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  1. ST-3 105mm Wheeled Assault Gun. Basically a ST-1 with... indirect fire capacity.
  2. DTW2 105mm APFSDS (Chinese phase two 105mm APFSDS) manual, stolen from Weibo Initial Velocity (under 15 degree celcius): 1530m/s Direct Fire Distance (against a 2 meter high target): 1884m Dispersion (with in 1000m): 0.2m x 0.2m Penertration (at 2000m under V90): 150mm/71°, 460mm/0° Full length: 1066mm Full weight: 18.8kg
  3. "high speed intelligent mockup target" for ground troops presented at this year's Zhuhai Airshow Hmmm, clearly an Abrams
  4. Nope, it is from the memory of some former tankers, so take it with a grain of salt I guess? Object 477 is on SH, you can contact him directly.
  5. Here is a photo of 99A prototype (the official name for this prototype is WZ123B) in 00s. It was based on a ZTZ-99's chassis while have a brand new fully welded turret (which eventually became the production model's turret) and new 125/L52 main gun (this experimental variant of long barrel 125 gun never went into actual production because there are some issues regarding its barrel life and quality control). https://ibb.co/MRWZgGN
  6. So from what I know, CH1000 and CH1000B all have the same number of reverse gears, the difference is that CH1000 requires manual gear shifting while CH1000B has an more advanced automatic gear shifting.
  7. Sorry I don't know much about transmission. The comparison graph you posted is from Object 477, I can upload the full graph if you want.
  8. All variant of 96 and 99 still retains that old autoloader, DTC-10-125 is the best thing they can get with the projectile length limitation.
  9. The article in the picture is a perfect example on why most of the contents on various Chinese defence related magazines are pure garbage.
  10. For now, it is bustle for 15 (with a 105 gun) and carousel for 96/99. In the near future? Probably something similar to the T-14, umanned turret plus carousel I guess.
  11. In the bullshitery article, the description below reads "This is the UFP of VT4". Howecer, it is in fact VT-4's turret armour module.
  12. yes, official data is 680mm RHA pen. And also, DTC-10-125 does not have a ballistic cap (similar to DM53 and M829A3/4)
  13. The article in this photo is a total bullshit written by some high school kiddo, Object 477 himself criticized it HARD. Ask him for detail of the whole thing.
  14. PS: Which means that DTC-10-125 is probably a little bit inferior when comparing its performance with DM53 and 3BM59, while fanboys on weibo, tieba, and other Chinese social medias and forums just brainlessly repeat: "it can penetrate 1000mm of RHA" again and again....
  15. And here is that phase 2 and phase 3 side by side photo I'm talking about: https://ibb.co/Qjnvhk0
  16. For auto loaders, I'm afraid that 96 and 99 all have the same autoloader (at least dimension wise) because there are photos showing even the oldest 96 tank can still use the 125mm sabot phase 3. From a photo wich phase 2 and phase 3 been placed side by side we can see that 125mm sabot phase 3 don't have a significant improvement over phase 2 regarding their similar dimension, also from the official source we know that phase 3's penertration is 680mm around 2km at a initial speed of 1800m/s...
  17. Here is 15's turret without composite armor module: https://imgur.com/Qbtseue For comparison, here is 99A's turret with out composite armor module https://imgur.com/JcPJiMa You can clearly see that 15 has a pretty pathetic armor, mainly due to the fact that it is not deigned to engage tanks such as T-90S. The amour (composite plus era) was intended to defeat hand held anti tank weapons and medium caliber auto cannon rounds.
  18. In general, some Chinese weibo blogger such as Monochromelody (he is on SH), object 477 (he is also on SH), and 风味磁能原理样机 are well informed and have some quality information regarding Chinese and Russian AFVs. The rest of Chinese internet is just a huge garbage landfill filled with Chinese nationalists fanboy who tirelessly boasting about their "invincible wunderwaffe" and can't take any critics. They are... furious and ignorant for most of the time. Why did I know? Because I am a Chinese myself.
  19. That MAKIFTA looks pretty similar to a Ukrainian RK-3 Corsar ATGM
  20. yes the Chinese do looked at the German MTU. At first (in the 80s) when ZTZ-99 was still under intense development they even considered AGT-1500, but for the reason we all knew AGT-1500 didn't become the egine of this chinese tank.
  21. also it has an electromechanical stablizer similar to 2E58, while ZTZ-99A still uses a hydroelectrical stablizer
  22. Ps: it is also lighter than ZTZ99A, while achieve the same protection level (if the mounted ERA is FY-4)
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