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Russian-made military UGVs and robots.

MRK-27 BT, 2009, by MGTU named after Bauman.


Weight - 170 kg, RPG-26s, Schmel thermobaric rocket launchers, Pecheneg GPMG.


Late 1990s - MRK-46M by MGTU, for work in radiactive enviroments. Controlled and powered via cable.



MRK-61, heavy drone for work in dangerous enviroments, again MGTU design. In service in Russian NBC forces.


800 kg, can work for 4 hours, crane can handle cargo up to 100kg. Can be operated via cable or radio, 300 meters with cable, 0.5-1 km with radio control.


"Plastun", light drone from MGTU. Basically a 50 kg self-propelled security camera. 2.5 km max speed, claimed that FSB boguht or will buy 100 of those for patrol work.




DUM by NPTs Spetstekhnika, 2010.


6x6, almost 1 ton UGV armed with PKT 7.62 GPMG. Could be controlled on distrances up to 1.5-2 km. Rumored to be field tested.


Metallist - a 50 kg gun carrier UGV for law enforcements forces. Speed - up to 7 km/h, can be equipped with wide range of weapons, from VSK-94 sniper rifle to automatic grenade launchers. Frontal part of UGV is equiped with hand grenade launchers, which could be loaded with less-lethal to fragmentation grenades. UGV is also equipped with loudspeekers.


UGV in "maximum" mode (actively swearing through loudspeakers and shooting) can work for about an hour, while in stand by mode - up to 12 hours. Can be operated via cable (max range - 200 meters) or radiocommand link (up to 500 meters).



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Shatun - made by State Scientific Research Institute, 1 ton UGV on basis of 8-wheeled Argo ATV, 2013.


Anti-mine protection, 30 HP engine, 20 km/h max speed. Can cross water/rivers at 5 km/h. Range on 1 fuel tank - 150 km, can work for 20 hours. Can be operated via radio link at ranges up to 5 km. Armed with RCWS that can be equipped with MGs, HMGs, RPGs, ATGMs (Kornets).


Another 3 robots from same peoples - Shpil, Shnur and Shnek. AFAIK used by FSB.



UVZ and Izhevsk radiofactory made UGV for Nuclear forces - MRK-002-BG-57 Volk-2 ("Wolf 2"), 2013-2014.



   1.1 tons, powered by diesel engine and can reach 35 km/h with max range 250 km. Can be operated via radiolink at istances up to 5 km. UGV can automaticaly find, track and engage targets in auto or semi-auto modes, can drive using pre-made route with autonomous detection of obstacles, memorizing maps and landmarks.

   Volk-2 can be equipped with RCWS armed with Kord HMG with 300 rounds, PKTM (500 rounds), 30 mm AG-17A or AG-30 automatic grenade launchers. RCWS is equipped with laser rangefinder, weapon stabilisation system, thermal imager and full FCS. FCS can lock on and track up to 10 targets. Backup power allows this drone/robot work autonomously up to 10 hours on the move, or in standby mode - up to 7 days. 

   It was announced in 2014 that around 5 Nuclear forces sites will be (or already are) guarder by those robots.


Platforma-M by NITI "Progress", developed under MoD order, 2015.



800 kg, firesupport and recon UGV for Russian Army. Max speed - 12 km/h, Can drive for 10 hours non-stop, distance of radiocontrol - 1.5 km. Turret can be changed to use different equipment - chemical agent detection, small infantry radar, loudspeekers, mine plow or mine-layering system.


Another creation by NITI Progress is SRR throwable robot.



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Nerekhta, Degtyarov Factory, 2015.


This is a UGV/platform with up to 18 quikc-changable modules, indlucing RCWS with GPMG and AGL, HMG and so on, non-armed modules for recon missions, transport/cargo work and so on. Can carry up to 700 kg cargo and work as ammocarrier, injured evac vehicle, artillery spotter. Can be operated via radio command at distances up to 20 km.


MARS A-800


   Ammocarrier or medevac, recon UGV. Can transport up to 6 people or 500 kg cargo, powered by 65 HP engine. Max speed - 35 km/h, 200 km range on internal fuel tank or 500 with additional, 

   Onboard autonomous control system, development by Ryazan "Aurora" Design Bureau includes a set of video cameras, laser scanners, inertial and satellite navigation systems. Thus, MARS A-800 is able to independently plan a route and can conduct autonomous movement over rough terrain, recognizing and going around obstacles. It has been reported that the control system is compatible with the electronics of "Ratnik". Basic operations modes of platform: follow the leader; movement on a predetermined route points; cyclical movement along a predetermined route with surveillance and target acquisition; control by a human operator remotely from the console.


Udar and Vikhr UGV on BMP-3 chassis






Both vehicles are pretty close to each other in terms of weapons and capabilites, but they are from different companies. Both vehicle have additional UAVs and in case of Vikhr - 1 UGV that are connected to main UGV/robot. 


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And reposting this from first page of this thread - Lynx (Rus') UGV.


