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   Eurotrash is destroyed and completely gone from a map, so it is an excellent moment to pay a lot of attention to Russian SGB units, sneakily taking land here and there. SGB commanders also understand situation, so now they are attacking us in full force - with air and ground support.





   Same region as one of earlier operations and objective is to defeat attacking side forces, so tactics is going to be rather similar with few changes. I'm deploying 2 squads of Ghosts to secure flanks from Shpetsnaz infantry squads attempting to grab uplinks on edges of JSF part of battlefield. Spartans will soften attackers before they will arrive to my hardened position near one of uplinks just outside of southern edge of town. Engineers will capture it and drop UGVs to help us defend it.

   In this battle hostile troops are lead by Gennadiy Filatov, who is a good tactician and capable of conducting offensive and defensive operations. So i expect a healthy mix of units type and he likely to deploy artillery as well, which we should try to counter.



   Lima will be a target for Pioneers, Ghosts will move to Foxtrot and Sierra. After that it will depend on situation where they will be needed. Expecting that Ghosts could be used to clear town or lay ambushes on attackers from Delta and Whiskey/Alpha (if they take it).



   Operation starts.



   As always, Archon will be used to support my main bulk of troops against any kind of attacks, except long range SPG fire. At least we can send UAVs to recon possible places from where Shpetsnaz plans to attack us/fire at our troops.



   Gunships will be used to counter their artillery, also 2 platoons of MBTs are needed to defend and probably counter-attack Russians.



   First enemies are spotted.



   Terrain allows to see what enemies brought to this battle. I see T-100 Ogre tanks, very likely to be fully decked out, fully upgraded BTRs, Command truck (probably) and what appears to be 4 SPGs (on the left).


   Clash of US JSF and Russian Shpetsnaz



   Missiles salvo is a great way to say hello to our Russian opponents.



   Kamovs are trying to retreat, Cottonmouth spotted troops moving through town directly to us. 



   Infantry arrived to side uplinks, they will give us support to handle Shpetsnaz onslaught.



   Looks like BTRs assisting to Russian Army troops with fighting against US Army.



   Spartans are shelling those things. BTRs are beefier than European tin cans and can take hit or 2. Also, it appears that Filatov is assembling his troops before commencing attack on our forces, so Spartans work now is to decrease their numbers as much as they can.



   ERA blocks on sides and radar antenna are visible - those things are fully loaded.



   My attempt to clean my right flank with tanks was countered by artillery, MBTs are moving back out of LOS. I don't want to lose them in attempt to kill some BTRs, they will be needed during combat with previously spotted Ogres, which are slowly moving towards us.



   And here they are, Gennadiy probably was waiting for them to arrive. Calling a gunrun on them, we need to soften those things.



   -1 Ogre. So Shpetsnaz tried to assembly attack formation with a platoon of tanks, 2 platoons of BTR, probably infantry inside one or both of those BTR teams, and Command truck. At least we managed to slash 1 BTR unit and soften up others. My tanks received small damage from Zhukovs, we need to find them before this attack starts, or they will deal a serious damage to us, or even steamroll my main bulk of troops, as several deployed units are away of Lima point.

   Gunships are perfect for destroying SPGs, but i need to find a good place to sneak them in. Filatov appears to concentrated majority (if not all) of his troops in area between Bravo and Delta, on the edge of town, so everywhere else he should be light on defence. Flying near Delta will not be a great idea - BTR can spot us and try to counter my attempt to get behind their lines. Alpha is a good point to do that - US Army managed to hold it from Russian Army attack, so we have a foothold there to get right behind Bravo. Hostiles currently don't have direct LOS to our troops, so SPG probably are moving to a spot near them or just chaning positions, which mean they are probably using roads. A crossroad is visible between Alpha nad Bravo, so it is a good spot to start a search of SPGs.



   And here they are! Good choice of a spot to sneak in allowed to spot where SGB was moving their Zhukovs. Didn't expected to find them as quickly, but it is a great chance to get rid off them.



   I also moved Spartans as far as possible to a frontline, so they can reach targets deeper into enemy territroy. A risky action, but now it pays - my SPGs are shelling Shpetsnaz artillery, allowing to finish them faster and don't risk with Blackfoots as much. Meanwhile Kamovs are attacking my troops near Lima, but they will be easily dealt with.



   Zhukovs are trying to run away, but it is too late. Spartans switched to different target as target 6 is nearly dead and infantry near Bravo, moving to town is better target for them. Also, another group of Sheptsnaz operatives is on the way to Whiskey, probably to hack it futher and get more troops/supports.



   Another team of SPGs! I didn't even knew that Filatov deployed 2 units of artillery. If he managed to stat his attack with 2 active SPGs batteries, my troops would be fucked. This move of Blackfoots behind enemy lines became a crucial raid in this operation. They must finish that group of cannon carriers as well! 



   Filatov's troops start their attack, my tanks are moving to intercept them. Cottonmouth is still working on Zhukovs.



   Blackfoots are flying back as Kamovs are arriving and moving towards them, SGB artillery unit is defeated and now retreating so they don't need to stay here. Schwarzkopfs are already firing at attackers, Gennadiy started his main assault.


   Shpetsnaz onslaught!



   T-100s are leading this attack, and thanks to previous airstrike they are vastly outnumbered by Schwarkopfs. I also brining CV to counter this attack, UGVs will help with damage output. Spartans are not shelling attacking formation as it is becoming too close to our troops, they are suppressing infantry squad, which divides Filatov's assault formation. Blackfoots are visible on the background, flying directly over enemy troops in order to spot them and try to distract them as well.



   A salvo from both platoon of MBTs finishes Ogres. Infantry squad was spotted near Delta, Ghosts will be located on a ridge near Delta to counter them. Second team of Ghosts is on the way to Alpha, i'm using a fact that Filatov left his flanks without proper defence in order to organize this assault.



   Gennady's CV is visible here. Both BTR squads were defeated by artillery, so he is alone. Spartans are finishing combat engineers that take shelter in a building.



   CV and Kamovs are moving to us, but at this point this attack is no longer capable of breaking through my defensive formation. Artillery, aristrike and gunships raid were crucial to soften Filatov's assault task force enough to make it incapable of doing any serious damage to us.





   MAZ and Kamovs are moving together, Gennadiy tries to achive at least something with this push. Ghost team reached Alpha and not working on it, i want to use a regular army troops to push to enemy part of battlefield.



   Shpetsnaz combat engineers were located in a forest near Delta, enemy probably wanted to ambush any gunships or IFVs trying to get to Delta, but Ghosts are perfect counter to those guys from such range.



   Fastback dealt with Kamovs, they will assist with engineers, when Ghosts will kill most of them. Hostile CV tries to retreat, but artillery will not allow this.



   MAZ was defeated, now IFVs are moving to finish engineers.



   Tanks are smashing escort troops of MAZ CV.



   And engineers are done. At this point we defeated 2 BTR units, 1 tank platoon, 2 SPG batteries, 2 gunships teams, 2 infantry squads and their command truck with total of 10 units out of battle on SGB side. I deployed 11 units in total so far, so enemy should be now rather low on avaliable troops. At least 1 infantry squad i spotted near Whiskey, so he probably also had 11 or 12 in total.  Hostiles still have number of uplinks in his hands, but this can be dealt with. A large formation of US army forces are pushed to Bravo (they are visible on the map, already near Bravo point).


   US strikes back!



   Filatov tries to counter this US army push with Kamovs, so we have a free way to enemy positions.



   On the way to Bravo we shot down Kamovs and found this squad of Shpetsnaz operatives. IFVs and tanks are moving back to have a space for a salvo of HESH rounds.





   Now ths path is free from Shpetsnaz-deployed obstacles.



   Ghost squad was waiting for any activity or troops movement to or from Whiskey, their waiting was worth their time - SGB engineers showed up, moving from Whiskey in attempt to hold on Bravo from our assault.



   Snipers will open a hunting season.



   Several soldiers are dead already, i was waiting for a moment when they will get too far from any cover. Perfect moment to gun them down.



   Another group of Kamovs arrived, but they are too late.
























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   We continue our battle with SGB. Russia managed to grab a lot of regions, so we need to chew through a lot of Shpetsnaz. 


   We managed to advance into main land Europe from British islands after Shpetsnaz failed attack, now they are counter-attacking our troops. In this battle both JSF and SGB will have all kinds of support from US and Russian Army.




   Terrain is familiar, our enemy - not so much. Georgi Sokolov is a type of commander who adapts to enemy actions and situations. My plan will be to establish a defensible positions, somewhere in the middle and observe what this SGB commander will do in, as he seems to not have patterns that can be countered by adjusting composition of deployed troops. During this part recon should be important for me, to spot any serious threat to main troops formation and defeat it before Sokolov can use it. We will probably try to capture a "square" of uplinks - A, B, D and Y, so it will be easier to defend them.



   Archon - as usual for stopping attacks and supporting troops nearby, Ghosts will move to Yankee in order to take it and defeat any infantry units that Georgi can try to sneak in. Pioneers and IFVs will take rest of uplinks. I'm pretty sure that Shpetsnaz will send number of troops to central area, so CV will be there. Rest of troops will be called once we have control of part of battlefield.



   Spartans will be needed to clear deal with attackers in the middle part of this swamp, near Delta.



   Fully upgraded Fastbacks.



   Different hostile commanders go for different points. Some of them don't pay attention to Yankee and Zulu until you show up there, some go directly and aggressively for Delta. Let's see what Sokolov will do. 





   Pioneers were dilevered directly to Bravo.


xNk3hEa.jpg   He went with Sierra (obvious) and Foxtrot. After that he can try to get to Delta from 2 entry roads or go for Zulu and Yankee. First enemies are spotted, "hot" phase is started.


   Skirmish with Shpetsnaz, battle for swamp town:



   Fastbacks are clearing areas near Bravo, while our foe use Kamovs to do the same. First team of Spartans arrived to their firing position.



   Archon showed up in the middle area to block a path for Kamovs to get to my SPGs. Meanwhile Sokolov is upgrading hacked uplinks, it seems he will try to use airsupport or Regular army troops against us. He didn't went with taking as much points as possible, which probably means he have more defensive approach to this operation.



   And here are results of upgraded uplinks - Shpetsnaz used EMP strike against Archon and Blackfoots. IFVs needs to get here in order to scare away Kamovs.



   Kamovs were damaged by Fastbacks and recovered Blackfoots, they are retreating. In the same time a platoon of T-100 is spotted moving to us. Gunships are going to finish Kamovs to not allow them to recover and re-engage our troops when they will clash with Ogres.



   Kamovs are done, T-100s are not visible now, trying to maneuver my gunships to get LOS on them.



   And here they are, moving through loading area of this sawmill.



   That definitely will fuck up our paint job and leave some burn marks. Assholes!



   Get MRLS'ed!



   Sokolov also brought Zhukovs to this fight, but he should have covered them with infantry or BTRs before starting attack. A platoonof SGB APCs is moving from Foxtrot to intercept Blackfoots, but i doubt they will arrive in time, as they are way slower than Eurotrash tin cans on wheels.





   Fastbacks are poping out to launch a salvo of missile, after which they will fuck off. 



   IFVs with Spartans support  dealt with BTRs rather quickly.



   Looks like they dropped infantry after getting hit by artillery strike, Archon and Spartans will finish them.



   Another infantry squad tried to get to us from Sierra in the same time, but Blackfoots and Spartans know how to deal with such targets. Central area is clear, but enemy is now hacking Zulu. Looks like Georgiy swtiched tactics and now he is going for flanks.


   JSF troops under pressure from all directions!



   First enemies spotted after group of troops was defeated inside of sawmill. Blackfoots are luring them to Pioneers and their missile launchers.









   A squad of Shpetsnaz operatives spotted moving to Delta.



   But Shpetsnaz light infantry on our left flank is easier target. I' planning to take Zulu as fighting near Delta can make getting Delta harder.



   Spartans are working on engineers in the middle, to deny Delta to Sokolov.



   Now Schwarzkopfs and Spartans can finish light infantry squad.



   Tried to recon Sierra, Blackfoots spotted BTRs that launched missile at them, gunships are moving back now. Spartans and troops in the middle will deal with them.









   After second attack was defeated, Pioneers managed to get to Delta and now they are hacking it. Ghosts taken Yankee, Alpha and Dravo are in our hands. US Army forces were called to block entrance from Sierra to Delta.



   We just captured Delta and Georgi dropped WMD at our troops in the middle. 3 units defeated, but i was saving reserves exactly for this moment!





   Sokolov started to deliver big number of troops in order to stop us. A lot of Kamovs are in the air, 2 platoons of Fastbacks are on the way to this battlefield.



   US Army troops are moving forward to block Sierra, Kamovs are howering above entrance to central island from Foxtrot. They probably are escorting Shpetsnaz operatives moving from there.



   Ghosts from Yankee took a not bad positions, having eyes on hostile troops while being camouflaged from them.



   Tanks arrived to battlefield. Also on the map infantry unit is visible near Kamovs team, so i was right. Sokolov is trying to assault Delta position from 2 entry points.



   MBTs shot a salvo of HESH rounds against Kamovs that finished them and now switch their attention to footmobiles. Ghosts open fire on Shpetsnaz soldiers, too.



   Second squad of Shpetsnaz operatives is spotted near a team that was defeated by Ghosts and tanks.



