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Massive boost to French naval capabilities   

Yeah,  I am Norwegian.  This sounds legit, though badly translated.     The reason the warship sank by the way, is because they anchored the ship to land to keep it steady. But it was a poor

More submarine news - the Indian navy forgot to close a hatch on their SSBN: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/ins-arihant-left-crippled-after-accident-10-months-ago/article22392049.ece



Zumwalt down for two weeks for repairs of an engineering issue.


"The crew discovered the casualty after detecting a seawater leak in the propulsion motor drive lube oil auxiliary system for one of the ship’s shafts. The built-in redundancy of the ship’s propulsion plant allows this first-in-class ship to operate with multiple engine configurations. However, it was determined that the repairs should be completed in port prior to the ship transiting to sea.

Repairs like these are not unusual in first-of-class ships during underway periods following construction. Zumwalt will conduct the repairs at Naval Station Norfolk prior to getting underway for training and certification operations."

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So, the ranges of options:


On the small side (ignoring things like tactical drones) you have something like my reusable Tomahawk (boomerang?) concept: capable of carrying 1000lb of ordinance in a single weapons bay over a radius of 1000km, with zero-length launch and paraglide recovery. Something like this allows you to pack a ship to the gunwales with cheap strike platforms which don't do much more on the operational level than lower the cost of ordinance over just using a conventional missile. On the other end, you have things like X-47B.


The first option allows you to make a carrier which displaces under 5000 tonnes and carries 50-100 UCAVs (including perhaps a few unmanned helicopters for use as anti-submarine and radar platforms). The second option gets you a pretty conventional aircraft carrier: at minimum 10 000 tonnes displacement, carrying a dozen X-47-class planes and a bunch of (full-sized) unmanned helicopters and the like.

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Whatever it is you'll probably want a certain minimum level of air wing size just to get requirements for parts and maintenance facilities down to a reasonable amount of overhead. By the time you get to full sized capability that's pretty much to full size planes that need a full sized supercarrier.

That is the nub of the issue, yes.

As nobody but the US can actually afford a full-sized carrier anyway, my guess is that you'd give up on a certain amount of capacity and capability simply to have some of the advantages of an air wing.

Which is pretty much the same as the present, tbh. What changes is that going unmanned allows you to play with a much wider range of airframe sizes and capabilities.

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Thinking more about drone carriers, I'd say that a reasonable airframe size (equivalent to current-gen MALE UAVs) is something like 10m in length.

This means, happily, that you can take things like the F-4 Wildcat as a roughly analogous aircraft and estimate sizes from there.

The result is that you could use something in the size range of a modern frigate as a hull for a fast drone carrier. This would support around 20 MALE UAVs (suitably navalized), giving you a neat platform for round-the-clock surveillance and limited strike. Range is up to 3000 km if satellite links are available.

So current-gen tech points to something like a floating listening post with the secondary ability to deliver light weapons (hellfire, griffon, baby JDAM, stinger and so on).

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India has their first SSBN apparently. Been in commission since august, but not announced.  Carries 8






The pic is from a random FB blog, so not sure if accurate.


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