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  1. What is so hard about understanding that my vote should count no more or no less than yours?
  2. The electorial college does not protect minority interests, nor was it designed to do so. It was created by the founding fathers to appease the South, making it possible for them to count slaves as 3/5th of a person for the purpose of EC representation. So yeah, the EC has always been garbage.
  3. As long as this God Emperor doesn't have a twitter account, I'm cool with it.
  4. your arguement seems to be that since we have put up with a stupid system for over 200 years, we must never ever change it. Also, the moment Republicans get screwed by the EC, you will hear a howl that will pierce the heavens.
  5. And most Nader voters in 2000 would have prefered Gore to Bush. But they voted for Nader. You get one vote, there is no runner up system. Perhaps you would like to redo the election of 1860 as well?
  6. Most states give all their electors to which ever party wins that particular state, no matter how thin the margin. So a party that wins a particular state by 51% gets all that states electors.
  7. In 1992, the candidate with the most votes won. I am pretty sure that is the principal I keep advocating.
  8. I live in Grand Rapids Michigan. It's about as fly over as you can get. Stop assuming everyone thinks like you.
  9. Fine, just have the states divide up their electors based on the percentage that each candidate gets. Winner take all is the problem.
  10. How does it protect minoroty interests? As far as I can tell, it simply means that the only votes that count are those of the people that live in 14 swing states. Right now, republicans in California and democrats in Texas essentially have no say in electing the president.
  11. They tried to make an Easy Eight out of an M4A4? They even added onto the front hull armor to make it look like a large hatch hull and put a bigger bustle on the rear of the turret. Weird.
  12. Cue faceplam now. Trump attacks Fox News reporters and mistakenly names random teenage girl on Twitter
  13. I think the reason he called a time out was because it was becoming less about the wall and more about the government not doing what they are supposed to do. It's hard to claim we need a wall for national security when border agents and airport security are not getting paid. Trump was forced between a rock and a hard place, having to decide whether to reopen the government and give a bit on his wall demands, or hold firm on his wall and continue the shutdown. Pundits like Coulter can sit on the sidelines and criticize all they want, but they don't have to deal with the responsibility of actually making hard decisions. The older I get, the more I appreciate how difficult making decisions can be, and how much easier it is to criticize than it is to take responsibility.
  14. I generally enjoy Red Letter Media, but I want to take this opportunity to disagree with them regarding Star Trek, the Motion Picture. Not too long ago, they posted a video arguing that Star Trek the Motion Picture was good. They are wrong. It is not good. It's a boring mess of a film. It's a tedious slog of special effects and tired plot elements with far too few character moments. The film is so bad it actually makes poor Leonard Nemoy say the word "oriface" as his character goes through a giant space asshole in a rocket powered astronaut suit. Here is what he had to say regarding the film.
  15. I'm just glad the shutdown is over. I think Trump overplayed his hand and realized it. This three week reprieve gives him a little breathing room and hopefully a decent compromise can be hammered out before we have another shutdown. The shut down was a risky move on Trump's part, but taking risks is part of his brand. Sometimes risks fail, I can't really blame him for that. He probably should have picked this fight a year ago when his own party still had control of congress. The weird thing is the venom coming from the right. Ann Coulter said "Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States." Everyone here knows I don't like Trump or his agenda, but I honestly would not characterize his leadership style as "wimp". Ann, calm down. Trump had a setback, it happens to Presidents all the time. I have no doubt that Trump will come up with a new plan to get his wall. He knows the importance of staying true to his base and to the issues that got him elected. Anyhow, we all know that the wimpiest president was James Buchanan.
  16. Can we all agree that while we don't know exactly what Roger Stone did to warrant arrest by the FBI, he most certainly is guilty of crimes against fashion?
  17. Ok, I thought this would get a chuckle from everyone. Guess not.
  18. Well, yes. After Bele posted something about Trump and "beautiful", I just googled the two words and posted whatever article showed up. Anyhow, Trump does like to call things beautiful.
  19. 21 unexpected things that Donald Trump thinks are beautiful
  20. Many years ago I worked for a couple months in a bakery where the guy in charge would only play Zappa and free form jazz on the boom box. I have an intense hatred for both as a result.
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