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  1. Wait, there is no RCWS nor SA camera's at the latest version of the Leopard2?
  2. Is this not burning with a lot of black smoke you can see at a long distance? Or once it's burning they have other issues so they don’t care anymore
  3. Based on their websites I would agree with being rather small. https://valhalla-turrets.com/ http://valhalladefense.com/ Or is it another company?
  4. Could somebody tell me why two versions of the turret 'exist'?
  5. Also the stabilisation of the sight of the RCWS is different. But it looks beter now.
  6. Janes, I could not read. But I found some news here https://www.australiandefence.com.au/news/elbit-bms-shut-down. 'Some' as also nothing. It's a strange story.
  7. It could be mentioned before, but is this not missing a RCWS to be a modern and usable fighting machine? Or will this be integrated rather soon?
  8. My guess, it is just a full option drawing. You never know they buy it. And the price of a rcws is dropping?
  9. With a projector? In 2021? Poor airco.
  10. And the laser warning symbol at the RCWS in turned on its head. Dammed details.
  11. The GoPro camera must be the only true universal tank equipment.
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