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Active Protection System (APS) for tanks

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Drozd APS on T-55AD, scans of manual. Source.    Drozd system detection zone (D0), tracking zone (Ds) and interception zone(Dp). D0 - 130 m, Ds - 40m and Dp - 6.6m. Each 20 degress sector is

From 20:00 shows different APS systems. From 21:00 - Drozd. 22:45 - Arena.      APS system from 1960s, placed on T-55.        Arena was designed for T-80U. Ar


5 minutes ago, VPZ said:


It's ridiculous to compare real APS with something that doesn't exist.

Afghanit exist, but i agree that comparing system that saw use vs system that is not mounted on anything in Army service and no accurate info about it is avaliable, is not a great idea.

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1 hour ago, LoooSeR said:

Afghanit exist, but i agree that comparing system that saw use vs system that is not mounted on anything in Army service and no accurate info about it is avaliable, is not a great idea.


I believe the contrary. Even if the Afghanit is not yet in service, it is pretty much done. Maybe some limited development is needed, but it's not something you can refer to as a weapon on paper. It's very much real.



I personally think it was a good comparison. I'm just bothered by the "Tie" in the end. 

It's possible to compare these two systems per customer, but the notion that can be be universally, objectively better, is quite ridiculous. At least without finding any serious defect in any of them that prevents them from performing as advertized. 


Rotating launcher based systems and static launcher systems, both meet different operational demands and the suitability of one system is dependent on the force structure of an army unit from platoon to brigade level.

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Rheinmetall to demonstrate its ADS active protection system on US Army Strykers

Robin Hughes, London - Jane's International Defence Review
31 August 2018

The US Army will explore using Rheinmetall's ADS active protection system (APS), among others, on its Stryker wheeled combat vehicles after determining that the Artis Iron Curtain APS was not a good fit.

Rheinmetall Active Protection GmbH (formerly ADS Gesellschaft für aktive Schutzsysteme GmbH) has been awarded a contract by United Business Technologies (UBT) - its business partner in the United States - to install the ADS APS on an M1126 Stryker vehicle.

Stryker is one of three platforms to be equipped with an APS capability under the Expedited Non-Developmental Item (NDI) APS Program: a near-term initiative to rapidly field an interim APS solution in accordance with a US Army Acquisition Decision Memorandum from February 2017.


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19 minutes ago, Ramlaen said:

@Mighty_Zuk Any word on Rafael's Trophy Light demonstration that was supposed to happen at the end of August?

Yes. Apparently not a demonstration of it on a Samson turret but the existing 25mm turret of the Brad. Judging by past installation attempts it may be installed on the hull instead of turret.

And it's supposedly extended a bit to early September.


Demonstration on Stryker in November IIRC. If it's not going to be with the new turret as well, I'm going to be pissed.

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New lighter-weight Trophy APS successfully tested, says Rafael

Ian Bostock, Sydney - Jane's International Defence Review
14 September 2018

The latest iteration of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems' 'Trophy' active protection system (APS) has passed a series of tests over several weeks from late August to early September.

The tests were conducted at a site in southern Israel and involved the latest version of Trophy installed on a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) purchased some years ago by Rafael for testing purposes.

A Rafael spokesperson told Jane's the testing involved almost 270 firings - including multiple live firings - using a variety of rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank guided missiles. These were fired from different angles and directions to better simulate operational conditions and combat engagements.




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   Forgot to post that



   Apperently our army is doing "Perfection-A" design program to mount smaller version of Arena-M on Uparmored T-72B3 (aka T-72B3 mod 2016, T-72B3M, T-72B3 UBKh, etc). This APS is capable to launch correctable intercepting minution (so they can cover 360). System is different from previous version of Arena not only in munitions, but there were changes to launcher mounts and radars. System was proposed in 2015, how it would look like on new tank is unknown, it could be exactly the same or have changes.

















   This APS in 2015 configuration is not capable to deal with Top attack ATGMs, unlikely to be able to intercept fly-over ATGMs like Bill 2 or TOW-2B.


Old version:



Other layout:









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2 hours ago, SH_MM said:

According to the latest issue of the DTR Magazine, Germany will test Trophy on the Leopard 2 MBT in 2018.



I believe it was reported quite a while ago by Rafael officials in 2017's MSPO (September 2017).

First report was by Shephard.

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6 hours ago, Ramlaen said:



It's interesting. What did they get exactly by having 2 sizes instead of just keeping the smaller one?


Is this supposed to be a show of the previous generation versus current one, or to show 2 existing currently made variants? 


The Iron Fist at least has clear distinction in capability between its larger and smaller versions. The Trophy in both sizes still defeats the same threats though.

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