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The Merkava, Israel's Chieftain?

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The guy who took these gave the ok to share them. A couple might be from elsewhere because my folders are not organized.  

Both the Israelis and Egyptians had a handful of vehicle mounted ATGMs in 1967.  Cobras and S11s as far as I remember for the IDF. I do not know of any actually being fired. There was neither the doct

Hi LoooSeR, In post 293, the black and white photo of the Nagmachon and Nakpadon next to each other, is one of mine. The correct name is Nakpadon. The Base where the machines were photographed w

From discussions about 2006 war, becoming possible that amount of Kornets AT teams was small, just 2-3 teams (2-3 launchers). Only 2 episodes of use of Kornet are known, 3 missiles fired (in one Merakva 4 was ammoracked, with all crew dead, in other episode AFAIK Merkava 4 was hit 2 times and 3 crewmembers were killed). There were more Kornet lanucher. but they were used against infantry.   

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Merkava layout with engine in the front and ammunition in the back creates higher requirements for side armor.

In T-14 "full" side armor cover capsule and autoloader, while engine is not as well protected from sides as autoloader or crew. This means saved weight. In Merkavas armor layout is dictated by a need to cover crew compartment, ammunition, and frontal part of tank. This can lead to higher weight of a tank in general.

Maybe thats why they don't really change suspension, that partially work as armor, while still being suspension. If they would have used torsion bars, big amount of lower side surface/space would have been free to mount armor, but maybe because of the additional weight of that armor they never bothered with those changes.

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Looks like new heavy APC is tested in Israel.


Merkava Siman 2 chassis, turret removed, some kind of superstructure with cage armor and lots of antennas (jammers?) installed. 

Hi LoooSeR,


Have you seen the article contained in the link below?






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Hi Walter,


Only one M48/M60 was ever converted. It was a competitor to the Centurion based Nakpadon LIC carrier. The Centurion was used as the suspension was easier to repair after damage from mines and the fact that the M60 continued in use as an MBT in the IDF, beyond the timeline of the Centurion. Thus fewer were available for conversion into carriers.


Surprisingly, despite Kangaroo RAM carriers, the IDF never used the Sherman as an infantry carrier.




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      I heard Merkava tanks have  revolving magazine for main gun loading.
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      Welcome to Mighty Zuk's place of mental rest and peace of mind. This is my realm. 
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