   Blackfoots exchaning fire with Kamovs above dead AFVs of Shpetsnaz and US Army.



   Fastbacks finished those Kamovs. This attack of 3 teams of gunships and 2 squads of infantry was defeated, while i managed to bring even more troops than before WMD strike. Zulu is now cut from Shpetsnaz by 2nd team of US Army troops, with Pioneers moving to capture it.



   Georgiy is not done, sending BTRs with Kamovs support against our troops in sawmill cargo area. Tanks are going to push BTRs away and than get away from choppers.





  Both teams of Fastbacks are going to severely damage them in order to secure tanks.



   APCs are basically dead, they have a platoon of MBTs moving to them.



   Another team of Kamovs getting all missiles that Fastbacks had in their launchers.





   Let's add more explosions to this fight. We also have WMD, Shpetsnaz! You should have waited to drop WMD, you gave me a free ticket to deploy almost everything we have to smash you, Georgiy!


   Counter attack is what you need.



   BTRs are trying to push through US Army forces in the middle, while Viper is finishing a Shpetsnaz infantry that tryed to attack Zulu. Called airstrike on those APCs, saving missiles on Viper in order to quickly finish BTRs.





   We are slowly pushing to enemy territory, but Georgiy still fights back. T-100s are being brought to this battle after big Kamovs and BTR spam. Sokolov probably switched tactics in attempt to addapt to situation. He don't have enough resources to use his supports, as all of them are used to bring troops to this fight, thats why defeating troops is more important than to allow to damaged units to retreat. Man, that flamethrower attack is annoying, so i called aristrike against this platoon of Ogres to finish them quickly.



   I was affraid that those tank had AA upgrade in form of 2 AA HMGs, but they don't, so gunships can be a not bad way to deal with them. 



   It took 20 seconds from initial contact to their defeat.



   Another flamethrower attack - 1 Blackfoot is lost, but tanks are in bad situation anyway.



   Those are not even fully loaded Ogres. Upgraded to the max Ogres are pain in the ass.



   And again - 20 seconds. Although in both cases airstrikes were used.



   Fastbacks and Ghosts cought Shpetsnaz troops in the open, hehe.




   After this rather long fight:















   UGVs defending Bravo.



   Zulu defended by US army, UGVs and Pioneers squad. In forest on the background dead Shpetsnaz soldiers are visible. They managed to take 1 Abrams out before getting mowed down.



   20 minutes long fight.


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      In order to defeat JSF, Russians adopted a new tactics that is called "maplock" - they attack us in the same region several times until commander of JSF forces dies from boredom because of fighting at same terrain over and over again.


   Wilstermarsch 7: Electric Boogaloo 12




   Usual objectives - capture points or defeat enemy. I'm going with rather standart deployment - CV, Pioneers, Fastbacks, Spartans. Plan is about the same as before. Shpetsnaz troops will be lead by Fyodor Savilov, who we fought during our 2nd battle of WW3. He likes to use engineers and BTRs, he is like our battalion's evil twin. 



   Usual deal - we are going to push center, but now i'm adding few changes - we will try to push Zulu and Yankee more aggressively, while leaving Delta to suck more hostile troops to sawmill, where bulk of our own forces will be located.









   2nd Spartan battery arrived.



   Pioneers re-taking Alpha.





   Kamovs are probably either escorting somebody, or slowly moving to US troops.


   Combat starts:



   Fastbacks clearing this important area from Russian army conscripts. We need a clear way from Bravo to Zulu. I'm bringing Ghosts to fight engineers that Savilov likes, and Blackfoots gunships for recon.



   Blackfoots were moved to take a look what Kamovs were escorting/shadowing. Looks like Fyodor was moving his BTRs to Yankee. 



   BTRs, Kamovs, 2 squads of conscripts vs 1 squad of US Army infantry. Not really fair.



   Let's try to lure them to Fastbacks.



   Kamovs are now in IFVs sights. BTRs are trying to get into this fight as well, called a gunrun on them.



   Airstrike connected, Blackfoots are going away from BTRs, while Fastbacks are finishing Kamovs.



   Now IFVs are getting away from BTRs, as they are rather well armed and capable of doing serious damage before Fastbacks can brake them. Cockroach APCs are not tin cans like Eurotrash used against us. Leaving them to Spartans.



   Blackfoots continue to do their scouting job, Bears were spotted, moving to Delta. Spartans switched to shell them after BTRs were defeated. Savilov pushed to Yankee and currently taking it, Ghosts will be there shortly. AFVs were spotted in the middle, i will try to sneak Blackfoots there to have a look.



   2 platoons of T-100s! That is bad, Spartans were ordered to shell them and don't bother with engineers, Blackfoots are going to do everything they can against this assault. Fyodor was prepared for breakthrough operation in this case, this was a good idea to not get too aggressive with Delta.



   Archon tries to distract Ogres from my gunships. Shpetsnaz big tanks smashed through squad of infantry and took few shots at CV, but they changed their mind and now aiming at choppers.



   2nd platoon of tanks stopped and now fire at helicopters from from the back seats.



   Now they are using their AA HMGs, Blackfoots are running out of time, they need to fuck off. Spartans almost done with 1st group of Ogres.



   Cottonmouth is leaving central area, away from AA HMG fire. Spartans defeated 1st team of MBTs, called a gunrun on second one.



   Archon will be used to block T-100s from moving closer to our positions near Bravo. 



   So much for "prefer to use engineers and APCs". I'm sure somebody on this plane things that 152 mm cannon inside of rotatable turret with 2 AA HMGs and flamethrower in RCWS is an "APC".


   Part 2: sawmill rumble continues.



   Missile barrage, 2 Spartans fire and Archon CV are going to defeat those things.



   Flamethrowers were used against CV, which can take a hit. Shpetsnaz operatives are spotted moving towards Delta. Blackfoots need to finish tanks and get out, as they will be taken in a pincer by 2 teams of angry Russians with rocket launchers.



   Blackfoots defeated Ogres with SPGs help, now SPG are working on infantry squad near Delta, while Fastbacks are preparing to meet those air threats.



   Kamovs are trying to cover engineers advance. We need to get rid of both before they will do serious damage, especially engineers as they have no cover.



   I was expecting Bears team, but Fyodor used light infantry to capture Yankee. Ghosts and Wolfes are going to hit each other and annihilate each other. Blackfoots were called for CAS, we have not much time before BTRs arrive to this area.



   Pioneers in a building observing Spartan's work. They are also adding their firepower to finish Bears quicker.



   BTRs arrived to Yankee and immediately launched AA rockets. Enemies managed to take 4 uplinks vs 2 ours, so we are going to Crash Sierra in order to stop clocks.



   We do have missiles, too! Spartans are also joining this action, so 4 units are working to disassemble those fat APCs on big, strong wheels.



   BTRs were defeated and Cottonmouth recon area ahead. Ghosts are moving to take Yankee. Schwarzkopfs arrived to reinforce us.



   Hey, look, another assault formation moving to Delta. Tanks are part of this group. I'm going to call a gunrun on them.



   Kamovs are trying to harass main formation of our troops before assault team arrives.



   Blackfoots trying to soften this assault.



   Ogres and Cockroaches participate in this assault. CV is going to hold them for artillery to destroy Shpetsnaz troops. Blackfoots got hit by flamethrowers and shot at with AA HMGs. Pioneers are running to Zulu to take it.



   Ghosts were cought by Kamovs out of good cover, they are going to be defeated, sadly.



   MBTs are under fire by Kamovs, lost 1 tanks. EMP disabled Kamovs to give time for Schwarzkopfs to get away, while Fastbacks are filling Shpetsnaz choppers with shells. Ghosts were defeated so another group of gunships are trying to get involed into this fight in the middle. CV is going to stop them.



   Kamovs quickly left area in order to get my troops hit with their WMD. 4 units in one hit, not bad. I was concentrated on movement of troops on 4 different areas (Zulu, Ghosts moving from Yankee to Delta, CV near Delta and rest of units between Delta nd Bravo) that i managed to bunch up several units too close to each other. Savilov saw opportunity and made a shot.



   2nd platoon of Schwarzkopfs - Slugger, arrived and fired rounds at Kamovs that are trying to soften defenses of Zulu.



   CV is fighting with BTRs, Spartans are still alive and they can shell enemies as usual.



   Kamovs that defeated Hitman squad of Ghosts are trying to finish job of previous team of gunships. Zulu have UGVs and Pioneers defending it, so it would be very hard for them to succeed.



   Second team of Blackfoots arrived. Viper will try to finish Kamovs and recon area near Sierra.



   One group of gunships is down, but second one was escorting infantry. Vipers launched their missiles, now we leave in order to avoid futher damage from Kamovs and Shpetsnaz troops.



   Those Kamovs decided to try their luch with Zulu, but a salvo of rounds from tanks plus rockets from Pioneers and UGVs are going to shot those thigns down very quickly.



   Ogres? No, i'm not going to deal with them. Hehehehe.



   Nuke them from the orbit!












   Zulu point.




   Note to myself: Fyodor Savilov is a rather hard commander to deal with.

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   We managed to take back Ramstein AB, but Shpetsnaz is not done with us in this region. They are launching attack on Ramstein base and we were tasked to repel this assault.




   In this battle we will have all kinds of supports, while SGB will have only Army troops to utilize if needed.



   Our task - defeat all attackers. We will start inside of base perimeter, while attackers will be rather close outside of it. Our foe - elite Alpha brigade lead by General Alexey Tatarev, who is experienced tactician. My plan is to assemble all my troops into 1 powerfull fist and punch attackers out of base. After that - establish defensive positions and deny to Alpha brigade space to deploy troops. I'm not sure what to expect from Tatarev, but in this battle firepower is a king, not tactical shenanigans.



   To maximize firepower i'm going for AFV-heavy deployment. Engineers will be needed to secure uplinks and get our supports, reinforce uplinks with UGVs to have a place to fall back, if needed.



   Main clashes will happen near Alpha uplink.



   Enemies are spotted, advancing in mass. To reinforce our troops i also called 2 teams of gunships and addition team of Pioneers. No idea how this operation will unwrap, but it will a slaughter.


   Alpha brigade is near Alpha, capitan!



   Alpha brigade brought their SPGs as well. Gunships now have a task to complete at any cost!



   But before that Blackfoots should defeat their gunships. Tanks are clearing area from Russian Army conscripts.



   CV launched UAV to have good LOS on enemies, so artillery can shell them and i would have intel on their actions. 



   Tatarev used EMP strike to help his troops, but my Blackfoots managed to get through frontline and found hostile SPGs, who are shelling one of our own Spartan SPGs team. We need to destroy Zhukovs, fast!



   Meanwhile slaughter near Alpha continues. I placed troops next to walls in order to cover them from rest of Alpha Brigade. This should help them to break assault formations of Shpetsnaz and defeat those attackers.



   Gunships finished one battery of Zhukovs, but they are moving around a lot to avoid BTRs and a squad of heavy infantry (visible near gas station).





   Ogres are slow, but they are powerfull tanks. Pioneers completeed their task and now move to buildings, so we have prepared defensive line. Balance feels like slowly shifting to our favor.



   Ogres almost defeat 2nd platoon of Schwarzkopf tanks, 6 units are actively engaging T-100.



   Rain of artillery shells arrived, but one platoon of MBTs is out of action. So far we lost 3 tanks/1 platoon (4 tanks in platoon, if 3 are destroyed, unit is "defeated"), 1 SPG vehicle and 2 gunships, CV and 1 IFV damaged. Enemy lost... IDK, i didn't count them accurately. At least 1 squad of Shpetsnaz infantry, a platoon of T-100s, 2 teams of SPGs, 1 platoon of BTRs and group of Kamov choppers.



   We are starting to move forward. Alpha brigade's command MAZ and infantry units are what is left on the ground inside of Ramstein base.



   2nd team of Kamovs arrived in attempt to hit a team of Pioneers that are moving to Alpha.



   CV is out, SGB choppers will soon join them.





   Base is clear now. Guard towers are damaged, walls broken... i'm not sure if they can be used for creating a defensive line against counter attacks. We need to block this path anyway, so Alpha brigade will not have space for maneuver.


   Slaughter is not over yet!



   Blackfoots are scouting areas around base entrance, while one of guard towers collapses from all that damage it received, leaving clouds of dust. Something is moving on the bridge to Lima point.



   Heh, Alpha brigade's light infantry is trying to sneak in.



   Gunships started to fire at enemies, while i'm trying to see what else is there. Nothing on the road, but something is near Lima, so we will avoid it, for now.



   Nothing on the right, area between Lima and Yankee is also looks clear. AFV unit crossed a bridge futher away from etrance point and now moving to Zulu.



   Infantry squad was cought in the open, so it was an easy prey. Now we are moving to scout Zulu server hub. Pioneers are trying to snatch Foxtrot from Alpha brigade.



   Hello, BTRs. They are waiting for something, but i'm not going to wait for victory! Gunrun is on the way to deal with those guys.



   Heh, i made them angry. Blackfoots need to fuck off, Spartans need to get involved.



   BTRs managed to launch a salvo of AA missiles, 2 choppers got shot down. Spartans are answering to this situation with MRLS strike. Probably overdoing this...





   Well, now i am overdoing this artillery strike, hehe.


   Give up, Alexey Tatarev!



