur. Variant of deep modernization of T-64 modeled in 2015 by A. Kostur. Also, if you are really interested - you can check this untranslated book about T-64 with big numbers of drawing and photos.
  2. Jane's and Hunnicutt collections https://mega.nz/#F!cg0jkACZ!3mBIapaOA6NEIM_mL9efqA https://mega.nz/#F!55tGCaxI!q_DO8uWBY7cukghLMZK2KA Military Balance 2019 https://mega.nz/#!olFQjYpQ!PIxlf4_S4mt902gOw2pIZJ0WP-eRkz9NNEqYtS6VqtI Official encyclopedia of Russian MoD circa 2006. All books are translated. All kinds of stuff are covered: from ICBM to trucks. https://mega.nz/#F!Zpd3ka7Z!JlQtuHGrMIaTcJjxdWQ6vw
  3. Almost 1.8 Gb of manuals for various small arms of all kinds: from Gewehr 98 to F2000. Mostly in Russian, but with English documents as well. https://mega.nz/#F!Q1kmVC6I!Y1zn9BHufoBb0_cELh8_Ag
  4. A bunch of Field Manuals: OPFOR, SOCOM, Fitness and CQB, etc. https://we.tl/t-jpJvkTvwQZ
  5. Hello, residents of Sturgeon's House! Information wants to be free, and I want to share with you my humble collection of manuals about Soviet/post-Soviet armor. T-44/T-55/T-62/T-72, all in Russian, but you can find random US manual or even French manuals on Saint-Chamond. Enjoy! Small teaser http://www.mediafire.com/file/9zw5wrszww2qyd2/SovietTankManuals.7z/file
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