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  1. I was hoping the absurdity of the situation (the first assumption already requires the existence of competent Syrian air defense soldiers, or the dumbest IAF pilot ever cleared for duty) would give the joke away. Anyway, Raytheon is waiting on a concrete timetable of integration of the SDB II. Who at marketing decided to CamelCase that?
  2. Is Paddy Power accepting bets on this going the way of TSR2? More sound bites here.
  3. Well, according to Southfront, the F-35I has already tanked an S-200 hit and came out of it looking little worse than if it had flown into a bird. It's plenty armored.
  4. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-airshow-f35/exclusive-lockheed-f-35-jet-price-falls-6-percent-to-below-90-million-sources-idUSKBN1K50D3? The latest round of negotiations over the next USAF F-35 batch has seen a drop in price of 6 percent. Unit cost for the F-35A is now $89 million.
  5. Well, it's the 11th in my time zone, but better late than never.
  6. http://www.militarynews.ru/story.asp?rid=1&nid=485254 So the latest rumblings are that the Su-57 may be pivoting towards an export focus, and that work on a sixth generation fighter should begin. I suppose asking the Indians about that first part is inadvisable.
  7. http://www.pogo.org/straus/issues/weapons/2018/close-air-support-fly-off-farce.html#.W0UPqGeXHZk.twitter POGO might be a bit upset about the recent A-10/F-35 close air support flyoff. (although seriously there need to be more situations that involve more involved air defenses beyond "angry warband belt dumping PKs into the air")
  8. Not even surprised. Think they even had their radios set up when they arrived?
  9. How'd they even know that it was a -57? Are the flyboys really cleared to fly them that low?
  10. I mean, it's more comprehensible than that radiologist op-ed that sounded like really twisted ad copy for 5.56 ammo effects on target...
  11. We are actually wormposting? For real? Meet a 2.8 meter long tapeworm. The guy it was in was completely asymptomatic the entire time.
  12. Chinese APFSDS diagram: I can read Chinese, and that sounds about right. The top line translates to "This shell's (read DU penetrator) layout is basically identical to the tungsten alloy shell (illustration 64), except for *text is cut off*. The right one is indeed the DU penetrator. The tungsten penetrator's description is obscured by the watermark.
  13. FGS Baden-Württemberg has reportedly been returned to Blohm+Voss after failing trials How many ships that listed while fresh out of the shipyards were accepted for service?
  14. Considering that the argument stems from "I want an out from a situation where the enemy is no longer engaging me from my composite and ERA-protected frontal arc, but now has shots on the rear arc of my vehicle", I'm inclined to agree. Still curious, though.
  15. Quick question (apologies if off topic): Have there been any recorded tests/computer simulations of a tandem charge warhead impacting slat armor? For some reason I'm in an argument with someone who appears to sincerely believe that the precursor charge being intercepted means that the main charge is rendered a dud as well.
  16. New satellite imagery suggests that a failed Hwasong-12 test missile hit the small city of Tokchon following an engine failure.
  17. Magpul's Facebook page had some patent drawings for the FMG-9 uploaded. The images disagree with imgur for some reason, so no mirrors yet.
  18. The Su-57 has potential to be upgraded into a sixth generation fighter. Does it really count as an upgrade when there aren't production airframes to upgrade? (also, new poster. Hi.)
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