   Almost done... huh, clocks stopped. Alpha brigade decided that this fight is not done, they are moving in more of their troops.



   Tanks arrived to a place where BTRs were waiting for something, and looks like they were parked there to be loaded with Shpetsnaz soldiers. Mi-24-like contraption dropped a squad of Shpetsnaz operatives, called airstrike on them. Tanks will watch this show and shell attackers from outside of their range.



   Oops, called this airstrike on helicopter by mistake. At least this was a good show for tankers!



   Schwarzkopfs and Spartans will enjoy this target practice. Alpha brigade is elite only during parades!



   We grabed Foxtrot on top of locking down SGB LZ near Ramstein.



   Another airstrike and artillery barrage will finish those guys.











   Russian Army soldier squad that was located far away from action.








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   After victory at Ramstein JSF managed to advance, but Shpetsnaz Guard Brigades were not done with us. 2 battalions - 26th Mechanized battaion of US JSF and our evil twin - SGB's 8th Mechanized lead by Fyodor Savilov met each other. Shpetsnaz forces stepped in front of us and blocked a mountain pass for JSF. We are going to clash at this rather limited terrain and secure it for rest of forces


   Fydor Savilov is competent commander, he likes to use mounted infantry in his tactical schemes, we are going to take this into account. We will have support from Ramstein base in form of Air forces birds + US Army personal on the ground. Enemies will be more limited in that regard. 2 squads of Pioneers, Fastbacks and Blackfoots gunships will be first to get to battlefield, they will secure positions Foxtrot, Lima before main troops will arrive. My plan is to secure all points at "our" side of this mountain pass and get to Zulu in order to force enemies to withdrawal.




   First squad will take Foxtrot, second will go for Lima and then for Sierra. Spartans are on the way to this snowy terrain.



   US Army troops are going to clash with Russian conscripts.





   Russian Army troops are moving towars us.



   Savilov's BTRs moving somewhere.




   Battle for piles of snow and rocks started!



   Blackfoots clearing area from human waves of Russian Army.



   Will try to lure Kamovs to attach regular troops so IFVs can sneak and deliver their payload.





   BTRs are arriving after dropping Shpetsnaz troops near B. Unidentified AFVs are moving from Alpha to support BTRs, we need Spartans and tanks here, ASAP!



   Blackfoots and Fastbacks moved back as BTRs charge our position. First team of SPGs opened fire, second is moving to firing positions with tanks driving behind them. Looks like AFVs behind BTRs are T-100s.



   BTRs and SGB tanks with support of Russian army soldiers are trying to secure Zulu. Spartans are now shelling them using all barrels, tanks should arrive shortly. IFVs are staying outsido of LOS of enemies, but still provide AA coverage and if needed - fire support.



   Spartan's MRLS attacked knocked out SGB's fat APCs, now Blackfoots can try to throw Ogres out of this fight with artillery support.



   Flamethrower attack. That will leave burn marks. Those Ogres also have AA HMGs, so blackfoots will have some problems defeating them 1 on 1.



   Artillery aiding with those powerfull SGB tanks.



   Blackfoots were moved away from Ogres, as they are started to take damage. Artillery will finish those monstrosities.



   By destroying assault formation quick enough, we managed to get to juicy stuff - Zhukov SPGs battery!



   Trying to run away. I'm calling a gunrun on them to finish them ASAP.



   Bears are visible on the background, rushing to save SPGs, but it is too late for artillery vics.


   Continuation, battle for Zulu:



   Tanks, IFVs and SPGs are clearing village from Russian army conscripts, to make room for us to move around.



   MBTs were moved to hotels area because Savilov tries to sneak Shpetsnaz heavy infantry in those buildings to ambush our AFVs.



   Gunships are doing hit and run until Kamovs get here.



   Tank platoon volley of shells will put those guys way closer to their graves.



   IFVs moving to finish engineers quicker, meanwhile Kamovs are covering Bears ar Delta. We need to get rid of Kamovs and kill all infantry near Delta to secure our near flank in village and "far" flank (Delta-Foxtrot pass).



   Blackfoots are distracting Kamovs.



   Both teams of gunships eschanged missiles strikes, now Fastbacks will add their own salvo of missiles! Pioneers are taking Zulu in this moment.



   Finally spotted Shpetsnaz operatives that are busy with hacking something on Delta.



   Just seconds after Zulu was captured Savilov hit us with tactical missile strike my troops near it, but majority of them were spread out, so no major loses.



   Blackfoots trying to knock out this squad of tanks. 



   Yet another team of Kamovs arrived and hit them in the broadside. Blackfoots needs to get out of this battle.



   Fastbacks will take this job.



   Engineers thought that missile strike made a hole in my defences and tried to rush to Zulu from Delta. Too bad, Schwarzkopfs are ready to service new hot spots in their thermal imagers!



   With help of long range firepower carriers, hehe.


   Part 3: closing a bottleneck.



   Fyodor assembled some of his troops into assault formation, i will show that JSF also have WMD!



   Artillery already working on Ogre tanks.



   Heh, was little bit of with coordinates of strike, but i take it.







   How many gunships you have, Savilov? 



   Fastbacks hit by barrage of missiles, but they will handle Kamovs.



   Wolfes are spotted, trying to sneak into hotel buildings, again. At least this time SGB is using their troops that know maskirovka.



   Spartans will deal with those guys.



   While 2 platoons of tanks will just finish gunships from long range with 1 salvo, haha! 



   I'm going to EMP those contraptions on tracks to allow gunships a faster kill. Now we have 2 groups of choppers, 2 platoons of MBTs on the ground.





   BTRs arrived, but too late!.



   And 8 tanks quickly made those BTRs into scrap metal husks. Kamovs that tried to cover them are targeted by airsupport.





   ...and by tanks!


   Part 4: Still closing that battleneck.



   That constant stream of Shpetsnaz troops is prolonging this battle. Pioneers are tasked with taking Bravo to cut some of abilities of Savilov to call reinforcements. I lost count of how many units were defeated at this point. Delta is already in our hands, so victory clocks are ticking, Fyodor.



   Yet another team of Kamovs showed up. Troops are moving closer to Alpha uplink to cut any semi-open terrain for 8th Mechanized battalion of SGB.



   2 platoons of IFVs will support 2 units of armor. Spartans are relocating to provide long range fire deep into enemy LZ.



   Kamovs, BTRs, Shpetsnaz footmobiles. We are going to crack open this entrance and sprinkle it with SGB's leftovers!





   Even more of Kamovs arrived to battlefield. IFVs soon will have no place on their big side armor plates for new marks!






   Damn! I thought that we used WMD not so late compared to Sheptsnaz, but i do have a problem with timings of WMD strikes. 4 in one hit - that is serious. But we still have Blackfoots, Spartans and CV, so task force is combat capable.



   CV was just outside of blast radious. I just started to spread forces in anticipation of strike, but it came earlier than expected. At least all units are recoverable, no completely lost veteran squads.



   MRLS pods will be used as much as we can. Archon is working as a roadblock and with Blackfoots support it should be able to hold line.



   Savilov tried to reinforce Alpha with regular army, knowing that he didn't had troops left to throw at us, but it was way too late!









   At least we got a new upgrade for Archon - fancier roof over hatches that makes it even more harder to knock out of action.


   That was a strange battle. Savilov isn't that good with timings of his assaults and use of terrain. Novikov at least switched directions of assault if encountered serious threat, but Fyodor just throws troops at us like a pieces of food that fly out of the mouth of nearly toothless stubborn grandpa when he yells at kids. Savilov is more dangerous when he have a space to unwrap his tactical schemes, but when pressed into tight spots he loses his grip a bit, so i guess this will be a good tactics against him.

   Others commanders so far that i noted for myself: Tatarev and his Alpha brigade used a well-balanced mix of troops in order to push us hard during Ramstein battle. Filatov would have been very dangerous if he is given some time to prepare his assault. He waits until proper assault formation is created, with serious SPG support and AA coverage. Harassment attacks and raids on rear areas is usefull way to counter him, but i don't want to see how he performs when he allowed to deploy majority of his forces during Assault operations.

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   Fyodor Savilov, 8th Mechanized, sawmill surrounded by swamps... i saw that somewhere recently... 




   Last time we fought with him in this area i had some observations on his tactics. Fyodor likes to push central area near sawmill, so i'm going to leave it uncaptured to lure his troops while trying to take Yankee and Zulu. This will also allow to force Savilov to spread his troops around this map, while those points are still within range of our SPGs. Ghosts will try to push Bravo, Pioneers will arrive later to get to Yankee. Archon will be moved to central area near sawmill.





   New roof armor against top attack ATGMs... that Russians don't have!



   Fastbacks are going to secure this area between Bravo and Zulu.



   First enemies are spotted. And as usual for Savilov - its Kamovs.


   Sawmill of death!



   Fastbacks greeting our evil twin SGB battalion troops with medieval candle-like missile barrage.



   Spartans shelling Russian conscripts, while Archon provides spotting and additional firepower with it's UGVs.



   Meanwhile Shpetsnaz doing almost the same. They brought Zhukovs, too, which means that Blackfoots have a new task.



   Cannon barrel is visible, with T-100 MBT behind it. We will wait a bit when Ogres will move away from Zhukovs and will try to hit them and force to relocate (i suspect there are more troops nearby, so we will have very little time to do something against artillery pieces).



  Now we have a window to get to them!



   Tanks and BTRs are moving to cover SPGs, time to get out.



   I'm waiting for a moment to hit again. Pioneers were deployed, now they are working on Alpha to get airsupport. Ghosts, after re-activating Bravo, will move to Zulu. AFV unit spotted near Foxtror, they will probably push to Yankee.



   Moved back to a spot, looks like Fyodor is launching a serious attack on Delta. T-100s,Cockroaches APCs, Zhukovs and infantry. Good timing on those airstrikes, we going to use them.



  Blackfoots trying to gundown separated units. Airstrike is called on SPGs this time.



   CV is holding enemies in sawmill, allowing artillery to shell them. 



   Assault was defeated so far.





   Fydoror was angry at my Command vehicle and hit it with EMP. IFVs are trying to counter this attempt to kill CV.



   Blackfoots recovered from EMP and help to push back those Kamovs. Meanwhile Savilov is sending Shpetsnaz soldiers from Sierra to our positions in another attmept to dislodge us from sawmill and small village north from it. In the same time Pioneers entered a combat with AFV teans near Yankee. At least 1 infantry squad is there (they captured Yankee).



   BTRs have higher firepower than Eurotrash wheeled death traps as it visible here - Pioneers suffered some casualties. Inside of buildings they could have better results. Spartans are helping them to finish BTRs faster.



   Infantry attack arrived to us, but i was ready for it.



   Fastbacks will advance to lock Kamovs far away from rest of troops and just arrived MBTs. Airstrike is called against gunships to damage them before IFVs arrive.



   MBTs celebrate their arrival with massive fireworks! A wing of jets coming in to strafe Kamov.





   Infantry defeated, Kamovs will be done in few secods. Ghosts are moving to Zulu, while Pioneers are already near Yankee.


3VyKN0K.jpg   Another team of Kamovs, they are going to be another practica targets for USAF. Spartans are shelling infantry squad in the forest that respond to Zulu being activated by us.



   Haha! Now Cottonmouth will finish those bastards.



  Finish! Fyodor was defeated by us 2nd time in swamps.



   We managed to defeat enemies before they were able to get to WMD stage of battle.


   Results of yet another battle in swamps:





   Oh.. so this is where this swamp was... inside of Belarus!



   Shpetsnaz prepare an attack from Russia against us. If we will be [un]lucky, soon we will be in Moscow!



   Although i feel like we will capture enough land to claim a victory before JSF will get to Moscow... 


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   We managed to get very close to Moscow, 1 step away from it. But SGB prepares a front-wide counter-attack operation to stop JSF and US Army advance. Our battalion was tasked to defend recently taken territory in order to save a possible staging area for assault on the Russian capital.


   In this operation we will have air support, but no ground troops avaliable, while Shpetsnaz will have full help of Russian army, both from air and ground.




   Fyodor Savilov and 8th Mechanized battalion, yet again. Is he trying to revenge for previous loses? Terran is very open in this region, we need a heavier emphasis on AFV. My plan is to create a blocking line between Yankee and Zulu to secure majority of uplinks for us. Because Savilov is concentrated very much on central parts of battlefields (from my experience) we will be able to attract majority of his forces to those blocking troops.



   Both closest uplinks to our LZ are located at a distance, so we need 2 Pioneers squads and 2 platoons of IFVs to carry them quickly to points F and D. After that we will call other troops and push to Yankee and Zulu in second stage of operation. After that my actions will depend on what Savilov will do, probably will try to push futher or to flanks.



   SGB condusting their attack at night.





   Kamovs are rather easy to spot.



   T-100s and BTRs are moving from SGB's LZ. He probably have 4-5 units deployed at this moment. Gunships, transports, tanks and probably infantry squad inside of transports and possibly artillery or another team of Shpetsnaz operatives.


   Operation starts, first clashes:



   Transports went directly to Yankee and trying to secure it from US army troops. Alpha is being captured, so infantry squad is there. If transports will drop soldiers, than Savilov have only 1 armor platoon and 1 team of BTRs, which will make things easier for me.





   Kamovs moved way too close to us. Time to eat missiles!



