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The SH RP Campaign Thread


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This thread is for organizing the SH RP campaign. This campaign will use a human GM (I am the first volunteer; I am willing to accept other applications), and will be text-based.

I fear with a human GM, player applicants may have to go in rotation to ease the burden on the GM. One possible solution to this is to use multiple GMs, though that may introduce its own problems.

Oh, and, just fair warning: I do not like to allow players to create their own characters, though I am fine with suggestions.

Discuss, and apply for either player or GM positions.

No, we're not using DnD. Not any edition.

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I'd like to play, but if you want a hand with GM duty I'm totally fine with alt-GM stuff or whatever.


I'd say probably go with an established ruleset for the first time through just to get the bugs out in the text rp process, but if we really want I could do development on some ideas that should be mechanically pretty simple for a first time and can be elaborated on as time progresses.

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