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  1. 1. Sloped plates, low silhouette, small or narrow turret cross section/how late cold war tanks are designed. You must be looking at different late cold war tanks than the rest of us because this is all just outright puzzling. 2. (Second paragraph thing) I'm going to be honest with you here, the more I look at these "artists impressions" the more I'm more or less convinced that if there was ANY engineering input at all to these illustrations it was a checklist or some shit given to hire out graphic artists. That said though, you brought up shot traps. Even assuming that drivers vision block step is actually planned to be there you're looking at maybe 10-20 centimeters in height which is basically thin enough to not matter at modern tank gun ranges. You equated it to the chally situation which is it manifestly nowhere near the same thing. In the chally they carved a big fucking hole in it's UFP DEAD CENTER and even that's not a shot trap! (Shot traps when people are shooting high L:D long rods at you aren't really a thing. There's just bounce/no bounce angles THAT'S IT) The chally's issue is it has the tank equivalent to wearing crotchless panties to ride steeplechase not a shot trap. There's a big fucking hole just inviting a long rod to get deep the fuck up in it's guts! On the superstructure on suspension things, I just flat have no idea what you mean by superstructure. On the suspension thing, reference my prior comments about these being graphic arts concepts more than anything like a concept drawing. Even if they planned to do it exactly like this though, with hydrogas suspension components etc it shouldn't particularly be a problem perse. These "concepts" are too derpy to be all that serious to be honest. If you want to see what a truly modern tank concept looks like check out the US army's OMT concept illustrations. (There's 3 or 4 of them and they're much more serious than whatever the fuck these illustrations are). In some ways I think why several of us are confused by your commentary here is precisely because these things are so blatantly deviantart Level cartoony.
  2. Which best practices are you specifically on about? Let's start with your bulky complaint: You do know that NERA is a thing right and that due to the specifics of how nera works it tends to be very mass efficient but comparatively massive right? Now let's go to the tall thing: How exactly are you getting that they're especially tall? I see the opposite TBH but I wouldn't even want to speculate on the height since there's nothing to gauge the scale by. What about little space for suspension: Gonna be honest here, this one blatantly makes it clear that you're just bitching to bitch with no actual grounding for any of it. And Last, you're talking about the armor package of CONCEPT DRAWINGS. You have no grounds to speculate about any of this at all.
  3. I wouldn't expect much from FN... They still can't get the mk48 right, the m240L is a piece of shit, and the army is paying FN to fuck up m2's in a similar way to Their other portfolio of fuck ups. It would be genuinely surprising if they actually did something decent.
  4. Yes, we see you edging closer to declaring victory even though you've had it explained clearly and thoroughly over and over in as simple language as possible.
  5. Now give poor old delete some credit. It DOES say something about the respective auto technologies... Just not what he thinks it does. The Pershing worked specifically because american engineers were capable of engineering something that was within the limits of their automotive technology while the Germans couldn't even manage to not fuck that up! Anyone Actually capable in their field would have known that the panther final drives wouldn't have even been satisfactory on something 15 tons lighter, like the Pershing, so they built final drives that would actually WORK with what they had! Delete keeps trying to act like it's some sort of accomplishment to build a "medium" that's 15 tons heavier than it should be while having inferior fit out because he apparently doesn't understand that the goal is to get x set of capabilities with y mobility at the lowest weight and bulk possible. It's a fundamental misunderstanding of what the purpose of tanks truly is at it's core. Delete believes in the stat block over all else while sane people understand that AFV design is about striking the best compromise between all the competing factors and design considerations to come out with a system that does the most with the least so that you can make deploy and supply as many of them as possible. These are not vegas air races aircraft delete. No points are awarded for the most sleek sophisticated and on the edge of your technological capabilities designs. Your entire approach for deciding what is good is based in a fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose of afv's.
  6. It's literally not my job to show you but since this forum's unofficial motto is LINK OR DIE it's pretty safe to assume that what you're demanding is extremely easy to find on this very forum... As to who exactly on here is published and what they've published, chances are if you don't know that they're published and what they've published it's because they don't want you to know likely because they think you're a fucking clown and don't want to be bothered with you. Since you've been here for so god damn long without even once clicking the sticky at the top of EVERY SUBFORUM that contains the SH newb guide, which you're flagrantly stomping all over, I don't feel even a little compelled to take pity much less mercy on you. I only stopped in to watch you get turned out like rupaul at florence supermax, not to help you stop being a fucking idiot.