   BTRs near Yankee dropped infantry unit, so Fyodor (at least for now) doesn't have artillery. My Pioneers only arrived to uplinks, we are behind enemies. Spartans were called to support our troops in the middle.



   Ogres arriving to central area.



   Kamovs switched from US army infantry teams to another. Savilov really wants to clear this area for tanks and BTRs to push through. We need to stop them somehow, both teams of combat engineers are far from here and can't do anything against this push.



   We need to defeat Kamovs, fast. IFVs are called to this place to assist with those hideos things.



   Blackfoots moved away to awoid taking too much damage. IFVs clearing area from infnatry before BTRs from Yankee and Ogres will arrive.



   Fastbacks firing a salvo of missiles to cover their exit from this fight. They need to get out, Ogres and BTRs are too close.



   Spartans started to fire, we need to pull some of those forces away from central area. Trying to lure BTRs away from here by flying Blackfoots into enemy part of battlefield. Savilov should consider safety of his LZ as priority, so those BTRs will probably chase us.



   And they did! Blackfoots received some damage, but not too serious. Delta and Foxtror are in JSF hands, 2 SPG teams are on the ground, CV delivered and will assist to IFVs in central area. We are ready for main fight.


   Main combat, first wave:



   Now we can try to counter those tanks in the middle. Blackfoots were moved back to area between Yankee and Zulu server hubs in order to scout Ogres and attack them.



   Damn, i hoped they already used those flamethrowers. 



   -1 gunship. Spartans started to fire at Ogres. I'm using EMP on them to give Blackfoots time to finish tanks without receiving AA fire from their HMGs. 



   BTRs managed to get to this piece of battlefield too late to save Ogres, but in time to launch a missile barrage and shot down another Blackfoot. I will order them to evacuate from this operation, don't want to lose veterans. CV's UAV will handle scouting (not as good as Cottonmouth, but UAV is free anyway).



   Fastbacks used this moment to launch their own missiles and kill 2nd BTR vic. CV should arrive to this area soon, Fastbacks are trying to lure BTRs to it and second unit of IFVs.



   Haha, they are done.



   Spartans are shelling Russian conscripts, but another AFV unit was spotted between Y and Z.



   It was artillery! Fyodor expected that his tanks and APCs will punch through my defences and he moved Zhukovs way too close to frontline. Good for us! And they are probably a reason why BTRs chased my gunships so far from tanks, they were probably screening/protecting those freshly deployed SPGs, moving from LZ.



   Spartans also send their greeting to this planning fuck up!



   Another example of Savilov's tactial mistake. He really thought that this place is already in his hands and ordered to infantry to get Zulu. At this moment i have 2 points captured, Pioneers are moving to Sierra to take it.





   Second Shpetsnaz squad of soldiers was on the way to Zulu (and probaly they aimed at Sierra after that), caught in the open. Let's finish them with fireworks!



   MRLS barrage should be good enough against slow moving targets!





   Second wave is coming in. Shpetsnaz footmobiles are spotted between Zulu and Bravo, in forests. AFVs are comming near place where we defeated Bears. Meanwhile, we are activating Sierra, this should probably pull some forces of 8th Mechanized from Zulu and other places to Sierra. Spartans already shelling infantry squads near Yankee.




   Second wave of assault:



   Savilov decided to deploy way more tanks this time after his previous assault formation was defeated. Viper gunships unit was called in to support us here. They are probably trying to take Zulu, and moving in force to punch through our firelines hard. And again, calling EMP on them to avoid serious damage to Blackfoots, as those things have AA HMGs.



   Spartan's firepower also helps to finish them faster, as second platoon is closing in.



   Engineers are getting to Zulu, we don't have enough firepower to deal with them. Once they will get to cover, they will be easily capable of shooting down Blackfoots. EMP effect is gone, Ogres opened fire with their HMGs. This place is denied for air vehicles, we need to get out and get out now!



   Viper was tasked to leave first team of T-100s, get away from Bears and help with second unit of Heavy armor. It appears that first one was supposed to advance to Zulu and secure it for engineers, while second unit of MBTs was ordered to do a distracting attack on our troops. We are forced to shift attention and destroy 2nd platoon of Ogres as i don't have anything on the ground that matches power of Ogres, so they can do serious damage to IFVs. At least Archon is here to soak some of this potential damage.



   I tried to push Archon on top of this bump to lure/distract Ogres and hit them with Viper squad, but Fydor saw my plan and prioritized Blackfoots instead of Command vehicle. Motherfucker approached this operation with more attention than last ones. Attempt failed, Vipers is retreating, CV will stay as i'm going to try something else.



   I noted that there is no Kamovs above us, so we can use IFV's barrage to at least scratch a paint and blew some ERA on those tanks with missile barrage.



   Oh, sorry, we blew one of Ogres instead! Spartans will have easier time dealing with Ogres, 2nd platoon of T-100s is now a priority as first one is heavily damaged and don't have good LOS on us.



   Still, leftovers of first platoon tried to flank us, but i saved missiles on this unit of Fastbacks for this case!






   IFVs did their job, CV's UGV worked as good distraction. Sierra is in our hands, but if Fyodor will secure Bravo, we will have just 5 minutes to capture 2 server hubs. We need to secure Zulu or any other uplink to avoid this. Pioneers squad was pushed to Lima and now located near it, waiting for a moment to get active and capture it.



   IFVs moving back, infantry squad at Zulu is firing at CV's UGV escort. Spartans have new targets, we also now have Schwarzkopf MBTs on the ground.



   Assault formation is moving to Sierra, we need to brake it. Spartans switched to shell enemies near Yankee to allow Pioneers safe approach to Lima point, while tanks are now shelling infantry at Zulu to give us space to move futher.



   Kamovs are trying to push futher, while BTRs were diverted to Zulu. I used this moment to intercept and shot down SGB choppers with help of our IFVs and Viper team.



   Gunships exchanged missiles barrages, and i'm ok with results, as IFVs at this point are more needed to move infantry quicker to uplinks and fight with some ground target. Almost all my troops are now pushed to Yankee/Zulu line (visible on the minimap), while a team of Pioneers waiting their moment near Lima. Second squad of engineers were moved from Sierra to rocks closer to Zulu.



   Now Pioneers that taken Sierra and were moved forward are firing at retreating Kamovs. Tanks took position on the hill to have better LOS.



   Kamovs were shot down, BTRs and infantry are defeated. Vipers are getting out, they done their job. Spartans are dealing with last infantry unit near Yankee.



   Troops are moving to secure whole line between Yankee, Zulu and Sierra, SGB trying to do at least something against it by throwing Kamovs at us.





   Huh, those Kamovs were last units that Fyodor had! That was not so hard as i started to think during assault of 2 Ogres platoons.














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   After we managed to stop SGB attack, JSF and US troops were out of momentum to push futher. While we were pushing deeper into Russian-controlled parts of Europe, SGB was busy attacking USA directly. They managed to land in Florida, but majority of US was happy that somebody else will deal with Florida people. Although one guy, known under his online name "Sturgeon", was very angry about Russians taking piece of US land. When SGB raided his house, a whole arsenal of ARs and AKs was found in it, probably in attempt to prepare for terrorist attack against new citizens of Russian Floridskaya oblast'.


   But Shpetsnaz troops now are pushing futher north, which we can't allow to happen. Get back to Florida, Ruskies!




   Our task - reacticave majority of server hubs which will block Russian attempts to hack America, or defeat all attackers. In this operation our enemy is 48th Tactical Battalion lead by Georgi Sokolov, which we managed to defeat in previous battles. He is a commander who adapt to enemy tactics in order to outplay them. Tactical battalions usually heavy on artillery or other support vehicles. Region is familiar, so tactics will be similar to what we done in previous operation - get to Z-Y line and force direct combat in central area, within long arm of our SPGs.





   Brought Ghosts to this operation. They will push Lima, as during previous fight Pioneers had problems assaulting it on their own. Lima will be surrounded by infantry, and Ghosts are better against squichy enemies than Pioneers.



   Controlling Zulu-Yankee line for us means controlling Lima and Sierra uplinks as well.



   Pioneers are rushing towards Foxtor on their foot.



   Well, at least they have those fancy exoskeletons to help them move their gear.



   BTRs showed up first, which is a bit unusual.



   They are probably have infantry inside.



   Ghosts are at Delta, IFVs are going to be used to clear areas nearby.


   First contacts and firefights:



   Yes, those BTRs dropped Shpetsnaz soldiers and now they are shooting at US army troops. Fastbacks are going to harass them.





   Missile barrage will at keast do some damage to those things, although ERA will help to minimize it.



   Shpetsnaz operatives finished a squad of US army infantry, time for Fastbacks to get out of this situation that becama rather bad for them.



   Kamovs are visible far away, near Alpha uplink, shielding infantry unit that is hacking it. Fastbacks are getting away from BTRs fire. Spartans arrived, we now can deal with those things.



   Heh, Sokolov brought SPGs as well. Blackfoots will be used to hunt them down, while second team of Spartans is being trasnported to this battlefield.



   Blackfoots need to clear a path to Zhukovs from Russian Army cannon fodder.



   And example of commander's error. I wanted to give order to Blackfoots gunships to fuck off from infantry and leave it for SPGs, but accidently chosen 4th unit instead of 5th, so Fastback IFV started to move to designated position. 



   Spartans are still moving from LZ to firing positions, so they can't help to Fastbacks. 1 IFV lost because of combined firepower of BTRs and Wolfes squad.



   Sokolov saw this mistake and try to use it - Kamovs were rushed directly to SPGs.



   Now a team of Fastbacks that lost a vehicle was rushed to Spartans to get them unfucked. Blackfoots were also ordered to help to shot down Kamovs ASAP.



   All this from rather simple mistake. Spartans are moving, so they can't shell enemies, who are using this moment to advance (probably BTRs are visible advancing near Yankee towards CV).



   That should scare them away or even shot down those vultures.



   Archon protect itself with UGVs, Spartans now can start their firemission. Blackfoots are moved back to suppot Archon. So a misclick killed 1 IFV and changed situation was used by Sokolov to sneak Kamovs right to SPGs, with 1 SPG lost after their rushed attack.


   Back to hills in the middle of this battlefield or "Die Hard" artillery:



   BTRs were defeated, but all Archon's UGVs were destroyed by BTRs and Zhukov SPGs. We need to do something against them.



   Oh, Spartans were a bit late with this strike.



   Blackfoots were moved to central area to destroy those SPGs. I'm calling a gunrun on their position.



   Damn, Sokolov used EMP against Blackfoots, with Zhukovs starting to shell Archon.



   Blackfoots recovered, we can hit enemies. Spartans are in range to get them as well, we need to shut them down!



   First artillery rounds connects with target, KV-20s are now displacing from their compromised position. Time to hit them!



   ... or not. BTRs arrived and with at least 2 squads of infantry nearby Blackfoots will not do jack shit against KV-20s. Calling another gunrun on those SPGs.



   BTRs are leaving, but they left a squad of Bears on top of this hill. Zhukovs are trying to deploy their cannons again, i'm calling artillery strike from Spartans against them on top of incoming 2nd gunrun.


BTUncGs.jpg   They are FINALLY done, after 2 gunruns and artillery barrages. At least we managed to limit damage done to us by forcing Zhukovs to move around.


   Securing flanks:



   IFVs in the middle are putting rounds into squad of Wolfes near Yankee. Another group of Shpetsnaz members got to Lima server hub, but Ghosts are already near it. Meanwhile Spartans are sending rounds to BTRs in the middle of this battlefield.



   Hitman team of Ghosts sneaked into local cemetery that overlooks Lima, and now are firing at Shpetsnaz engineers that are trying to hack it.



   Hitman's snipers are providing additional help to rest of troops here.



   That is not how you use cover, guys!



   Blackfoots cleared area between Zulu and Sierra, so Pioneers near Foxtrot can advance to Sierra and grab it.



   Kamovs spotted, Blackfoots are screening them.



   Kamovs and Blackfoots are now firing at each other, at the same time Fastbacks are trying to finish light infantry team that managed to sneak to small hill and rushing towards small warehouse on top of it, probably to flank Ghosts that are now advancing to Lima.



   Shpetsnaz soldiers team is down, Kamovs were scared away.



   ... or not? Kamovs are trying to scout Delta and found IFV team that i left here to protect SPGs from flanking attacks.



   Now this group of gunships is done as well.



   Hitman have some casualties, they needed to move to new cover as Shpetsnaz engineers changed positions and were no logner visible from cemetery. During this position changing Bears managed to spot them and fired everything they had, but Hitman squad managed to reach forest, where Bears lost them. Now Shpetsnaz troops are runnign away, understanding that Ghosts can get very close to them.



   I brought Fastbacks to support Ghosts to clear Lima.



   At this point we managed to secure almost whole line between Lima and Zulu-Sierra. Only few squads of conscripted cannon meat left, and cannons were tasked to deal with them.



   Sokolov pushes another unit of APCs to Yankee. Probably tries to reinforce them.



   No, Georgi staged some soft of counter attack with those BTRs. We exchanged missiles, so both units of transports are damaged. Spartans were immediately tasked to switch targets, Ghosts are in danger of being gunned down by BTRs. Used too much resources for airstrikes, thats why still don't have tanks to sort out those situations.



   Second team of Fastbacks are tasked to save the day - they will charge through small hill and cover first team of IFVs (or what is left of them) escape.



