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  1. Another argument relevant to the genetics of intelligence: there are positive large-effect genes, but they come with major side effects.
  2. Velocity kills.
  3. My abiding impression of lefties in the US* is that they completely forgot how to fight around the same time as they drifted away from the unions. Turns out that dock workers are better at breaking heads than guys with doctorates in cultural anthropology. Go figure. *Take this with a massive grain of salt, of course.
  4. I actually got pulled over today, so I can again confirm that police officers here are remarkably friendly.
  5. It's only fair - you came up with the idea, after all
  6. Ah, but who gets to decide who goes in the pit?
  7. So this is going to keep coming up as sequencing and genomic studies in human populations goes forwards. Long story short: intelligence seems to be very polygenic, with lots of small-effect genes and basically no large ones. I think the latest study tied variation in IQ in a large, wholly european population down to something like half the coding portion of the genome. Which means that it is almost certain that someone is going to do a massive study into, say, melanin variants and IQ and find a statistically-significant (but miniscule) effect of some sort. Because IQ can be tied back to everything. And we are going to see trollish headlines and manufactured outrage of all sorts because of it. So just mentally prep yourselves for "NEW STUDY HAS SHOCKING CONCLUSIONS!"-type headlines for the forseeable future.
  8. Cyberpunk 2077 is cool and all, but not exactly on-topic for a human genetics thread.
  9. Any feelings about Call of Pripyat? I always felt that it was the most polished but thinnest of the lot in terms of content. Fuck me but all of those games were good though.