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  1. Archery Thread

    Spent the weekend working on a PVC bow, got a bruised knuckle and light PVC shrapnel wounds for my trouble.
  2. Archery Thread

    Weak: http://www.outdoorlife.com/how-to-quickly-craft-bow-and-arrow?webSyncID=d888e78a-8866-7326-c94b-9496884898d1&sessionGUID=0e69bb60-ed2e-3710-4d6d-2ae53345742d Seriously, you'd be better off just chucking a rock at a rabbit or whatever.
  3. Archery Thread

  4. M4 has a sighting system in the handle (including a spirit level, I think) and a lanyard to fire. I don't know about a safety, but you can certainly set up and fire one by yourself. The little I've heard about them seemed to indicate that the bomb itself wasn't all that powerful. It also wasn't all that accurate, as you have to hold it at a specific inclination yourself. I think the main use was as a suppression tool to keep other people's heads down while your mates maneuvered. I'm pretty keen on the idea of an integrated, computerised rangefinder/sight (mentioned above), as this shifts the role of the weapon significantly.
  5. I think he means this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/M-4_Commando_Mortar Been around forever, can be carried and fired by one guy etc. We liked 'em and kept making them into the present day.
  6. I know Denel put some effort into making fire-control computers for 60mm mortars (including GPS and laser rangefinder), on the basis that zapping the target with the first round was the best increase in firepower you could achieve. They then went kind of crazy and produced this. Edit: the comments on that article are fascinating:
  7. The Best of Craigslist

    The 18 footer might actually be a bargain even where you have to buy a trailer for it and hire a crane to get it out of the water. The value of the thing sitting at harbour is anything from $1500-$8000. 18 foot enclosed is a bit of a weird size though. It's just a hair longer than the dinghies I used to sail.
  8. Ending and consuming lifeforms

    So a colleague of mine recently asked what the difference between biltong and jerky is. We only know biltong, so I'm pretty stumped beyond jerky seeming to be on the dry/spicy side compared to biltong. Has anyone here had both?
  9. The Crossout thread.

    Ten seconds before I start doing gormless donuts because all the kids on holiday are USING UP THE INTERNET.
  10. Biotechnology and Bioengineering Thread

    This is an insanely important finding (assuming it replicates): https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/07/170705123007.htm
  11. Binkov's Battlegrounds: military analysis videos

    Pretty much what I was going for, except with more flouncing out and calling you an arrogant cockface (the last is intended to be humorous btw). I'll be back on other topics once I'm less tired and grumpy.
  12. Binkov's Battlegrounds: military analysis videos

    Fuck it, I know how this is going to play out. I've got a cold and haven't slept in days, so I'm actually going to try to argue with you (badly) instead of shrugging my shoulders and carrying on with my day. And you're going to respond with vague and insulting arguments (see posts above) before calling me an idiot. I'm eventually going to walk out of this one, you guys will still have the 'Korea = krazy' thread to jerk off to and all will carry on as normal. So let's skip to the end: you guys make this thread about whatever you want and I'll post something biotech-related in a few days or so.
  13. Binkov's Battlegrounds: military analysis videos

    Since 2006. That's, what, 56 years of military presence (and a pretty consistent policy) without a reason?
  14. Binkov's Battlegrounds: military analysis videos

    This was the reference to fiction in the text: "One byproduct of tensions with the People’s Republic of China over the South China Sea (to be followed, shortly, I believe by tensions over the friction between the PRC and Taiwan ruled by the DPP) is the opportunity for the United States to abandon the useful but by now threadbare fiction that the massive U.S. military presence in East Asia is needed to protect the world from North Korea." Maybe I'm a sucker for 'you guys must be smarter than this' conspiracies about US foreign policy (because otherwise so much of what your country does comes off as stupidity or chaotic evil), but the idea that NK is trying to play off all sides and that the US is meddling principally to keep out China tracks pretty well for me.