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  1. 17 hours ago, Lord_James said:

    Also, I would point out that similar occurrences did happen in history (turret from one vehicle being used to upgrade another), namely the T23 turret on the Sherman, and (iirc) the T-34-85’s turret.

    Wartime upgrades on vehicles in service from internal prototypes. Not the case here.

  2. 11 hours ago, heretic88 said:


    Edit: "The cleaners were of such low efficiency and low dirt capacity that, in dusty operation, they should have been cleaned at least once each day and preferably several times if any appreciable engine protection were to be obtained." CIA report about the multicyclone filters

    Just like the filters I used on M1A1. Not saying that T-34 filters were as good as the filters on the M1A1, but even modern filters need to be serviced daily under dusty conditions if you want your tank to work right.

  3. 4 hours ago, heretic88 said:

    I do not think there is such a thing as "best tank of the war". Total BS. In certain situations "A" tank was the better, in another, "B" tank. And it could reverse with time passes. T-34 was a better tank in 1941 than a Panzer IV, but one year later it reversed. In 1944 T-34/85 again became better... The Königstiger was absolutely the best heavy tank when it came to tank to tank combat... yet it failed miserably when put into a role where the IS-2 excelled in... Context, context, context. 

    So neither, the Panther, T-34 or Sherman was the best tank of the war. All had their strenghts and weaknesses.

    I think Zaloga was on to something in Armored Champion: you have to take into account the period of the war and the difference in best tank for the actual crews and for the high command.

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