   We took Lima and now have EW capabilities, just in time. BTRs tried to finish Fastbacks and followed them almost to Delta.



   Artillery rounds starting to land, but if those BTRs will push right next to Fastbacks, artillery will damage our troops as well. We need to disable those thingsin order to awoid such situation.



   They are fairly close now.



   EW will hit them in a moment, decided to launch all missiles to kill them quicker.



   Now we cleared whole line. In total we lost 2 IFVs which forced 1 platoon of IFVs to retreat, 1 SPG vehicle, 1 fireteam of Ghosts and Archon suffered some damage. But enemy lost 2 units of gunships, 3 BTRs platoons, 1 SPG battery, 1 light infantry squad, 1 combat engineers team, total of 8 units. We are going to push futher to deny to Sokolov space to unwrap his tactical shenanigans. Lima is in our hands, Sierra is being captured so we will have superiority in control of terrain and resources.


   Pushing forward, pushing Shpetsnaz bacl to Florida!



   Ghosts are pushing to Yankee to deny Sokolov resources. I'm ordered tanks to arrive here, we need them. Georgi didn't used any heavy armor so far and SPGs that Sokolov brought are now pieces of scrap metal, which will mean that Schwarzkopfs will dominate battlefield. Cottonmouth scouting areas near Alpha, spotted team of Bears.



   Spartans changed firng positions to get to reach Shpetsnaz self-propelled targets. US army troops were called to support us if my attempt to cut resources will not help (Sokolov might have something left in his pockets to call more reinforcements).



   We took Yankee and received a thermobaric missile. At least just 2 units were defeated, we can deal with that.



   Choppers and SPGs are finishing engineers before freshly delivered BTRs will arive.



   Decided to drop Kinetic rods on places where i expect some troops can be located. Called more Ghosts, expected more Shpetsnaz infantry, but looks like that we won!



   Blast wave reached transports.











   US army recon team was used to guard small hill. They were outside of thermobaric missile explosion range.





   US army infantry that was located not far from Zulu, didn't saw much combat and survived.




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   Our fight with Russian SGB that managed to sneak inside of US continues, now we are pushing Shpetsnaz forces into Okefenokee Swamp, located between Goergia and Florida.


   Hey, it is our good old evil twin - Fyodor Savilov and 8th Mechanized. Looks like SGB command decided to move him on the other frontline, but our battalion was also moved back to US. We meet yet again, Mr. Savilov. And... terrain is very familiar. I guess we will try to do previous tactics that allowed us to win. Going with less infantry to get more AFVs during first "stage" of operation.










   Almost everything at this point is fully upgraded.



   Usual suspects to be first spotted. 



   And first contacts. Let's see how this operation w



   Combat for very important swamps begins!



   Fastbacks are clearing area near Bravo. Kamovs wanted to go deeper into our part of airspace, but decided to move back.



   Blackfoots arrived to support troops in village.



   Blackfoot's attempt to lure Kamovs looks like failed. Savilov is cautious in this operation, which probably means that i need to be a bit more aggressive.



   Fastbacks are moving forward to scout and shot down Kamovs. At the same time Fyodor's troops took both Sierra and Foxtrot, so he is using BTRs and they can get involved by driving through F-D road to sawmill, where US army troops will spot them, if they do this.



   Kamovs decided to fight back for some reason. 2nd team of SPGs and MBTs platoon arrived to help us.



   Kamovs moved away, but SGB used EMP on my IFVs and started to shell them with artillery. Blackfoots were moved ahead and we spotted KV-20s and T-100 Ogre tanks. We need to destroy Zhukovs, quickly.



   Tanks started to fire at Blackfoots, they have FF HMGs for increased damage against gunships. Choppers have rather small amount of time to do anything here.



   Blackfoots are getting away, as Zhukovs were distracted.



   Fastbacks managed to recover and now are getting away from places where Sheptsnaz troops can spot them for artillery. We now have ability to call airstrike.



   Fyodor tried to lure my IFVs with those Kamovs. Not bad, but we need to get them shot down. Zhukovs are shelling US army troops, we have not much time before they will have a free way to Delta and our forces.



   Airstrike was called on Shpetsnaz artillery support and after it Blackfoot will finish them.



   Ogres are still in this area, preparing for attack on Delta. Blackfoot's raid will distract them on top of finishing SPGs. I think we have just enough time to defeat KV-20s before tanks will zero in on gunships and start to do actual damage to them.



   Excellent, time to get out! We secured troops from artillery shells, but Shpetsnaz AFVs are already on central island, so fighting for sawmill is next.


   Battle for sawmill.



   BTRs arrived to Delta, with airsupport of a team of cunning Kamovs. Schwarzkopfs arrived to sawmill, and Spartans have range to cover it, so we are starting our counter-push.



   Artillery is shelling BTRs, tanks will do a volley fire against Kamovs in attempt to shot them down.



   At least 1 chopper is down, Fastbacks will finish them, while tanks switched back to BTRs.



   Archon also appeared to support my counter-push formation of troops. Blackfoots are away from this action to avoid damage from AA weapons of BTRs.



   In 1 hit 2 enemy units were defeated, no enemies are visible nearby, i think we can at least try to push futher. Pioneers are moving to Bravo to take it and reinforce our rear. Not sure about Zulu at this moment, but no movement was seen there and in forests leading to it, probably our flank secure for a moment.



   A squad of Bears tried to use battle near Delta to sneak in, but were discovered while rushing through train railroads. Fyodor is capturing Yankee point, i expect another team of engineers to rush from it to Delta.



   I need to have a look at what forces were commited to Yankee. Blackfoots dispatched, airstrikes are ready if Savilov used BTRs to move Shpetsnaz infantry. A squad of Ghosts was called in order to ambush any possible infantry squad advancing from Yankee and Alpha in near future



   A little unexpected - Ogres supported infantry squad that was taking Yankee. Exchanged with special attacks - Missile barrage vs "AA" flamethrowers. Blackfoots are not going to crack this formation, we need bigger explosions for this!



   Guided bomb strike on those 2 bunch up units was called in, Ogres lost 1 tank and infantry had some casualties as well. Fyodor probably expected more of my troops commited to left flank, as Alpha is not far from here, that could explain tanks being here. My attempt to lure Savilov to central area was partially successful with other units, let's try with those as well. 



   Tanks found themselfs under Spartans fire, Fyodor tries to use their last moments to damage us, Ogres are rushing towards sawmill.



   But i already was moving tanks to counter those attempts. Schwarzkopfs will smash through T-100s and get in range to shell Shpetsnaz squishies at Yankee point.



   Infantry from Yankee was trying to rush to forests near Delta on central island, but our MBTs caught them in the open, surrounded by swamps.



   Expected result - Fyodot at times is too aggressive and spreading his troops too much. Engineers are moving to Delta to take it and reinforce with UGVs, while Ghosts will take cleared Yankee.


   From Defeat to a Victory to a Defeat to a Victory again in less than a few minutes:



   Blackfoots are scouting areas from Yankee to Foxtror, but only SGB forces seen is infantry unit moving from S to D.



   Blackfoots and Spartans are gunning down engineers rushing through trainyard, but we spotted at least 3 more infantry units. Savilov switched to another tactic, leaving AFVs behind.



   We need to counter enemies at Zulu now.



   Hitman almost arrived to Yankee. Hopping that at least some of Fyodor's battalion forces will be sucked in here.



   Bears are hacking Zulu now, while our own engineers are worling on Delta. Artilery is softening Bears before Blackfoots attack, but seeing huge numbers of infantry on the ground i called second team of Ghosts with IFV as our QRF against human wave tactics that Savilov decided to utilze.



   Now we are facing defeat, as Shpetsnaz established hacking superiority. Ghosts are de-hacking Yankee, so it is not for long. I will probably also use Crash Uplink EMP strike in order to solidify our *soon to be achieved* superiority of control over server hubs.



   Artillery barrage to finish Bears quicker. 2 additional squads of SGB infantry is now spotted near Sierra.



   Now enemies have only 2 uplins in their hands, with Yankee being in process of activated by Hitman squad. Artillery forces Bears near Zulu to drop their positions and displace to forests, away from artillery spotters. Fastbacks are firing at running Shpetsnaz troops.



   I thought that this barrage will be a finishing move, but some of Shpetsnaz troops survived. Also, a squad of Russian soldiers was dropped to defend Zulu, they are now targeted by SPGs.



   1 gunship lost, time for  Blackfoots to get out. Also, Yankee is in our hands, enemy now is in bad situation. Shpetsnaz operatives are moving to Delta to take it, i am saving resources to call them after Fyodor will drop his WMD.



   Damn, flied Blackfoots a little to close to other troops. At least critical units are still ok - Spartans, CV, Engineers and 2 squad of Ghosts with IFV support.



   Shpetsnaz footmobiles arriving to Delta, Spartans are now shelling them. Another platoon of tanks was called to reinforce our positions.



   Second squad appeared behind first one, probably should have waited with that airstrike.





   Another unit of engineers. Pioneers would have been in worse situation if it was light infantry. Spartans will deal with them.



   Pioneers are unwrapping their gatling guns to finish Shpetsnaz troops. Hitman squad from Yankee left their positions, i will place them in such way that they will have eyes on Foxtrot and Delta in the same time, next to a road between Foxtrot and Delta.


   Pressing Shpetsnaz out of OUR very important sawmill!



   Hahaha, my decision to place Ghosts between Delta and Foxtrot was to keep this area under watch, but i didn't thought that scouting enemy means staring at them from few feets away. At least Ghosts' camo is working well and Shpetsnaz don't see us and they don't even expect us being so close! Ghosts are also far away for Spartans to do their job without hitting our own troops. BTRs are dropping infantry before entering central island and if BTRs will leave them, Ghosts could easily ambush Shpetsnaz soldiers.



   BTRs are moving away, but another AFV unit is visible futher away, driving through railroad to a sawmill. Infantry that was dropped by them moved back to Foxtrot, probably away from artillery rounds landing nearby.



   BTRs are driving right to my command vehicle, parked outside of Delta in such way to have a LOS on this entry way.



   Less than 2 minutes left to survive this assault by Fyodor's battalion - infantry units are moving towards Zulu and Foxtrot, BTRs and Ogres are trying to press central area in the same time.



   Blackfoots trying to crack this platoon of Ogres. Ghosts now assist Spartans and CV with BTRs, we need to finish them quickly to allow gunships space to move. 



   Blackfoots now have place to retreat, if Ogres will manage to zero in on them. A squad of infantry, that BTRs dropped appeared near Hitman unit, now they are under crossfire by Pioneers from Delta and Ghosts + CV's UGVs are going to fire their gatling guns if they will have LOS.



   Ogres are just outside of effective range of Spartans, so Archon is moved ahead to keep pressure on them and not allow Ogres to recover. Blackfoots are ordered to get out, they are now taking damage. Infantry unit that was near Ghosts was also defeated, but 2 more are moving from SGB LZ towards area nea Foxtror.



   On right flank Ghosts are holding their ground against desperate Shpetsnaz attack through open field. Using Ghosts on flanks was a good decision, it allowed us to hold on uplinks.



   Archon is moving away from Ogres, it started to take damage.



   Tanks arrived, now they will finish Ogres with help of Blackfoots.



   Ghosts moved closer to Foxtrot to secure entrance to Delta and Yankee. Shpetsnaz engineers are not far from us.



   Snipers are picking of some of Shpetsnaz operatives, visible between trees and bumps.



   Those crazy Ruskies are keep going... are they trying to rush to CQB ranges?



   Those crazy motherfuckers!



   ... and thats why they tried to rush. At least sniper on forward fireteam managed to drop into a water and survived.



   Just 1 second left.



   Hahaha! At least 1 second before our Victory we manage to force those Shpetsnaz soldiers to turn around and start to run away.














   We are just 1 region away from dominating this war. Well, i guess no Moscow siege for us. :(


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   And here is last battle in our war. 



   This fight will happen at... JFK Space center. Again!





   Fyodor, again! What is this? Is this real? Objective during this mission looks real. So i guess this is seriously what we are tasked with - defeating our evil twin battalion - 8th Mechanized, and send Fyodor Savilov back to private ranks. JSF captured most of Europe and defeating SGB's desperate attack on USA will lead to political suicide for Russian pro-war politicians, which will mean a victory for us. This important mission to defeat SGB attack on JSF was given to our battalion. My plan is based on knowledge of Savilov's style of commanding - we are going to clash on a central launching pad while my troops will re-activate Alpha and northern cluster of uplinks.



   Going with rather standart deployement order. 



   2 Spartans batteries are needed to clear battleground from Russian conscripts used by Shpetsnaz as a distraction and enemy softening measure.



   Terrian doesn't give a good place to hold on, it favors a rather mobile combat on flanks. SPGs also don't have good semi-secure place to work on enemy troops. Both of those are my reason to push into central area and force enemy into direct big clash of troops, so i don't have to catch him moving around and raiding our uplinks. Also, Savilov himself likes to push middle zone of battlefields, so it should be easy for us to suck in each other into big brawl on/around launching pad.



   Troops are ready and we are moving forward, to dislodge Shpetsnaz from JFK Space Center and from America, defeating any hopes of Russian leaders to change course of WW3.



   Spartan SPGs are my battalion's main enemy destroying asset.



