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  1. Leo 1 and 2 turrets on a Patton tank, thanks to Gur Khan for the image. Makes for an interesting hybrid.
  2. Odd, that crane does not look too sturdy, and why would you carry a spare wheel on the roof when it is so far from the ground? Still, an interesting discovery.
  3. Ah, ok then, now I'm really curious as to those other "several camouflage experiments" and what those look like. Thanks for the reply, I'll keep searching...
  4. Does anyone here have the attached image in high res, please? Or, point me in the direct I may find it? It is from ATDU and shows the most current digital camo of the Challenger 2. Thank you
  5. Sirpad, my apologies, and no offence intended as I did not realise that.
  6. Taken from an Israeli site, the interior of an Ofek, the love child of a Merkava and I don’t know what... a M577 Mugaf?
  7. Another view of “That Tube”... that matches this,
  8. Thanks for that, SH_MM; much appreciated
  9. Chieftain Enigma conversion in 1/35 scale, is this a genuine proposal for the MBT? https://dragonbadger.co.uk/product/chieftain-heavy-armour-conversion-in-1-35-scales-3d-print/
  10. Dutch CV90 to receive rubber bands tracks, https://www.baesystems.com/en/feature/cv90-holland-investing-in-the-future-battlefield?utm_source=hootsuite&utm_medium=twitter&utm_term=baesystemsinc&utm_content=20adeedb-8a4c-4a02-b50c-a0fb0875bbc2&utm_campaign=PS2020, and a funky digital camo to go with it...
  11. A great view of the remote controlled doobi, lifted from the web for discussion purposes only... Hay LoooSeR, great image of the Ofek, thanks for that.
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