  7. He says on a forum populated with a very non trivial number of professionals in the field and authors who published and publish much better sourced works on the subject directly at hand. Just because you're some dipshit on the internet doesn't mean the people you're arguing with are too... I'm not one of those professionals for the record but I do find this incredibly funny.
  8. Yes the old unreliable r34.... So unreliable that during the recent ukraine festivities we have MULTIPLE documented instances of t34's parked on display in the weather for the last 7 decades being started in short order and driven into battle. Truly a disgrace that some impudent curs had the gall to call these moscovite failure tractors tanks!
  9. I know right?! Also, I love how he's so free with his critiques of the competition threads and our "general knowledge Levels" Along with singing his own praises... And yet, he's been here ALL THIS TIME and has somehow not managed to find subforum DOCUMENT REPOSITORY LINKS stickied at the top of every forum menu for each subcategory at SH! Real high IQ hours. If you read this spoony boy, go look in the clearly marked fucking folders... Reevaluate your life, reevaluate your attitude, realize that we all also have a metric fuck ton of shit that isn't even in these places, realize that we've all read large portions of these archives, and maybe come back apologize and show proper respect for people who have in fact already done all the hard work for you... And maybe 6 months or a year after that you'll actually begin posting stuff interesting and worthwhile enough to actually get thoughtful and helpful responses from people here.
  10. You talk about us being surprised you get your information by reading books... You're right, we were surprised. We've all read all those books and far far more. We collect and trade dtic.mil documents, the biannual technology roadmap reports, and patents like you probably trade Pokemon cards... You apparently just haven't figured out that because shitters like you who want to be spoon-fed everything are so incredibly prevalent that we do it several places people like you don't have access to. The fact that you think you're unique different or special because you're just barely getting around to the very basics of the entry level reading list we all read FOREVER AGO, and your apparent total inability to comprehend and retain the knowledge in said books much less ACTUALLY SYNTHESIZE the information into a usable form reflects extraordinarily poorly on you not us. I genuinely love too how you are genuinely too stupid, STILL in spite of people explaining to you multiple times why they exist and their purpose, to understand the purpose of the design competition threads. It's an added bonus that "in your professional opinion" the designs "are totally impractical".... Wanna know the part that's funny about that? If you could even read properly, you'd see the math and 3d modeling simulations etc that show everyone's work including verifying that that their hypothetical solutions are in fact possible and would perform as desired/designed. Bitch please I've read through the equivalent of hundreds of pages of typed text, spreadsheets, mathematical calculations using the actual and far closer to up to date equations than TOT etc has evaluations of everything from the armor arrays ability to perform as designed to the extremely thoroughly specced and calculated ammunition designs that stop just short of an actual bill of materials and full up cost calculations for every step in the manufacturing process for each individual round gun and armor array. But I'm sure your "professional opinion" is far more capable than the Monte Carlo Sims and etc the competitors and judges did to vet and benchmark the entries. Have you not figured out yet that you're such a shitter so utterly laughable and unworthy of respect much less treatment as a peer that we're purposely using you as a punching bag when any of us could actually provide you everything you demand from us without any difficulty at any point we wanted to. You've outed yourself as beyond a joke and too much effort for anyone here to be willing to beat you into not being a dumb fuck. Honestly, you should probably apologize to the entire forum population very sincerely or just go away in the very near future. Because at some point, people here will get bored of beating on you... At which point, any one or more of the dozen people here who can tank your "defense writing career" with a single email to everyone you work for with some screenshots attached. Pro tip: The defense technology world on the professional side is utterly ruthless and actively enjoys shitcanning the careers of annoying arrogant jumped up little dumb fucks like you. You're actually lucky that you landed here rather than other places where any chance you'd ever have of reporting on anything even DEFENSE ADJACENT would have already been taken from you weeks ago... This is me officially saying, our forebearance and tolerance of you being a shitter is done. Begone thot
  11. Was all of this supposed to make me care that you think I'm a meanie head dumb dumb face? P.s. any "news site" stupid enough to employ you as a writer is... I'd say only good as toilet paper but you're essentially just an "online defense commentator" which is right up there with terms like anal fissures for it's negative connotation to pretty much everyone whose not one of them. Congrats on getting yourself into the exalted camp as such luminaries as Nicholas Drummond and blacktail defense I guess. You know, if you just stopped being so exceedingly stupid this place could be a gold mine for you. But, you and I both know that will never happen.