   Pioneers are moving to Alpha, while being in the shadow of giant structure of JFK Space Center.



   First Russian MG meat arrive to launching pad.



   Our troops also arrived to place of our meeting. Now we are waiting our main guest.



   And here they are!


   Battle for JFK Space Center begins! Fire and blood on a launching pad, or preparation of a diner table for our guests.



   Russian troops are going to meet US forces soon, SPGs are on their firing position where they can reach for enemies and displace if needed. Archon and Fastbacks will be my frontline troops for this stage of battle, as anything heavy that enemy have will need more time to arrive.



   Spartans made a gap in Russian human wave. Pioneers took Alpha, we are calling gunships to scout enemies and provide us with highly mobile firepower.



   Spartans chaning position now to reach deeper into enemy territory, so Fastbacks are now woring on Russian waves. Note that Kamovs are keeping away from this fight.



   That squad took cover near a big tank of dangerous luqiud. Fastbacks were moved our of their LOS to avoid damage, Spartans will shot at this device.



   Hahaha, that was a good shot! On the background Tarantula heavy transport helicopter is visible, so Savilov is bringing some sort of AFVs to this battle, while other combat troops are waiting. 8th Mechanized's engineers took Zulu and rather quickly got to Wishkey, so i suspect that BTRs are already on the ground. Fyodor is likely to working on assembling a competent assault formation.



   Kamovs are now moving in, trying to clear areas from US troops. Fastbacks dispatched to counter them, while Spartans are working on Russian human wave on left side of space rocket launching ground.



   AFV on right side of central zone, not far from Foxtror is probably BTRs, arrived from Whiskey. Archon is moving to support Fastbacks against Kamovs, in case if BTR will also join this firefight.



   Spartans finished Russian cannon fodder and now switching to shell attacking BTRs, while Fastbacks are chewing through Kamovs.



   Cottonmouth scouted big number of Shpetsnaz troops comming to central launching pad zone, Savilov used EMP strike against IFVs and CV, disabling them before his main troops arrive.



   IFVs and CV recovered and finished Kamovs, while Spartans are conducting MRLS strike on BTRs to allow Blackfoots a working space against advancing Shpetsnaz troops and AFVs.



   Fastbacks were called to end those BTRs ASAP.



   Main assaulters of 8th Mechanized are going to be here very soon, but area is clear for us to prepare. Savilov brought tanks, infantry and SPGs to puch through our defenses, this looks like a competent formation.


   Our guests arrived! Main meal is going to be ready very soon.



   Tanks are leading tis assault, they are going to eat all our firepower first as most capable unit (in direct LOS) in this formation. After that we need to get ZHukovs killed, or they will do a lot of damage to us.



   We are exchaning our special attacks. Ogres opened with their flamethrowers, we will answer will missiles. Meanwhile, MBTs were called in to help us with this fight.



   Spartans and Blackfoots are doing pretty good job at killing those monstrous tanks, but Blackfoot will need to get away soon, as it is receiving AA fire and infantry squad is closing. Zhukovs already opened fire, CV and IFVs are maneuvering away from LOS of Shpetsnaz artillery spotters.



   Spartans managed to finish damaged Ogres, now they are switching to infantry squad.near KV-20s. Another squad of Bears is visible far away, trying to get to cover near SPGs. Blackfoots will have hard time getting in range to defeat Savilov's artillery.



   Our engineers meanwhile got to Delta uplink. Can't move them on transports, they are needed on a frontline.



   Fastbacks were called to assist to Spartans and kill engineers faster, we need to sneak Blackfoots, while not allowing to Shpetsnaz operatives to gain a foothold at launching pad grounds. We have enough resources to call airstrikes, if needed.



   Zhukovs already were damaged by Spartan's MRLS strike. Infantry is nearly done, we have a short gap before second team arrives, so Blackfoots will try to at least force Savilov to displace his SPGs.



   Delta is in our hands, Zhukovs are probably not going to survive this short raid. 



   SPGs were destroyed, infantry squad defeat, second one is now nearly finished, but now BTRs arrived to this fight. I'm calling a gunrun on them, while moving gunships away from their deadly AA cannons.



   This gunrun also defeated 2nd infantry squad. We are holding our positions good enough. CV also dispatched UAV to keep eyes on any enemy forces comming in from Zulu.



   BTRs are firing at UAV (near Shpetsnaz Locust evac chopper)m while trying to leave this fight and retreat to Whiskey.



   Tanks arrived to help us here, they finished BTRs, but Savilov called Kamovs to counter them.



   Schwarzkopfs moving away, while Fastbacks will move ahead and deal with Shpetsnaz helicopters. Currently second platoon of MBTs are firing at infantry squad near Foxtror, that tried to silently sneak in from Whiskey. Archon command vehicle also moved ahead to support Fastbacks attack, while Kamovs were hit by volley of tanks shells and were damaged.





   Tanks finished infantry unit, now few hits left to put those Kamovs on ground.



   Excellent! Now we... umm. wait, this is it?



   Savilov managed to brough 1 tank platoon, 1 SPG team, 2 gunships units, 3 infantry squads and 1 BTR platoon? I expected more. Fyodor didn't managed to really challange our troops!














   Didn't had Fraps on, so didn't recorded it (current screenshot making software leave big text on videos)




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   After US won WW3 politically, i found it not really satisfying. We need to take Moscow! Thats why i loaded a savefile with 1 turn left before victory and allowed SGB to take region, so i can advance to Moscow. Also, it would be a good opportunity to test some of other SGB commanders, as i was getting Savilov and Sokolov almost always with very few battles against anybody else (like Novikov and Filatov). So here is my "test" continuation of campaign:


   So instead of JFK Space Center operation we went to Le Ceito base, we are going to seize it.




   New faces, finally! Our opponent is Aleksandr Kurochnik, he likes to be on the offensive, using small attack formations, preferably with CAS. Positioning of LZs suggest that main combat will take place on road from Delta to Bravo, with Sierra being main flashpoint. Not sure about flanks, as there is not much to capture there. Basically this battle will be a head on clash of forces, so we need maximum firepower. but we still nead a small mobile team of infantry with IFVs to counter situation when enemy captures more than helf of uplinks.



   As usual CV is going to work as a mobile roadblock, it will be supported by Fastbacks. Pioneers will take Delta and then move to Sierra, while Ghosts will capture Alpha and secure our left flank. We will need SPGs and tanks to fight on a road near Sierra.





   Looks like Aleksandr decided to take a position in military base on a hill.



   Ghosts are moving to Alpha, they will be there for spotting and countering any engineers that may try to get here.



   UAV is out, it will provide us with early warning of Shpetsnaz troops arriving.



   Only Russian cannon fodder is visible for now, so let's clear this battleground from them.


   Battle begins: highway killing spree.



   And we begins this show!



   Fully loaded Ogres are arriving on left side of river.



   Spartans are now shelling SGB tanks, but they are advancing and supported by Kamovs. Fastbacks are moved away from those tracked monsters, while Blackfoots and SPGs will try to deal with them.



   Gunships flanked enemies and hit Kamovs in the side with missile barrage, with IFVs helping to shot down Russian choppers before Ogres will push futher.



   Blackfoots switched to Ogrs, IFVs and CV's UGVs will deal with with air threats easily, but we don't have anything meaty enough on ground to deal with Ogres in direct fight.



   Blackfoots now need to get out, Spartans will finish T-100s. AA fire from tanks is starting to deal damage.



   Fastbacks and CV are positioned outside of Ogre's LOS, so SGB tanks killed US Army troops near Sierra. Kamovs are done, but this attack is still not ended.



   Ogres now are pushing forward, trying to cross a bridge near Sierra, Fastbacks were ordered to shell enemies in attempt to stop them.



   Tanks defeated, but BTRs managed to arrive few seconds later. Archon and Spartans are now exchaning fire with them. Schwarzkopfs were called in, they will arrive soon.



   BTRs looks like trying to retreat.



   Umm.. now they are attacking, again. Don't know what Kurochnik tries to accomplish with this.



   And now they are retreating, again.



   Now i get it - he was covering those Zhukovs, moving to firing positions.



   Now we are under fire, i need to defeat those SPGs ASAP.


   Highway of Death.



   Blackfoots attempt to get behind Zhukovs doesn't work so well.



   Zhukovs are hit by missile barrage, but Blackfoots now are between 2 squads of Shpetsnaz engineers, they are not going to live long.



   My gunships are nearly defeated, they can't escape back, can't move to left or right flanks as they are both occupied by enemy infantry that can shot down them easily, so only way is to push futher to see what Aleksandr is bringing in.



   Meanwhile our MBTs arrived and now assaulting enemy positions. Engineers are getting hit with volley of cannon fire, but at least 2 squads of infantry are between us and KV-20s SPGs.



   Tanks are taking damage from AT fire of engineers, that managed to jump into a building nearby, and from Zhukov's shells, landing near them. Blackfoots will try to distract enemies.



   Spartans managed to finish Russian conscripts, now they are dealing with infantry. Zhukovs are outside of their range, moving SPGs closer will probably lead to Kurochnik to promptly respond with his own artillery fire. MTBs lost 1 tank, but they are escaped.



   Flastbacks were ordered to get out just after missile salvo was launched.



   SGB is throwing more troops to this battle, i need to destroy SPGs somehow, through engineers, Kamovs and approaching platoon of BTRs. I'm called US Army support to punch through this formation of troops. In the same time Ghosts on left flank are slowly advancing forward to clear this area from Russian Army troops and allow us some space to move.



   US Army assaulting Shpetsnaz positions. Archon is assisting them, while now SPG have a window to move as SGB forces are distracted.



   Kamovs are trying to hold this attack, but Fastbacks were sneaked to this position to counter this.



   House in wich Bears took cover from artillery collapsed, killing everybody there, so now our MBTs can try to punch through Shpetsnaz troops.



   Kurochnik tries to save his SPGs, understanding that our attack now have enough momentum to punch through his thin defence line. This group of forces is shattered and now an easy prey for us!



   Kamovs were shot down, not time for BTRs. Zhukovs now are trying to run away through bridge, as this highway is under fire and in LOS of tanks.



  BTRs are finished, KV-20s SPGs are next target to bite a bullet!



   Second unit of Blackfoot SPGs just arrived and already completeed a job of first team of gunships. This formation of troops was defeated after infantry support was killed and Zhukovs failed to do serious damage to us, thanks to "carousel" of units, chaning each other on frontline in order to spread Zhukov's damage output across several units. Now road is clear to advance futher.


   Assaulting enemy territory:



   Ghosts on left flank are now dealing with Russian conscripts. Snipers finished several soldiers.



   IFVs are dealing with newly arrived teams of Kamovs helicopters, covering advancing forces of JSF.



   1st Kamovs units is finished, but looks like Aleksandr is deploying another platoon of T-100s.



   Tanks are helping to Blackfoots with gunships. Ogres are nearly done being with getting out of Tarantula.



   Viper will try to damage Ogres, while rest of troops are dealing with Kamovs.





   Yet another team of Russian choppers. Aleksander really likes his CAS. SPGs now are shelling Ogres after they were damaged by Viper team.



   Ogres are done, but our tanks are also nearly defeated, so i order them to retreat and get out of this battle.



   Hordes of Kamovs are focus fire Fastbacks. 2 IFVs vics already are lost, they also should be evacuated from this battlefield. Pioneers are trying to get inside of building to take AA role from IFVs.



   Viper team will try to assist IFVs with hordes of Kamovs.



   1 unit of Shpetsnaz choppers was shot down, but one more is comming in.


   Fighting is spreading to all fronts!



   Sneaky Shpetsnaz commander! Infantry unit managed to move through forests and revealed itself near SPGs. I moved SPGs closer to Sierra, away from Shpetsnaz saboteurs. CV and UGVs are now exchaning fire with them, while artillery will is re-orientating their guns.



   Those guys needs to be killed ASAP, Alexander can use their intel to call airstrikes.



   MRLS strike and salvo from retreating tanks should be good enough for those guys.



   Meanwhile near enemy LZ Fastbacks were finally defeated, they didn't managed to get out in time. More of Kamovs are comming in, so i called another team of IFVs. Pioneers are on their positions inside of house, working as stationary AA emplacement.



   And first team of Kamovs arrived to try to dislodge them. Bad choise, Aleksander, tanks are better for this!



   Yet another team of Kamovs...



   Second formation of Army troops arrived to reinforce JSF troops.



   This squad is nearly done.



   Huh, didn't expected that Shpetsnaz commander already have ability to drop WMD. He targeted SPGs and CV, this one was a good choice for enemies. Although SPGs were useless against Kamovs hordes anyway.



   I don't have a good target to drop our Kinetic rods on them, so we need to finish Shpetsnaz battalion using good old style of conventional combat. 2nd team of Fastbacks is entering firefight near Bravo.



   Those are one of last air vics visible to me.



   And there are defeated. I don't think Kurochnik have any Kamovs left in his battalion.


   Shpetsnaz LZ slaughter. No escape from JSF dominance!



   Now we are catching Shpetsnaz troops on their LZ.



   Ogres are arriving, but we have US army armor units parked nearby.



   T-100s started to chew through Abrams rather quickly, Viper will add their firepower to finish those contraptions faster, or they will destroy all US troops here.



   This is bad and good - Vipers will receive less damage from Ogres.





