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The "George Soros Ruins Everything" Thread

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Basically, his mantra is "Don't hate the player, hate the game."


One can separate themselves from all guilt with his bullshit mental games. Just because someone else was going to engage in certain activities doesn't mean that it is acceptable for anyone to do so.


You know, about 20% of women will be raped at some point in their lives, therefor I should rape one out of every five women I meet. Chances are that they were going to get raped by someone else anyways, so it's all ok, right?

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Soros spelled backwards is Soros. This confirms my belief that Mr. Soros is actually George Soros. Lizardmen demon Jews from the dark side of the moon confirmed.

I've only seen a portion of that interview in the past so far, but starting your life out by conspiring with Nazis during the Holocaust is never a good start. The thread so far sums up my impression of him. That, and he likes to throw money around too, often to suit his view of where the world should be headed.

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