  12. Yeah, we get it, you want us to do all your work for you. But we're not going to. Nice try on insisting we write up faq's and etc though. And oh by the way, you finding the competition threads and managing to so badly mangle the intent just goes to show how monumentally fucking defective you are. P.s. yes, I do know a metric fuck ton more than you... But that's just not hard or something to actually be proud of. Even diagonal sushi mightyzuk and lastdingo would be highly disappointed by you, and that truly says worse things about you than anything else I could add.
  13. Bold of you to assume you have advice worth giving, especially when you are completely tone deaf to what people are saying to you as well as the actual tone of the forum. Your comments about uav's not being revolutionary is especially funny when you turn around and accuse people of being blindly technocratic. The whole point of uav's for the most part right now is to do the things we used to do other ways better, faster, cheaper, with less manpower, much lower latency, much higher certainty, over much larger areas, and In a much more usable and effective way. In that respect, they have been wildly successful almost beyond expectations. Your inability to grock that everyone here is far more aware of their limitations and weak points is not winning you friends nor is it making you come off as anything like intelligent. On the plus side, it is slightly less cringe than your constant talk of being more informed than public officials tasked with decision making and guiding development decisions. You definitely aren't by the way, you need to understand that. A great example is your surprise and wonderment at drones being a great tool in the hybrid warfare toolbox. They're also great in COIN operations other than war and probably most importantly in the role of dealing with gathering ISR and a myriad of other missions involving hostile nations we don't want a shooting war with. Especially now that under the new normal we find ourselves in, people can potshot and outright steal each other's drones without even the slightest risk of it triggering an escalation spiral. And herein lies the issue people here have with you. You are falsely under the impression that you are far smarter and more knowledgeable than you actually are. You preach to people who have forgotten more than you'll ever know and chide them about their stances on things you're plainly far out of your depth on. I'm by far one of the least intelligent and well read people here and yet my knowledge is still encyclopedic In comparison with your own. If you were to actually go through my post history here though, outside of my very limited areas of knowledge, you'd see that I tend to be the one asking more questions than answering. At the same time though, you'll find that my posts also clearly show in their wording that I've went out and looked for answers/data to back up my stance on a subject even if it's outside my field. Honestly, if you actually want to get something out of this forum you should be spending much more time reading existing posts and rhe links etc in those posts before you jump in and try to "educate" people who actually know the things you think you know. Your comments in this thread pretty plainly show that your own internal ideas of what uav's are supposed to be and do are very divergent from what they actually are. This should have given you pause and made you stop to consider whether you actually know what you think you do instead of triggering you to post wildly laughable admonishments and batshit insane proclamations. You're either going to actually learn how to be a good poster here or you'll go back to whatever shithole forums you came from. The choice is yours.
  14. To top our hatred of entitled whiners, your question about why you can't just jam the f35's systems and capabilities into an F16 is a great example of how entirely you've failed to do your own research since that's a conversation that's been had multiple times on this board, is extremely well covered on secret projects.co.uk and has probably literal thousands of pages worth of discussion freely available and well indexed on the f16.net forum. You can literally type that question into Google and read dozens of masters grade theses on THAT EXACT QUESTIONS off what you get in the first page of a Google search. It is not anyone else's job to do your googling for you. We have all long since done our reaearch on questions like that and purged the links to source material from our favorites list years ago for the sake of having actual important information and links at our fingertips. And that's really the issue, you're expecting to be spoonfed stuff by the people here that is inexcusably easy to find on your own. As to your accusation that we don't like our favorite systems being criticized, you stupid petulant little child, this board is almost 70% shit talk of any and every system, program, and other sacred cow/individual members here favorite systems. We collectively spend most of our leisure time Actually looking for stuff to criticize or otherwise discuss the flaws of, especially if we like the systems. Quite frankly we have had far better posters than you flounce off in far more impressive huffs and histrionics more times than it's worth keeping track of. One of the mottos of this forum is that we strive for and expect posters to be high signal to noise contributors. (I.e. exactly what you are not. You have been all noise no signal) Hopefully this clears up your misunderstanding of what the purpose of this place is and convinces you to actually contribute meaningfully rather than petulantly demanding that we provide you education on your terms.
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