   Now Schwarzkopfs arrived to this fight, firing a salvo as their entry ticket to this brawl.



   What those things are made from?!



   While we were defeating Ogres, SGB managed to bring in another squad of infantry on Locust helicopter.



   And while we were mowing down infantry in the open, another team of Ogres was deployed. At least Pioneers are working on Bravo to close airspace for Shpetsnaz reinforcements.





   Another infantry unit is arriving, while Ogres are getting destroyed one by one.





   Ghosts now are near Lima. When this slaughter will end?





   Is this the end?













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   My "test" campaign moves to new maps as well. Thise time we are visiting Italy, where Shpetsnaz controls a European Space Center.





   Novikov will be my opponent in this operation, we already met each other several times (not so many as with Savilov, haha) and he showed himself as leader capable of quickly changing tactics to situation on hand, prefer more offensive style of combat. Terrain suggest that we may clash with his troops near Sierra point, not far from this AB runway. Build up areas on our left flank will be good for infantry, but vehicles probably will be better used outside of it. All this mean we need to push to central area with AFVs, control entrance near Sierra and 3 uplinks on our right flank to block runway, while pushing through left flank with infantry to deny flanking attacks to Novikov.



   Archon will be in the middle, battling Shpetsnaz troops, while Ghosts will be moved to our right flank (Delta and others near it). At first i thought of moving Ghosts to urban area, where they can fight with garrisoned Shpetsnaz operatives, but few things changed my mind - Ghosts have good camo, so they can survive longer in open enviroment of runway than Pioneers, also Shpetsnaz could move vehicles into urban part of map, and all my AFVs will be in the middle area, from where they will be able to support right flank, but not left flank. So AT-capable Pioneers could be a not bad choice for advancing to Lima.







   Dishes, sat dishes everwhere.





   IFVs will bring Ghosts to Delta, after that infantry will be moving to next uplink on their own. Base itself is better visible here - walls leave only 1 good way to enter it - through area near Lima, while enemies have a direct road to it, that could be used by AFVs. Hangars on our side of central part of map will be a not bad cover for SPGs.





   Novikov's troops are moving - Kamovs are covering entrance, while infantry looks like is going to our right flank to capture and hack server hubs. Zhukov SPGs are visible behind them.



   Yes, infantry is going to our right flank. And they are engineers, so Ghosts should be able to handle them.



   SPGs are moving forward to their firing positions.



   And first enemies are on our radars, time to start the action part of my brilliant plan of driving everything to the middle while infantry is moving on flanks unsupported by anybody else!


   Battle for Italian runways - raid on Shpetsnaz artillery.



   We begin to clear central zone from Russian human waves, while our Spartans are arriving. Zhukovs are still moving and not deploying their cannons.



   Now KV-20s are ready to fire and Kamovs are getting closer to a brawl near base entrance. Novikov will shell anything that those Kamovs will spot, so we need to bring those choppers down quickly. Fastbacks will deal with Kamovs, to leave Blackfoots for other task.



   BTRs appeared from behind walls, they probably dropped infantry to one of base entrances. This is not good, i have nothing here to deal with BTRs effectively. Zhukovs are already aiming at my IFVs.



   Decided to push Blackfoots through instead of waiting when IFVs will get destroyed and then BTRs will hunt down my gunships. 



   Getting in was harder - Kamovs are on our tail, while they are chased by IFVs themselvs.



   Now Zhukovs are shelling IFVs, while IFVs are firing at Kamovs. 



   Kamovs were shot down, so we now can fuck up KV-20s.



   SGB deployed their heay armor, gunships have very little time to finish those KV-20s.



   Fastbacks lost 2 vics and artillery is trying to get out.



   Almost done, Ogres are few meters away from getting into range for AA fire.



   Get out, guys! This artillery unit cost us 1 gunship and 2 IFVs vehicles.


   Runway rumble



   Fastbacks didn't managed to get out, we have no serious AA now. CV can act as prompto AA system, but it is not as effective as IFVs. Spartans are shelling BTRs to break attacking forces.


gNGQ5to.jpg   Vultures arrived.



   Called air forces attack on them, after which gunships will clean up area.





   Kamovs are defeated, but BTRs just arrived, mostly in ok condition. Archon is moving out of cover to face them and shield SPGs.



   Blackfoots were moved away, to watch MRLS barrage.



   Choppers jumped to unload their missile payload and get out.



   BTRs are done, just before slow-ass Ogres managed to get here. Novikov used EMP to disable SPGs.



   Blackfoots were moved away from Ogres to support Ghosts, which managed to find engineers near Alpha point.



   Ghosts could handle those Bears rather easily, but Ogres switched their targets and now shelling our infantry unit. Hitman squad is charging right to Shpetsnaz positions, so if Ogres continue their fire, engineers will also take damage. If Ogres will stop their barrage, Ghosts will be able to finish Russian engineers without much problems.



   Few meters away from cover, Ogres looks like stopped fire. Blackfoots also need to stop engagement, so they are going to hit T-100s.



   Spartans managed to get one T-100, Cottonmouth will assist with others. On the right another team of Shpetsnaz members are rushing towards Alpha to help their comrades.



   Ogres are history, Blackfoots needs to do something with footmobiles.







   Those guys are as good as dead.


   Party continues - big loud noises and smoke.



   Pioneers are getting to Lima, while Ghosts are getting to Alpha entrance.



   New team of IFVs arrived to cover Ghosts.



   Another group of Russian choppers arrived to middle area. Shpetsnaz infantry is located on Sierra, so central area is now have noticeable presence of SGB troops.



   Fastbacks and Kamovs are exchaning missiles, while SGB infantry is rushing towars guard tower. Tanks arrived to central area, firing at Kamovs with their co-axial MGs.



   Hmmm.. What is this big flash on the left?



   God damn, Arkadiy! SPGs and CV are taken out, again. 



   Fighting in the middle continues. Shpetsnaz members garrisoned Guard Tower, Fastbacks need to get away from them. Also, our victory clocks started to tick.



   And now they stopped - Novikov crashed Whiskey uplink, so numbers of active uplinks are same for our sides. I need to take Sierra.



   And those guys are in the way. Pioneers can't attack this position, Wolfes will mow them down. AFV unit approaching us from SGB LZ.



   BTRs are trying to distract tanks from light infantry. Another group of Spartans is arriving to battlefield, with additional CV for security.



   BTR's autocannons managed to knock out 1 damaged tank in a platoon. But tanks will destroy other ones.



   Now we will have some time to deal with infantry.



   Those Shpetsnaz soldiers are providing intel to Novikov and deny Sierra to us. Spartans are on the ground, shelling them, with tanks providing direct fire against their cover.



   Good old Kamovs arrived to accept our gifts.



   Infantry is done, Pioneers can charge to Sierra. Kamovs are going to be soo destroyed by 4 units firing at it.



   Kinetic rods were used to hit SGB LZ for maximum security of Pioneers.



   Kamovs are running away, but not for long.



   Hell, thats why they wanted to avoid fight. Fuck'em, airstrike is called on them.



   Kamovs are down, Ghosts are moving to grab Bravo from non-existent Shpetsnaz troops. Hehehe.


   Pushing forward through Italian runways and green pieceful hills.



   Oh, fully loaded T-100s appeared from behind those hills.



   Ghosts at Bravo are in danger, if those big ass tanks will crawl here.



   Kamovs are trying to attack our troops, while JSF tanks are now shadowing Ogres.



   CV's UGVs joined AA work. 2 teams of Blackfoots and both SPG units are moving forward to deal with tanks.



   Ogres are advancing with infantry support, but they are fucked. 2 platoons of Schwarzkopfs are shelling them and i called a gunrun on them as well.



   A salvo from both MBT platoons will for sure seriously damage Ogres.



   Gunrun and gunships finished tanks, now infantry. Novikov's AFVs are arriving on the bakground.



   Zhukov SPGs! Not very good timing, Blackfoots will deal with them in a few moments.







   SPGs are defeated, Novikov didn't called units in right order for this situation. Kamovs and infantry are now active, while evac choppers are taking survivors from SPGs.





   Another team of Kamovs arrived, but they are not moving towards us. I don't like that, Arkadiy may try something.



   Airstrike + 2 units of choppers will be enough to not allow anything strange from those helicopters.



   Yes! We finally won!



   Or not? Novikov decided to try one more time, Locust deploying Shpetsnaz operatives. Their LZ is surrounded, SPGs are close enough to shell them, 2 tank platoons and 2 gunships units are here as well. Time to leave this battle, Arkadiy!





   Guided bomb finished this unit in 1 hit.  HP bar is not fast enough to show how quickly they were done, HAHAHA!



   Another one!



   *creepy laughing in background*



   *Player, drunken with power, ordered to destroy evac helicopter*



   What are you made of?! Russian units are armored as fuck!


























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   Now we are raiding Ft. Levski. We need to destroy 3 critical buildings to win in less than 15 minutes.


   And our enemy is.... Savilov, yet again! I think his style of commanding is so familiar to me that this will be a short operation. He likes to conduct attacks at our troops from several entry points, but each attacking formation is rather light on t"meat". Frequent use of Kamovs, BTRs and engineers, sometimes tanks and artillery. Plan is simple - we are attacking target A first, as it is just big ass fuel tanks that explodes really well, then Sierra and Brav, as they are closest to A. We (and enemy) will not have artillery in this operation, so other force composition will be formed.




   We will go with AFV-heavy loadout, with more tanks being deployed after operation starts. I'm going to use AA-heavy formation of troops early to counter any harassment attempt from Kamovs. 



   We will take Foxtrot and Yankee to get more support, if we need them. Gunships will work as spotters and as mobile firepower to deflect attacks or hunt down unsupported units.



   Infantry is loading into IFVs, tanks are moving to Alpha, gunships are out to scout areas ahead of us.


   Raid against Ft. Levski begins!

   Trashing target Alpha:



   Gunships are trying to soften targets, but defensive turrets outrange them, so Blackfoots find themselfs in crossfire of 3 turrets. Gunships will be moved back.



   Kamovs are not commited to counter our attack on first target.



   HAHAHAHAHA! Tanks arrived, fired and target Alpha exploded, taking all turrets with it.



   IFVs and CV arriving to Yankee.



   Foxtrot is taken, while Savilov is slower than us - Zulu is still not in SGB hands.



   Fyodor is brining in more infantry, we will probably clash near Sierra or Bravo targets.


   Target Sierra:



   Tanks now are pushing to Sierra, clearing areas around it for other, less protected AFVs. Additional tanks and IFVs were called in to support us.



   Kamovs wanted to hit Schwarzkopfs, but IFVs scared them away.



   Tanks continued their work, while being shadowed by IFVs just behind them and with CV standing be near warehouse, as ambushing force.



   Kamovs now very angry that we scratched paint on Sierra target and aggressively moved towards our tanks. Fuck'em! EMP strike is called on their position to make disable them and turn them into static practice targets for our raiders.



   Archon's UGV opened fire at Kamovs, trying to move away.



   Gunships added their missiles as well, those Kamovs are dropping like flies



   Now we can concentrate fire on Sierra. That was a rather weak attempt to counter our attack. Although Savilov only saw 3 units before sending Kamovs - tanks, IFVs and Blackfoots.



   Now he prepare serious QRF to break us, fully loaded Ogres, light infantry, BTRs, probably a squad of engineers (barely visible on the left, near small barracks).



   Tanks are being moved to a position that overwatch road from Zulu to our location, also destroying remaining turret in the process. In the same time rest of troops are leveling Sierra.



   Savilov decided to not waste troops to defend Sierra, i susepct he is going to go full throttle to defend 3rd and last critical structures against our forces.


   Battle for target Bravo:



   Gunships are observing movement of troops near Zulu. They are are not attack our troops in direct rush, but moving elsewhere. Part of my troops are attacking Bravo target, so Shpetsnaz probably is going to Bravo.



   And here they are! Engineers were cought out of cover, so IFVs are on frontline, screening them from SGB operatives and BTRs. Meanwhile Savilov also ordered infantry squad to advance to rest of our troops, located near ruins of Sierra.



   Fastbacks will not try to stop Shpetsnaz Wolfes from killing Pioneers.



   Schwarzkopfs are equipped with some sort of soft kill APS that make first attacking missiles to miss. 2 platoons of tanks are tying this squad of SGB heavy infantry in firefight with us, allowing to troops near Bravo to have easier time with Savilov's forces.



   Heat-seaking flamethrowers! SGB sended Ogres to punch through our troops near Bravo, i'm going to block their way to Bravo by forcing battle near Lima radar/communication station.



   Payback! In the same time one of IFVs units lost 2 vics, they would be ordered to retreat. Savilov is conducting his frequently used tactics of assaulting areas from several paths - Bravo is being attacked from both West and South (Eastern road is ours).



   Ogres were covering infantry advance through this open field. CV is moving to area near Lima to help gunships with more and more SGB troops counter-attacking us.



   Gunships will have harder time with infantry, we need more troops here.



   Platoon lost 2 tanks, and they will be ordered to retreat soon. They managed to stop attack of several infantry squads, but 2 more were spotted, moving from LZ to our troops.



   Fastbacks and Schwarzkopfs arrived to support Archon. Infantry squad will be trashed. We need to hold this positions until 2 squads of Pioneers will finish destroying Bravo.





   Adding HESH rounds to this fireworks display!