Firesupport version:


Ammocarrier version:



Robot itself:



And Kalashnikov's 2 UGVs

"Nakhlebnik" ("freeloader") with 4 barrel GShG-7.62 gatling MG. 2016.



Soratnik UGV. 2015-2016. No accurate info, this UGV was used in Syria by Russian SFs.








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Photoreport from the 2nd conference "Robotization of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation"



   Multifunctional robotic complex "Uran-9", represented by JSC "766th Department of Production and Technological Equipment" (JSC "766 UPTK") of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, in the exhibition of the II Military Scientific Conference "Robotization of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation". The complex is equipped with an automatic combat module ABM-M30M3 developed by JSC "Scientific and technological center" Impulse-2 "(Sevastopol). Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov


Rest is under spoiler:


   A robot for radiation reconnaissance and technological operations in the conditions of the radiation "RTK-05" developed by the SSC RF "Central Research and Development Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics" (CRI RTC, St. Petersburg). Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov



The small robotic complex "Captain" is also developed by the Central Research Institute of RTC. Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov



Mobile small-sized robot "Yula-N" and a small-sized reconnaissance robot "Cadet" is also under the brand of CRI RTC. Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov



   One of the two experimental samples of the robotic complex "Vikhr" based on BMP-3, jointly developed by the Central Research Institute for Burevestnik (Nizhny Novgorod), NTC KB Kuntsevo, STC Elins and NPC Networkocentric Platforms. Supports crewed, remote and semi-automatic control modes. This model is equipped with a compact combat module by JSC "Muromteplovoz" (Murom) with the participation of JSC "VNII" Signal "(Kovrov). Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov



   Another experimental sample of the robotic complex "Vikhr" on the basis of BMP-3, equipped with the combat module AU-220M developed by JSC "Central Research Institute "Burevestnik" (Nizhny Novgorod). The Vikhr complex was jointly developed by the Central Research Institute "Burevestnik", NTC KB "Kuntsevo", SEC "Elins", NPC "Network-centric platforms". Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov



   Here, JSC "766 UPTK" showed already well-known robotics complex for mineclearing operation "Uran-6" (MV-4 of the Croatian company DOK-ING). Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov



Biomorphic robotic complex "Lynx" developed by JSC NPO "Androidnaya tekhnika" (Magnitogorsk). Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov



An unmanned aerial vehicle of the type "Era-52" convertor/plane developed by LLC "New Technologies". Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov



   The compact containerized TPK-7E unmanned aerial vehicle, presented jointly by the companies Research Institute of Modern Telecommunication Technologies (Research Institute of CTT, Edelweiss Plant, Smolensk) and OOO GazEcoSystems (Moscow). Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov



   Research and Production Company Mikran (Tomsk) presented a draft of an unmanned aerial vehicle, which was positioned as a "barrageing ammunition" (basicaly a suicde drone). Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov



Unmanned aerial vehicles "Eleron-3VS" and a new T16 (on the right) developed by ZAO "ENIKS" (Kazan). Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov



   At the stand of JSC Scientific-Production Center "Firm NELK" (Moscow), an experimental model of a portable laser complex was demonstrated to suppress thermal imaging systems, including those installed on an enemy UAV. Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov



   Marine robotic complex with autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles developed by the St. Petersburg State Maritime Technical University and JSC "Scientific-Production Enterprise of Underwater Technologies" OCEANOS "(St. Petersburg)., Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov



   A family of unmanned underwater and surface gliders from the consortium "Scientific and Production Group" МАКО "(Samara). Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov


   The St. Petersburg company JSC "NPP Aviation and Marine Electronics" (AME) presented a robotic, multi-functional, unmanned motorboat equipped with an optical-electronic monitoring of the situation above water surface. The boat was developed with the financing of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the prototype was tested in the area of Kronstadt in 2016.  The boat is equipped with two Russian-made engines of 220 hp each. Boat range is up to 30 km. Kubinka, March 23, 2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov

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Yes, this is also a robot.





   Robotic complex "Polyot", designed to protect the country's borders and destroy its violators. The robot is equipped with radar, thermal imager, video cameras of various types and special software, as well as combat weapons.

   They plan to arm it with rockets or/and autocannon. Currently armed with small arms ofsome sort and 2 6-barrels grenade launchers


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Israeli Meteor Aerospace Ltd RAMBOW armed unmanned ground surveillance vehicle






   The transport vertical takeoff and landing UAV Cormorant by the Israeli company Tactical Robotics Ltd. (formerly Urban Aeronautics) in the exposition of the 5th exhibition and conference in the field of unmanned and robotic systems AUS & R-2017. Among the tasks of the apparatus - delivery of various cargoes to the units of the armed forces, including ammunition, medicines and food, as well as the evacuation of the wounded. It is assumed that the capabilities of this device will allow using it in situations where other UAVs, including helicopter type, will not be applicable. 18.09.2017 (c) Denis Fedutinov


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