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  1. That moment when you almost play (any) tank game online with a relative, only to realize that "chances are, it'll be shit", and you pass.
  2. So, does it come with a brace of 1000 pound bombs and lengths of clear sprue, molded as to indicate their being on a trajectory to blow that contrivance to scrap, as would have actually happened?
  3. The L models are out, as are some of the earlier marks. Underwing stores are still not right across marks. The bigger issue is tiering.
  4. It could have also been the P38 can opener.. But if I had the means, driving the thing out to a field and reducing it to shreds via the P-38 you posted would have been a wonderful (if not a bit pricey) cathartic.
  5. Haha,No, just more than one system available. It was a POS, 9X19 was fine. Now it resided in the recycle bin. But it was a cheap, obsolete contrivance that took up too much space for too little performance or reliability. So the P-38 was appropriate. There was no regret. Already have another built up from parts .
  6. Okay, just executeded my towewr... Literally. As in stuffedd a P-38 in it's ass and pulled the trigger. Yes, I shot my computer. Three times.. Fuck that dell POS..
  7. Need to figure out how to save/upload WG games, cause HOLY SHIT, am I seeing some magic bullet bullshit. Hold low (bore line) hard cover and being one shotted by a Pz II. Also seeing a LOT of low tier roflstromps. Like 10 to 1 kills. WTF?
  8. Do elaborate, cause compared so some of the really badly run places I've worked at, it was spot on for fuck-tarderdery. I'm interested, cause as I said earlier, a lot of shit fell into place for me, based on personal experience. I worked at one place with a shockingly large footprint in the firearms community, that had ONE guy answering the emails from "the commoners". He would stab the tenkey to launch canned responses.
  9. They just used me as a model for the loader. Great at the "vac-load" being able to palm the round one-handed, but a bit on the large side.
  10. Okay, WoWs is a bust (simply will not load), trying WoT,
  11. Meh, supposed to be rain hard all this weekend. In lieu of fishing, might try WoT. maybe. Will be sub tier VI.. Since beyond that is land of fucktardedness and faggotry... Play low tier with basic crews, and have fun. Like the game used to be.
  12. Again, the misbehavior in the workplace is similar enough to places I've worked, to give it a skosh of consideration. The person not wanting to be identified may have a number of reasons; as to it being whole cloth, I doubt it. That's a whole lot of creative writing if it were, and I doubt anyone it that batshit over WoT/WG.
  13. Perhaps, but too much falls into place for it to be utter nonsense. I've worked places where what was described, occurred. Again, what's in there does connect some dots to what I've suspected was happening, so there may be more than a skosh of confirmation bias going on, on my part.
  14. They are under the "scams" tab. 1~4..
  15. That "insider" series is some interesting reading. If true, it confirms a lot of what I've been guessing was going on behind the scenes.