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  1. I have been summoned. Please keep it civil, guys. We like high quality posters spreading their knowledge, and there's a difference between disagreeing and being an ass about it, so please everyone take a moment to read through your posts before pressing that button, k? We've had enough friction here over the years.
  2. I see Sturgeon is on the case. I was going to ban you outright for failing basic reading comprehension but it appears our overlord is slightly more forgiving than I. Also, not arguing with the owner of the forum should be a no-brainer.
  3. >animea pfp >Shit opinions It's like pottery. @unreason you have around 12 hours to change that PFP to something that isn't animea. For so it is written:
  4. You have text which is unclear. Dimensioned sketches of the arrays are requested, along with an explanation of how the "citadel" portion interacts with the rest of the armor. Important information for the sketches: Layer types, angles, air gaps, overall package dimensions. Without this, the judges cannot verify that your armor packages meet the requirements or the stated weight.
  5. A detailed section sketch including layer types (light ERA, heavy NERA, or what have you) and angles for each array type (hull front, turret side, skirts...) is requested if you do not have them fully modelled.
  6. If you can sensibly arrange your arrays to make sense without detailing them. I strongly suggest at least sketching out the section of how you want your arrays to look to make sure you have enough space and weight.
  7. Note that the bottom-most row has twice the fittings for holding rounds. This is because once filled, those tubes tilt down and 5 more are placed between them and the rest of the rack. This allows better use of the space which would otherwise be inaccessible because of the torsion bars and other crap on the floor. A similar solution is used in the turret rack: Note that the edge rounds cannot be accessed until the center ones are removed. The same solution is used in the Abrams: Perhaps best illustrated by this pic of the 105mm Abrams rack:
  8. "Generic AFV platform". A name as gormless as the vehicle itself.
  9. The only way a multi-national design can shake out properly (that is, be cheaper than 2 individual designs), is if there is a clear demarcation of fields of responsibility, and each component only gets designed once. When your participants are both capable of designing a full vehicle, and both want to keep their industries alive by keeping the design and manufacturing in-house, well then the business relationship they're looking for is a manufacturer-client one, not a partnership. Which won't work out well.
  10. Drummond is notable for being very bad at the technical side of design of armored vehicles, which contrasts strongly with how vocal he is with his opinions on the topic.
  11. I for one look forwards to both of you sharing what you can, when you can.
  12. As long as you don't go looking around where the 20mm belly comes up in a U shape, yeah.
  13. Appears that all the usual caveats to successful laser tests apply: At altitude, crystal clear weather, with a long dwell time on the target. Still very niche IMO.
  14. N-L-M

    UAV thread

    Looks more like a PG-7M warhead to me.
  15. To my knowledge, not in active service yet anywhere. The more cynical amongst us would say that means it's still vaporware.
  16. As I recall that armor array left much to be desired in terms of coverage, as the cassettes weren't properly overlapped.
  17. The Dutch and IDF signed contracts for series production (for cv90, Eitan, and D9 bulldozers), but none have reached FUE or IOC milestones yet.
  18. Very nice pics, we can see the primary attraction of the 40CT in that first pic
  19. So does MIL-DTL-12560, except for class 3 (intended for weapons testing). The idea, of course, being that you wouldn't disqualify a batch of armor steel for being better than you wanted. It's also worth noting that just like MIL-DTL-12560, DEF STAN 95 in its various updates defines several classes of armor steel, where the softer ones are required to have a higher Charpy impact energy than the harder ones, typically to better function in structural and blast loading. One must be careful to not compare apples to oranges. Also, for US cast armor, the relevant spec is MIL-A-11356, which also defines 2 classes.
  20. Gluing a German dildo mat onto the roof shouldn't be difficult.
  21. American HEAT rounds tend to have a wire and not an internal cone, and so the shorting effect can't work the same: For very light vehicles, the increased standoff in case of detonation can offer one major advantage: it can prevent blast overpressure from rupturing the body, which is much nastier than the very focused shaped charge jet.
  22. For a very long time, converted tanks were the only infantry carriers in the IDF worth a damn. They were used extensively in Lebanon for the 20 years the IDF was parked there, for moving troops and for route clearance - very important against an opponent who very much liked IEDs.
  23. Cage armors short out the warheads of certain weapons (primarily, anything which functions like a PG-7 with its nose piezo fuze and twin conductive cones to the base detonator), and prevent detonation of the warhead. Strykers, which are notoriously paper thin, have been running around with cage armor for the better part of 2 decades, as an example.
  24. Powerpacks weigh up to 5 or so tons, which I doubt that light crane can deal with, but conversely the 113 fitters can't deal with that either, so it's likely not a problem. Replacing the 113 is always a good idea, even if it is by using an obsolete tank hull tortured almost beyond recognition. Also, you aren't very subtle with your ban evading accounts, are you?
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