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  1. You fuck up your quotes and assume other people are going to understand your shit, check, that's pretty fucking entitled and dumb, but I suppose you apologized. No, they are fine if you don't buy into a bunch of bullshit about racism being about power. Kids these days.
  2. Dude, that's not what you quoted, and was the most jokey part of the post. You deciding a pretty close to the definition of racism from the dictionary somehow stated "Separate but equal" was not racists, is pretty fucking lame dude. How about you don't pull a bunch of bullshit assumptions out of your ass and decided that's what someone meant... And from a joke,
  3. How is that a straw-man? Or do you really need it broken even more simply, where you surely come up with a bunch more weird questions that seem to assume the only reason a group of people might be oppressed would be their race. Anyway, how about Racism: Feeling another race is inferior for various, easily debunked reasons? You would have thought the Tim Pool Crazy face would have clued you in on the post mostly being a joke, but yeah, suck all the fun out the room.
  4. Racism: The belief a race is genetically inferior to your own. Lefty Racism: Any person who disagrees with them on policy, or tries to point out their policies do not work and anyone who calls out criminal activity by a democrat.
  5. Yeah, but somehow Trump is the only asshole in the room. The media just hates Trump because unlike the regular Republican politician, he doesn't roll over and beg Nancy and Chuck to forgive him, while whining about not being racist, and selling out his base for some Democrat power-grab. Trump is an asshole, sure, but he's our asshole, and he's kept most of his promises, his agenda is standard 80s republican, not some radical right wing shift, like the media likes to claim, and he has done a fine job so far. If you politician being asshole meant his followers were assholes, we would all have killed each other by now.
  6. We all know he was a total scumbag at this point, but more proof is always nice. Maybe with a little more public outcry AG Barr will go after him.
  7. Yeah the media and left will spin this as something Trump had done, but it's typical bullshit by the propaganda arm of the Democrats. I mean if you think the few times Trump and Epstein were together somehow is more substantial evidence than Clinton flying with Epstein 20 plus times and often without his SS detail, you're either naive, stupid, or have a raging case of TDS. Maybe all three.
  8. Did someone say MODERATOR?!?
  9. If Russian Tanks and other Military units appeared in Mexico for ANY reason the US Government would SHIT a Brick. So what if we have our shit in their backyard, that's US.
  10. Did they get fresh paint for the event? They look pretty good.
  11. Expecting even rank and file democrats to care about their politicians criminal actions is silly. They are to busy with their war on Trump, freedom of speach and self defense. We can now throw in private health care they want removed. Orange man bad trumps decency.
  12. Yes, this is good news. Though it would have been better if Trump had them fired. This is also interesting news, Comey, referred to the DOJ by the IG for prosecution. https://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/455616-james-comeys-next-reckoning-is-imminent-this-time-for-leaking
  13. Yeah, democrats call Baltimore a rat infested shithole, and its OK, but Orange man does it, and its the most racist thing since Hitler. No, its not racism to point out the failure of democrats, and their policies.
  14. Minor page update today with some new pics of the Battlefield Vegas Sherman. http://www.theshermantank.com/do-you-know-this-tank-help-battlefield-vegas-learn-more-about-their-combat-vet-m4a3-sherman/
  15. Yeah not much more info than that, could be gang related, big gang presence at bay area events is pretty common. I'm not a garlic festival kinda guy, not that I dislike garlic, but moderation with garlic is important.
  16. Yeah, but all the salt about Mueller from the Dems and Media, as their last great hope for stealing 2016 back died today, is amusing. Snicker.
  17. Yeah, this almost comes off as elder abuse Mueller comes as so old and feeble, but then again, he hired a team of democrat assholes, who's work is now making him look stupid, so its his own damn fault. The Dems crashed and burned again. Even some of the mainstream pundits see it now too. When it comes out fully the Obama FBI set the Trump campaign up, maybe just maybe, the mainstream media will cover it, in a vain attempt to get some credibility back.
  18. He should have dropped the mic and walked out. The investigation was started ilegally, and Mueller looks both incompetent and like an old fool.
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