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  1. So if I understand correctly, the side turret is rather like b) rather then a) and the front turret is like d) rather then c)?
  2. -U tanks Mix of M1A1 and M1A2 -M tank First pic is M1A1 from Ramadi 2005. M designation seems rare and no idea what the difference is to the more common "U". Both are used on tanks in service with the Army and Marines. -E tanks Egypt, Saudi and Iraq respectively
  3. You can't change the internal citadel willy nilly. Especially if it is moving from cast to welded construction. It is all new manufacture, and I assume the mounting points for the armour would have to be different as well ( Rhm advertized new armour fit for the turret, whether this means new protection, or a new method of mounting the current armour, it is unclear to me). Extending the turret bustle like on a Sherman Firefly is one thing. Remaking the entire citadel on a modern tank where pretty much all the equipment is mounted in, and the armour is mounted on is something else. D
  4. Oh, so going from cast(?) to welded, just like the Challenger 2? As I say, even if the original turret was welded, the new turret will use different steels for weight saving. And even then, going back to M1->IPM1, you definition of a new turret is arbitrarily restrictive. And extended frontal armour wasn't the only difference.
  5. I don't know what you smoke, but the IPM1 had a brand new turret compared to the M1.
  6. So from the M46 to the M1 Abrams, nothing has changed with the turrets, the layout of the crew and periscopes is still very much the same, just with "deep modifications" T-90A's welded turret is not a brand new turret. Not a lot has actually changed from it's previous iterations. If we go to a welded turret (as Rhm say) from a, presumably, cast turret previously when the Challenger 2 was first produced 2 decades ago or so, that is new manufacture, by definition it is a brand new turret. Even if the original Challenger 2 turret was welded, doesn't matter, it is new manuf
  7. What are these "outdated" elements shown in this render?. Different gunner's sight that is clearly a dual-mode day/FLIR sight. The current outdated sight is a day sight only. Red and dark blue boxes are 1x periscopes. The loader's periscope sometimes seen replaced with a RWS on the current Challenger 2s. How are the commander's copula periscopes out dated? These things are clearly present in modern manned turreted vehicles such as the Leo 2A7V and M1A2C in the same capacity; i.e. 1x wide angle view periscopes. The yellow box. A coaxial machine gun, clearly an outdated conce
  8. I guess these are same turrets as well What a contrived way to make an asinine statement
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