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  1. I don't understand how the Su-75 is going to have a unit cost of under $30 million, considering that an F-16 Block 70 has a unit cost of $64 million?
  2. Well, Leclerc is the only Western main battle tank with an autoloader in service, I think? Though the experimental designs like the 140 mm CATTB and Leo 2s had bustle autoloaders too.
  3. I wonder if the Chinese intend to transition towards bustle-style autoloaders like the West or are they satisfied with the carousel autoloaders?
  4. MoW II: Arena is more like an F2P version of MoW where you have a tech tree that you grind out, premium units, etc. to use in PvP and PvE battles. You use customizable regiments (three types, infantry, armour, artillery) that you can swap out for units that you unlock via the tech tree. Battle mechanics are similar to the original MoW (direct control mode, spawn points for reinforcements, etc). There is also a short Soviet campaign. Graphics are being overhauled from the original, and quite a few new units are included, like the T-35 heavy tank. Right now there are only Soviet and German tech trees, though the Americans are coming soonTM. It's billed as a true sequel to the original MoW (hence why it is called "Men of War II") and is developed by Best Way, the original developers of Men of War and Soldiers: Heroes of WW2 (Digitalmindsoft collaborated with them on MoW and developed Assault Squad by themselves).
  5. Somehow I did not get the alert that people responded to this thread, but thank you, that was most informative!
  6. It appears in some places like astronautix, the German Wikipedia for Tunguska, and this list.
  7. Does the 9M311 missile on the Tunguska complex have a nickname in Russian service? I have seen some places call it "Treugol'nik", which would be in line with other systems like 2K12 "Kub/Kvadrat", but can't find any proper references to it.
  8. I've always wondered what is the thinking behind these wheeled SPGs. Are they intended for low intensity warfare or as a more strategically mobile alternative to tracked SPGs?
  9. I was recently looking at the Japanese wikipedia page for the Chi-Ha tank, and it had this section on the name of the tank: I have never heard of such nomenclature, and obviously I don't have access to such documents since I don't live in Japan. There is no reference for this part, so can anyone confirm that they actually did use "MTK" etc.?
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