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Panem et Circenses Thread

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Shocking! The scum pretending to be sportswriters in Bristol, Connecticut were all in for the Red Sox?



Trump is shocked too!

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Estrada is starting game 1, Kluber highly likely for game 1


Best part of the Jays rotation this year... Between Sanchez, Stroman, Happ, and Estrada, doesn't really matter.  I'm comfortable with having any of them up there with things on the line.

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EYBS > Aldoris Chapman.


Not tonight, he beat them harder than his wife.





apology for poor english

where were you when even year bullshit dies?

i was sat at home eating cracker jack when joe maddon ring

'giants is kill'


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LA Dodgers - Last appeared and won in 1988

Toronto Blue Jays - Last appeared and won in 1993

Washington Nationals - Never as Nationals or Expos, Senators appeared in 1933 World Series and won in 1922

Chicago Cubs - Last appeared in 1945, last won 1908

Cleveland Indians - Last appeared in 1997, last won 1948


edit: Picture of me and Bele hanging out:


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    • By Khand-e
      So yeah, since I did this for every individual major 4 North American pro league sport last year in seperate threads, and playoffs are about to end and go into championship games soon, I figured I'd just do a mini compendium thread for it, so yeah, here we are.
      NFL: Denver Broncos defeat the Carolina Panthers 24-10 at Super Bowl 50.
      NBA: To be determined, in Semifinals, but it's shaping up to be a rematch of last year with the Golden State Warriors vs the Cleveland Cavaliers so far. ZZZZZ (Golden state won said matchup 4-2.)
      NHL: Currently in semifinals, Predictions for me are on the Pittsburgh Penguins vs the St Louis Blues in the grand finals so far. However, considering St Lous is currently 2-2 against the Western conference leader, the Dallas Stars, I'll pretty much say that whoever wins that series will probably take the Stanley cup this year.
      MLB. This one is pretty far off, will update this and the rest when the time comes, but, not the Seattle Mariners. (Yeah, THAT'S RIGHT DONWARD!)
      So yeah, this is indeed a thread.
    • By Khand-e
      A bit late but obviously been not really here all the time.
      First world series win for the franchise in 30 years, Royals 4-1 Mets.
    • By Khand-e
      Figured even though it's not the Bulls, I did do a hockey post so, here you go.
    • By Khand-e
      Would've much preferred the Bulls not hard choking against the Cavs this year, but this will do nicely for now I guess!
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