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Panem et Circenses Thread

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As a Seahawks fan, I have no real rooting interest in today's Super Bowl. I've noticed that a lot of the freshly minuted Hawks fans in my region have a hate on for Carolina because they beat us twice this year and Cam Newton takes his celebrations a little too seriously. Meh. I don't care. Having been a 12th Man since the 1980s, I still have a hard time rooting for our historical rivals, the Denver Broncos. Especially when the organization is still run by John Elway who - among other things - used to whine about how loud it got in the old Kingdome. 


So with that explanation out of the way, I am tentatively on the side of Carolina this game.

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It was a pretty lackluster, vanilla game. Obviously the Denver defense won the day.


ya, as boring as it is to watch i do appreciate the physical and most importantly mental toll that both teams must endure, you can be ahead 10 points but its never fun to be shut down again and again and again 

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A good defensive battle is bad for TV, but good for football purists. Luke Kuechly and Von Miller were the best players on the field instead of the QBs which is a nice thing to see for someone who played at LB and DE during my youth(a year ago). Too bad it wasn't that close of a game.


Commercials sucked except for the wiener dogs. Coldplay was the best it could have been which was Coldplay was kept to a minimum. 


5/10 Super Bowl rating

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The Broncos defense was pretty good. That situational pass rush seemed to get to Cam just at the right time. Honestly, I don't think Newton had his head in the game and one wonders how much partying the Panthers did this week. 


Conversely, this particular Broncos team has been to the big game before two years ago. And while they fell on their face against my Seahawks, these guys seemed hungry to redeem that performance. The Peyton Manning send-off storyline helped give some incentive to that. 


I like the game plan of the Broncos in that they didn't expect their offense to do too much. Their D gave the ball to the offense in good situations with the turnovers and Manning moved the ball just enough to get some field goals and the right number of TDs. 


And even though I'm not a big Coldplay fan, the halftime show was alright. It was basically just an homage to previous halftime shows and Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Bouncy didn't detract from that. Lady Gaga's National Anthem performance was pretty mediocre. 



Again, that Harry Nielson song is what makes it for that ad. Now, I'm not sure why Heinz feels the need to advertise because, it's fucking Ketchup. Who DOESN'T buy Heinz ketchup? Is there such a thing? Yeah, sure, there's Hunt's ketchup but it sucks. And there's the generic stuff for five cents less which is really just Heinz but with an off-brand name. Is there some other brand of ketchup which is cutting into the Heinz profit margin? The only thing that makes less sense is the Avocados from Mexico adverts. I mean, who goes to the store specifically looking for Mexican-grown avocados? And it's not like the store offers two different brands. They're avocados. You grab them and hopefully they're  not too hard or too mushy. If that's not good enough for you , go to the Whole Foods or your local farmer's market and they might have some California grown ones.

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