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New system build

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Just as a little update, now that I'm in the WOWS weekend Beta thing, I can run that, and have to say, it runs very well on the new system. So that's nice. 


I should be getting a few more goodies for Christmas too. 


The SSD drive should be in there, so I'll be reformatting and reinstall the O/S on that bad boy. 


plus enough led stuff to make it visible from space!

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Well, I got a Samsung 840 EVO 500 gig SSD for Christmas. I ordered a bracket for it, so I'll prolly install it, and a few more fans and a an RGB LED controller next week. 


So, I should be able to install it, boot from the Windows disk, install Windows on it, and when done and I reboot, I'll have the choice of the windows installed on the SSD or the standard drive? 


The SSD is so small and light, the package feels empty. 


I also got an OBD2 blue tooth tool, so I can monitor cars sensors and stuff on my phone. 


And a nose hair trimmer, I guess that’s a hint.

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So a shameless bump to show much of a dork I am. Plus to bug Xthetenth to post system porn. 


So I double the LED light strips on my desks, cause, well, hmmm, I guess I like sitting in a dark room bathed in red light when I wack, er play video games...


I also got more Corsair Red 140mm fans to match the red LEDs in the case. I installed those, and a NZXT HUE LED controller, it came with a multi-color LED strip, and you can adjust it like the desk. Right now I have it slow pulsing the LED strip in red.


One cool this now, I have all the fans plugged into the motherboard instead of the crappy three speed controller that came with the case, so I can hit a button and have them go into silent mode and just stop.  The mobo also asks you about all the fan locations and tests them all and comes up with a profile, and you monitor it all through the mobo software. 







I am Jeeps, king of Dorks! And this is my throne. 

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Meanwhile I actually prefer my monitors to be brighter than my case and desk so I can see the screen past the glare.


It took me a while to get the pictures together but I recently went from this:




to this:




Which looks like this with all the lighting ready and on. (Colors may vary, I alternated between green and red for december)




Got an i7 4790k, 16 GB of RAM and a nice clean case to live in.


The backside looks like this to get that nice clean window view, it's not that bad considering I can tie down the hydra:




And the desk setup, plus view of all the boxes for things that might someday get returned (haha no):




That's a pair of 1440p IPS screens.

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So I had to ditch my stock CPU cooler.  I'm in a high dust environment with a pair of cats and a dog. The stock cooler filled up with dust fast, and is really hard to get clean. I was running 10 C hotter, than when I put the system together.


The easiest fix for this is a the water cooler, but the wife won't let me right now, but I convince her to let me get this.




An Arctic Freezer 13, it was 40 bucks, and got pretty good reviews and it fits my case with the ram. The pretty red ram with the HUGE heat sinks kind of sucks for getting good CPU coolers. 


The nice thing about this is the fan pops off and its two screws to remove it, so it will be easy to clean. I may buy another one if they go on sale, then I could have a clean one to swap in. 

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If your case is tall the NH-D15 is actually pretty accomodating because there's a cutout in the heatsink and you can move the fans up freely.


Like so:




If you've got a wide enough case there's a bunch of room. You can see how short my heatsinked DIMMs are in comparison, and if you're really not sure Noctua's website has a lovely compatibility chart complete with schematics (64mm clearance between motherboard and that notch, 165mm normally and 192mm with the front fan raised all the way to accommodate the DIMMs (you could also put it on the other side from the RAM if you're not on a quad channel board).


(I'm fully aware this likely isn't what you're looking for but it's worthwhile information to compile for the other guys anyway)

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Dust filters on cases are neat


Funnily my case has filters on all the intakes. All but one are nicely removable quickly and easily.


In a lot of cases the venting holes have outwards flow, also you can block them off to pressurize the case out through the back vent and make sure all intakes are vented.

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Funnily my case has filters on all the intakes. All but one are nicely removable quickly and easily.


In a lot of cases the venting holes have outwards flow, also you can block them off to pressurize the case out through the back vent and make sure all intakes are vented.


Yeah, your case is nicer. Now I know about all the cool features yours has and what to look for in the next case heh.


Anyway, so here's a dumb question, is there a way to tell what way a fan blows without plugging it in?


I'm going to have to get me some filters, cleaning the inside of the case is a pain, cleaning filters, less so. 

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So the new cooler is working well, the old one was hitting the 90s playing WOT, but it was pretty clogged up once I got it out.  It even hit the heat protects and shut down on me once in FarCry 4. 


This new one I haven’t seen an 80c with all the fans blowing.  And this one will be a lot easier to clean if it gets clogged. It's very easy to remove. I could then take it to work and blow the dust out with real compressed air. Course, I'll need to buy big tubes of heat sync goo. 


My main problem with the coolers from Noctua are they specifically called out my motherboard line saying would need me to move the ram to the further two slots over. But then I can't put in more ram. Also, I doubt it would work with my ram even then, its stupidly tall, I wouldn't buy RAM this tall again, there has to be RAM as fast but not this tall! 





I still need to get filters... 



Also, it seems like every windows update resets my power saving settings. 

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Damn, even with the NH-D15? I know the compatibility list on that one is much better than the D14 and a lot of the other huge "so we're basically trying to hang a 240x120mm rad off the socket) coolers. Also, did you catch this on the product page?




Mine's actually 4 cm tall, so if you take that fin off, you'd have similar dimensions to mine.


Other computer news I got myself something to make my work environment nicer:




Replaced two older 1080p screens (and replaced that USB hub actually) and made plugging my laptop into my work environment two cables instead of four. It's gorgeous. I was going to get it as a gift to myself for finishing off the first real project at work, but it was on sale...  It's made my life a lot more pleasant at work. I can fit three chunks of code side by side easily, and even have room for two and something wider like a reference doc on the side. It's got a fantastic software thingy that lets me break the monitor up into chunks and maximizes windows into those chunks. Awesomely, when I resize windows the regions automatically adjust, so I can change how the screen's broken up on the fly.


And yes I use pencil and paper while programming with a 3440x1440 34" screen.

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