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  1. You think the value Rheinmetall has given is wrong? I doubt that. It also matches the recently measured weight on Pz 87. The barrel weight is commonly given, and known for all L44 and L55 variants. I think its more likely that the system or the armor on the system was changed, or increased in weight since 1982. E.g. the Turnunion there was not manufactured that precise in 1980, it should also be slightly smaller due to additional paint layer. Other changes could be the recoil system. The mount system for the MG was also changed. So 3655kg for Leopard A0-A3 and 3780kg or 3800kg for Leo
  2. I summarized all weights here: http://gamesound.eu/res/leopard2/leopard_120mm_compare.svg In most sources 3800kg or 3780kg is given (especially for more current version) @SH_MM Source to that? It looks alot like the 2AV armor array, how much is that applicable to Leopard 2A4, considering that the armor layout between them were changed quite considerably?
  3. I had that file already in my folder... guess i overlooked it or got deterred by the language. Thats why this thread is a gold mine The swedish document was difficult to translate, but I manged to find everything other than "Framförare vikt : 36kg" Translation is something like: "Front - Recoil reducing". Im assuming its part of the hydraulics / recuperators, but the "Front" part in it doesnt match that. I updated my post, though the total mass is still off by some 540kg. Other than the cradle tube i cant think of other locations where this weight could be. Any ideas? @Pardus: 240mm
  4. I spend recently a bit of time with the Rh-120mm L44 gun. Here are my findings (weight estimation): Here are also some great pics of the L44 cut open:
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