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  1. https://www.rferl.org/a/browder-says-trump-may-have-agreed-help-russian-prosecutors-pursue-him-hermitage-magnitsky-/29373329.html
  2. Walter_Sobchak

    Lets talk TV Shows

    Tonight I was bored and googled "best TV shows ever." The top two lists that showed up were for the best 30 and best 50 TV shows ever. Neither list included M*A*S*H. To whoever wrote those lists, I say go fuck yourself. MASH was TV at its finest. I've been binge watching it now that it's on netflix.
  3. Lets look at all the elections. With the exception of 1976, which was a year that pitted a Democrat from the Deep South vs a Republican from Michigan who was saddled with post-Watergate baggage, the South has pretty consistently gone red. The other exceptions predate Nixon and his Southern Strategy. Clinton, had some success grabbing some of the Southern states had the advantage of 1) being from the South, and 2) having Ross Perrot split off some of the electorate from Bush. In 1996, you can see that Clinton still was not able to win most of the South, with the notable exception of Florida. Look at 1952 and 1956. All red except the deep South, which was Democrat. By 1964, its the total opposite, the map is a sea of blue other than the deep south. What was different about 1964? Well, republican candidate Barry Goldwater was opposed to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  4. Since Xlucine suggested it in the general AFV thread, here is a new version of the old Tank ID thread that used to exist at the WoT forums, back before the great exodus to SH. The rules are simple. Post a picture of some sort of AFV and everyone has to try to name what it is. Try to avoid posting a new picture until the previous picture is identified. Generally, the person who was first to correctly ID the picture in question gets to post the next picture, unless they want to pass. If a picture is not ID'd in a day or two, the person that posted it should say what it is and bask in their own sense of superiority. They should then post a new picture for the sake of keeping the thread moving. Please, no fictional tanks, paper napkin drawings that never made it to prototype or pictures where the vehicle in question is obscured or particularly hard to see. Also, if posting a picture of an unusual variant of a relatively common vehicle, be sure to note that you are looking for the specific variant name, not just the general family of vehicles it belongs to (for example, if I post a picture of a Panzer IV with the hydrostat drive, I would say in the post something like "What makes this Panzer IV unusual?" since everyone can ID a Panzer IV) It is perfectly ok to shame those that make spectacularly wrong guesses. That's just how we roll around here. I'll start
  5. Walter_Sobchak

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    Nice. Spot on.
  6. what is this crap? Anyhow, it's a well documented historical fact that the Southern Dixiecrats largely switched allegiance to the Republican party in the civil rights era. Here is the electoral map during the election of 1920 Here is the electoral map in 1964 I'm pretty sure this complete reversal didn't happen by accident.
  7. The only thing I find weird about Trumps visit with Putin is how everyone is surprised that Trump threw his own country under the bus. Trump said the same crap he has been spewing for months. Trump loves dictators and he loves Russia. He hates democracies. He treats allies like enemies, and enemies like "competitors". Trump has actually made me nostalgic for Ronald Reagan...
  8. Walter_Sobchak

    Documents for the Documents God

    I started poking around there too. I found a listing for a document on "Use of compressed wool as armour". How very Australian.
  9. Walter_Sobchak

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    I remember back when the WoT forum tank ID thread was on its last legs, I stumped everyone with this picture. And yes, its a Bradley turret, but what is the hull? Edit: I just noticed that for whatever reason, this photo has been reversed. That Bradley turret has the missile launcher on the wrong side. This is how it appears in the book I took the image from, I didn't reverse it.
  10. He has certainly been affecting my mental health.
  11. Funny, I don't seem to recall seeing massive protests in the streets of our allies when Obama visited. If anything, he probably relied too much on soft power rather than hard power when dealing with international situations. Drawing a line in Syria and then backing down did little to impress our adversaries. That said, he inherited a bit of a foreign policy mess from Bush and his ill conceived adventures in the Middle East. Bush mucked things up so bad that the international community gave Obama the Nobel Peace prize for simply not being Bush. I can only imagine what accolades the 46th US president will receive for simply not being Donald Trump.
  12. I don't often agree with my congressman, Justin Amash (R MICH). That said, he seems to be one of the few in congress who actually votes based on his principles. Anyhow, I thought his tweet today about the Putin/Trump summit summed up my feelings pretty well. Justin Amash ✔@justinamash A person can be in favor of improving relations with Russia, in favor of meeting with Putin, and still think something is not right here. 11:58 AM - Jul 16, 2018 9,018 3,140 people are talking about this
  13. That video Trump showed Kim had nothing to do with "soft power" as it relates to nations, it was a tacky bit of salesmanship. Obviously, Kim did not fall for it. Soft power comes from being respected. Right now, most of the world is laughing at us.
  14. Walter_Sobchak

    Tanks of the Commonwealth in WWII thread

  15. Since we don't have a thread for British and Commonwealth tanks of WWII, I thought I would start one. Check out this manufacturers instructional video on the Crusader.
  16. Walter_Sobchak

    Documents for the Documents God

    All the drawings you will ever want on the Australian Sentinel tank AC3 model. https://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/Interface/ViewImage.aspx?B=382893
  17. Walter_Sobchak

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    Front wheel drive race car designed by Walter J Christie.
  18. Plus the fact that so few items are replaced on a one for one basis, orders for future vehicles keep getting smaller, which drives up the price per vehicle.
  19. Walter_Sobchak

    Movie tanks and terrible Vismods

    This thread is dedicated to all the times that movies tried to get away with tanks painted up from the wrong country or really bad vismods. I'll start it off with this youtube clip from the film The Battle Of Neretva." It's not in English, but from what I can tell, it's about German forces equipped with T-34s and M4 Shermans fighting Soviet forces equipped with Pak 38 and Pak 40 anti-tank guns.
  20. Walter_Sobchak

    The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    Here is a news story about it with subtitles
  21. Walter_Sobchak

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    This is the result of when a bridge and a T-72 love each other very much.
  22. Walter_Sobchak

    The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    Not sure if this has been posted before. It's one of the tanks used in the filming of Kelly's Heroes.
  23. Walter_Sobchak

    General AFV Thread

    If anyone needs help falling asleep tonight, may I recommend my latest video on the Panzer II.
  24. Walter_Sobchak

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    No idea on this one. The track looks like rubber bands with steel cleats, like on a M56 Scorpion?