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  1. Your Gun Porn Thread

    Originals are fine, and absurdly durable, save the firing pin. If it looks frosty grey and the SN's are even and matching, it's fine. Otherwise be cautious. I've owned three '52's, wore a rebuild out, had an original stolen at a shoot, am now on my third, which has seen some hard wear and is doing just fine. You have to work to damage one, like my first. That one got fed absurd loads, and even more absurd handloads, before the locking/unlocking cam and the rollers began to give up. . I still have mags where you can see where the bullet points hammered the front of the mag body from the recoil.
  2. Your Gun Porn Thread

    Not when I still have a bunch of 110 grain SJHP's. Besides, I still have a bunch of Czech SMG ball for that.
  3. Your Gun Porn Thread

    Speaking of things 7.62X25.. M52 pistols fit nicely in the Chinese Tokarev holsters.
  4. Strela's Car Spotting Thread

    Those old Checker cabs make decent drivers.
  5. Strela's Car Spotting Thread

    That's a "Type 3", a "Squareback". Actually not terrible cars, but still a flat four jug VW, with all the associated problems.
  6. (IIRC) the Japanese "knee mortar" had a horrendous pull as the "safety". It took a stout tug to fire the one I had a chance to make noise with. As far as a "WW2 M-79", it was not completely terrible.
  7. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Light Taco is still the best route. 22r/LC bitsa. If you find a four jug Vertex mag, grab it. They were Swiss surplus . Fuck the DCOE stuff, go for a Weber dualbore down, and a snorkel w/ a centrifugal separator and dual filters.
  8. WoT v WT effort-thread

    People play WT/WOT...SOBER?!?
  9. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Those do build nicely. Easy SBC/700R4~4L60 swap. With a short ratio rear end they also get decent mileage. Trouble with project cars though, is they multiply in the yard. At my peak I had a '72 Vista Cruiser (455/TH400 towing pack) '81 RX-7, '47 Dodge truck, '53 M37, plus what I was already driving..
  10. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Yes,they were by far the worst. Expected everything, but did not want to pay for it. Got to where I was saying "Minimum deposit for first time customers with vehicles over 3/4 ton is $2000.00". Because of all the dickheads wanting to make "bobbers" of 2.5 and 5 ton trucks.
  11. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Nevermind, return to your trance, .All is well.
  12. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Best way to have fun with WT, is this... "December Seventh, 1941. "Japanese forces encounter experimental aircraft bearing British markings It shoots down over three fourths before falling to fire. A second, bearing French markings decimates our remaining bombers.".. Or... "Japanese forces encountered a single American fighter that shot down ALL our bombers, and managed to severely damage our carriers. We assume it is some kind of "jet" based on it's swept wingform and lack of propellor. We should hence reconsider attacking the U.S, mainland". Followed by- "9 July 1940- Our forces have encountered numerous English aircraft of unusual firepower and configuration. They shoot our bombers down in droves, and treat our fighters like toys. Two "engines" that spout flame mounted on the wings, and heavy cannon in the forward part of the fuselage"..
  13. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Some "fun" as to why I quit restoring/working on old vehicles. Two people I knew, and had as customers ran into eachother. Guy with the Caddy was not paying attention, and backed into the guy who owns the M211. Guy with Caddy is a petulant asshole, and wants guy with M211 to pay. An aside, guy with Caddy is a trust fund baby, and guy with M211 is unemployed as of late. http://i.imgur.com/KpZ28lE.jpg Bonk
  14. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Also.. Apparently I am banned from 4chan for impersonating myself. Yes, figure that shit out.
  15. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Trollbait for the day= "You know what Mike Wittmann's biggest failure was? He was in a Tiger, not a Sherman.". Than stand by for an epic shitstorm..