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  1. A production 120mm DM33 on top of Munitionsmerkblatt 1305-9213-4. Shape of the tip and fins is exactly the same. If you look at number 22 in the bottom picture, that is the Hülsendeckel and "a" indicates where it is glued to the rest of the Hülsenmantel. Hope this helps.
  2. This display was present at the German Army Open Day at the Wehrtechnische Dienststelle 91 in Meppen. I did not take a picture, because the doors were obscuring the subject. They had a lot of current DM53 and DM63 rounds on display, either complete or cutaway. Very interesting. They also did live fire demonstrations with the LARS, Puma, Leopard 2 and PzH2000. Fun to watch. A Leopard driving down range, firing a shot is quite impressive.
  3. Hi SH_MM, this is definitely not a 105mm projectile. Source: I saw it last sunday in the WTS museum in Koblenz. It looks like it is 25 or 30mm, does not have a type designation, but was something experimental. Forgot to take a picture of the sign. I'll do that when I visit it again. Very interesting museum for people interested in experimenta; weapons and prototype vehicles. I can recommend going there. My fingers on the display for size: https://imgur.com/UIFyFvP
  4. Received a reply from the Wehr Technische Dienstelle 91, were they test ammunition for the Bundeswher, that this projectile is unknown to them. The search continues.
  5. Better late than never (I hope), a picture of the projectile:
  6. Hi, I know it is an old question, but that is a core from the 30x173 MPDS round for the goalkeeper. google picture Link to a picture of my sectioned round.
  7. I received a reply from the Gentleman working at the KCWM. The type is not known to them, so not tested in The Netherlands. The search continues.
  8. Email sent. Hopefully, he will reply. I am also planning to vist the Wehrtechnische Sammlung in Cologne in a weeks time, I will check their library for any possible information.
  9. Thank you SH_MM, for the additional information. The projectile I have, has a completely different shape than the one pictured. The front part is slightly wider than the rest of the penetrator, similar to the looks of the 120mm DM33. I contacted their general @mindef email address. No reply yet. I did manage to get a direct email address from someone who works there, if I don't get a reply shortly, I'll contact that person directly. I also contacted the Munitie Technologisch Museum in Landhorst. They did not have any information on this type and thought it might be an experimental type.
  10. Thank you for the suggestion. I have contacted them.
  11. Hello all, I apologize for the fact that my first post is a question. I am a Dutch collector of medium and large calibre AP ammunition and I recently bought an 105mm APFSDS-T projectile, that is marked with the designation DM53. The 120mm DM53 is well known, but I cannot find any information on the 105mm DM53. I do know the IMI M426/DM63 round exists, for I have seen pictures of that, which would indicate that a DM53 would exist as well, in accordance with the way German ammo designations go. Questions to Rheinmetall, the Bundeswehr and various collector groups have remained unanswered. Among the experts here, is there anyone who has information on this type of APFSDS-T Round? Thank you in advance, Domichan
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