    And it is done! Savilov probably should have brought more AFVs to this fight than engineers.





   Of course it's A, we trashed Savilov's battalion.


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   We are still pushing Russian Shpetsnaz Guard Brigades out of Europe. In this battle we have a new enemy to defeat.


   Mikhail Lamzenko prefers to use mounted infantry, his unit have high number of BTRs and combat engineers. Also our opponent prefer offensive actions. My plan is rather standart here - take Yankee-Zulu line to secure majority of uplinks. 




   We are going with AFV-heavy deployment to counter possible BTR+infantry rushes. Spartans will help with waves of Russian conscripts, while Ghosts will be useful to coutner Mikhail's engineers. Tactics and troops composition will be adjusted on the fly, according to SGB actions.



   Going with second SPG instead of 



   First - secure Delta and nearby hill, so SPGs will have a good firing position.





   And here is our first target. Instead of usual Kamovs, it is a combat transport unit, probably loaded with infantry.



    Operation starts with fireworks!



   Fastbacks are getting on top of this small hill to cut possible advance of enemies futher, especially after Kamovs were spotted. Spartans are opening fire on BTRs, and if this strike will be good enough, IFVs are going to jump into action and get out of it when it start to smell bad.



   MRLS strike on top of that group of Russian forces should be a good way to seriously decrease number of active enemies.



   Time for missile barrage! Fastbacks are going to rub all this damage deeper. BTRs are retreating, while Shpetsnaz infantry is determined to take Yankee, IFVs will shell them to finish last soldiers of this squad.



   Artillery rounds started to land near Fastbacks, time to take all our stuff and get out. Delta is in our hands, Mikhail's attempt to take Yankee failed, infantry unit defeated, BTRs lost 2 vics. First moments of this battle turned very good for us, but Zhukovs can undo all this if left alive for long enough. Gunships will be use to counter them, so Blackfoots were called to support us.



   Zhukovs killed US soldiers, now they are going after IFVs, but this is only part of problem. Kamovs also decided to get involved, so Fastbacks are going to move to Delta close enough so Ghosts also could ambush Kamovs. Spartans are switching to shell Russian cannon fodder, until better ground target is spotted.



   Fastbacks apperently were just on the edge of KV-20's guns range, so moving slightly made them to get out of KV-20's grip. It will give time for IFVs to clean up skies over our troops.



   Kamovs are now trying to get out after losing 2 helicopters, but Blackfoots are on their tails. Only 1 group of conscripts is visible near Yankee after Spartan's work, so this area is clean enough for my gunships. Although in other places there are more of those guys, so gunships will also scout them while trying to catch Kamovs and find SGB artillery.



   Ogre tanks on the background and Zhukov SPGs are deploying their guns. Blackfoots will try to get to them.



   Zhukovs now are easy target for gunships, but not for long - Ogre tanks platoon is not far and moving closer to us.



   Before getting away from Ogres, Blackfoots managed to destroy 2 out of 4 SPGs, so now that unit will be rather easy to finish, if we find a moment. In the same time Ogres were called by Mikhail to punch to Yankee and finally take it. New team of Kamovs is visible near Alpha point, they will probably get involed in this push as well. Zhukovs are trying to shell our freshly delivered Schwarzkopfs tanks, so we need to get rid of those SPGs quickly.



   They are as good as dead.



   SPGs are done, but Lemzenko's group that was dispatched to punch to Yankee is becoming more serious problem - infantry and helicopters joined to a paltoon of Ogres. Now Shpetsnaz operatives are hacking Yankee. Gunships were moved back to avoid taking damage.



   At this point i'm waiting for troops to be delivered and to arrive to this area, while also waiting for Mikhail to put his troops way to close to each other.


   Battle for Yankee server hub.



   Now we are making our move - Spartan's MRLS strike + volley of HESH rounds should totally make this place to be very deadly.





   Shpetsnaz infantry is covered from tanks by server hub building, so i'm moving CV ahead in order to scare away Kamovs and allow our MBTs some space to move and find good angle on infantry near Yankee.



   But those choppers decided to stay and cover infantry. Gunships are trying to fill SGB helis with missiles, while CV is adding damage using UGV's rocket pods. Infantry from Yankee is trying to get out in direction of nearest uplink (Lima), which is under overwatch of Ghosts. 



   SPG's rounds are landing near Shpetsnaz squad that tries to get to Lima, while Kamovs unit is nearly defeated.



   Spartans continue to make life of SGB soldiers to be bright and short.



   Blackfoots scouting what Mikhail prepares for me next. BTRs, combat engineers - expected type of troops. 



   Looks like this infantry squad is combat engineers, so Ghosts should have easy time dealing with them from range. They find a shelter from artillery rounds in this small shack, but as i see they are now getting out. Second group of infantry behind them - Russian conscripts, basically a cannon meat. 



   BTRs probably are going to load up combat engineers on top of central hill and move them somewhere else. Let's wait until infantry is inside of those transports, as killing killing 1 vic also kills engineer's fireteam inside of it.



   Tanks intercepted BTRs and launched HESH rounds to say "hello" to Mikhail's badly chosen path for BTRs. 



   BTRs lost 1 vehicle, 3 others are still capable of driving way. Behind them - 2nd platoon of T-100s, they will be our main target in just a few moments.



   BTRs are now not trying to get out, probably feeling confident as tanks are very close to them. I will try to do maximum damage to APCs with tanks and SPGs to free all our guns to chew through Ogre's ERA and armor plates.



   Enemy Kamovs are visible far away, i ordered gunships to attack SGB heavy armor with missile barrage at the moment airstrike finishes BTRs. Spartans also received new firemission, so Ogres should melt rather quickly, despite their high protection.



   Well, tried to get them killed before they will use their "AA" flamethrowers, but we were not fast enough. Still, Ogres will be defeated very shortly.


   Long range cursing and angry staring competition:



   Fastbacks are moved closer to Zulu to scare those vultures away. No other enemy unit is visible now (except defeated one). Ghosts, using a fact that Mikhail concentrated all his forces in central zone, pushed and activated Lima uplink, so now we have all Northern points under our control. 



   Blackfoots are searching for Russians on right flank and near Yankee. And nobody is visible here as well. That is a rather strange situation.



   Pioneers taking Sierra, 2nd platoon of MBTs arrived and now is moving to their position.



   Kamovs and Blackfoots were staring at each other for some time. I decided that a gun run against SGB gunships will be a good way to entertain us during this lull. I don't think Lemzenko will get any serious formation of troops, as he have 2 uplinks in his hands. Although if he wait enough, he probably can deploy low number of forces. 



   Relocating SPGs, clashes are now expected to happen in general area between Yankee and Alpha. Also, something is spotted near Alpha by gunships and it is outside of Spartans range.



   Hmm, Kamovs decided to move back after this rather long staring at each other through cockpit glass with our helicopter crews. SGB probably started to drop fresh units to LZ and Kamovs are going to act as shield for them and escort.



   Spartans are ready to shell enemies at Alpha. If Alpha is used as staging area, this shelling will be usefull to soften enemies before their main attack. Ghosts are moving to Yankee, so very soon Mikhail will havve very little presence on the ground. Also, US army troops are arriving to support us, as in several minutes Mikhail will start to throw WMD at us.



   Spartans started their work. I expected to see SGB troops, but those were only guards that can be deployed to defend hacked server hubs from some gopniks. This is a really strange part of this operation, enemy is not commited to fight and waits for something.



   After guards of Alpha were done, time to land those Kamovs to cut an intel source for Lemzenko. Battle is not over yet, he is definitely preparing something for us.


   LZ slaughter!



   Victory clocks started to count down, we need to avoid taking serious casualties from WMD strike and defeat anything Mikhail will bring to this battle. I'm going to call second team of gunships for certain tactics.



   Now Lamzenko started to call in what troops are left in his battalion. Called buided bomb strike on this platoon of Ogres, we need to hold enemies at their LZ long enough to win this battle. If we will be able to lock them in their LZ, SGB will have hard time calling WMD at our troops becuase they will know where to use it. 2 units of gunships are going to help to make this tactics happen. 



   WOW! First time i see Tarantula cargo helicopter being shot down.





   Double missile barrage should seriously damage those things. Mikhail crashed Sierra, but i don't care at this point - we have total dominance.



   Heh, they survived. Fat fuckers.



   Now they are done.



   Locust brought infantry squad and now is getting our. Bravo is now being hacked, so Lemzenko brought several squads of Shpetsnaz operatives already. I feel like situation is starting to get out of control if we allow to SGB to push in several directions. It is a good thing that US army troops are now arrived, they were called to block roads near Zulu.



   Another squad just delivered by Mi helicopter and +2 more are arriving nearby. SGB is going for serious amount of footmobile troops on the ground.



   Another gunrun called to soften engineers squad. 



   We managed to destroy tanks, but Lemzenko have 4+ infantry units on the ground already. I don't want to push forces to close to them as WMD can be called on their position, while gunships can just fly away from area, on which WMD strike was called.



   Another squad is up, 5+ in total are on the ground. Now i fucking understand what Mikhail was waiting for, cunning bastard.



   3rd airstrike called on that squad of engineers, while gunships are now busy with another team of SGB heavy infantry. We need to stop this human wave assault!





   5 units of infantry are pushing forward to our positions. Some of them are in range of Spartans, while 5th Shpetsnaz group is under fire by US Army that blocked a crossroad near Zulu. My attempt to avoid WMD strike can be still achieved, but we need to do something about those hordes. Ghosts are rushing towards Alpha to distract some of enemies to them and kill as many SGB troops as they can. In total almost 100 Shpetsnaz soldiers (20 per squad x5) are attacking us right now, and this is after 1 squad and 1 tank platoon were defeated, which means in this attack participated up to 4 tanks and 120 soldiers!


   When you hear URAAAA!!!!!!!



   Now i'm pushing units to attack, but to avoid taking serious casualties from tactical missile stricke they are attacking in such way that enemies will have LOS only to 1 unit. Tanks and Spartans finished another squad when they were trying to rush to next cover after leaving forest.



   Time to get out - second squad of heavy infantry is trying to kill tanks with their RPGs.



   Russians are charging to Alpha, Fastbacks arrived to support Ghosts that are working on Alpha. I parked Fastbacks rather far from Ghosts to at least decrease chances of WMD strike, while calling airstrike on nearest infantry unit. Gunships are providing intel on what troops Mikhail brought, this time BTRs were deployed. So deployed troops are 8 AFVs and 120 soldiers in total! 



   Great, that is a good type of fireworks! At the same time gunships lost 1 helicopter to BTR's AA missiles and they are retreating.



   Jesus Christ, this is a scene from a movie with angry Russians charging through burning forests screaming URAAAA while being under automatic fire of a whole squad of American infantry! IFVs started to shell those bastards with autocannons and AGLs, they are fucked. Spartan's rounds are starting to land near them as well.



   ... or not so fucked? BTRs are now assault Alpha head on! Stage 3 airstrike is called on them, this is going to be very close air support with really fucking big ordnance!



   IFVs and Ghosts finished SGB infantry, now our soldiers are rushing towards some other cover as BTRs are closing in and jet with big ass bombs are few moments away from dropping those things!










   I think i understood Mikhail's strange behavior and this rather long lull. IIRC after battle enters "DEFCON 1", both sides get ability to call supports at lower CO cost and IIRC this also applies to units. So he was sitting and slowly earning CPs, while waiting me to trigger DEFCON phase to spend his resources and get all troops he wanted at a discount, that cheeky asshole. He understood after losing his troops and my advances that he needs more troops and he had not enough resources to get them so his tactics was sound in this situation. This was rather cool session, i expected something rather convential, like with Fyodor Savilov.


   Fucking results of this last moment "OMG!" battle.













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   Our test run resumes and we are fighting Mikhail Lemzenko again. Let's see how he perform on this map, as it is rather limiting and middle area centric. My plan is rather simple -push and take Zulu, which will ensure our dominant position. But Mikhail is new enemy commander for me, he may try to push through small flanking mountain roads, so infantry will be pushed to block them.




   Higher number of infantry is for grabing uplinks faster, it will allow to deploy more troops quicker than enemy. 



   All US troops (and Russia conterparts) will clash near Zulu, so we need to push troops there to clear area for rest of us.







   Pioneers activated and upgraded Alpha, we can move them rather close to Delta. If eney will attack through this road, engineers will at least spot attackers and deal damage to them (in case of BTRs - heavy damage). If Mikhail will neglect this position, engineers can quickly grab Delta and reinforce it with UGVs.



  Zhukov's guns are barely visible behind logs. Mikhail brought artillery at early stage of this battle .


   Rumble in mountains begins:



   Spartans are shelling Russian army troops, IFVs also engaging some of them near Zulu on right side. Lemzenko's BTRs are moving to Zulu point, so Blackfoots will be moved at safe distance.



  Kamovs arrived to help BTRs, but were ambushed by Fastbacks and Blackfoots. MBTs are driving from LZ to frontline to deal with SGB AFVs.



   Blackfoots added their missiles to AA rockets of IFVs. Spartans are working BTRs.



   Mikhail dispatched T-100s at our position and Kamovs. APS continue to attack us, CV is blocking BTR's path to SPGs. BTRs lost 1 vic in their platoon to artillery fire.



   Second team of Kamovs are covering BTRs retreat and they are getting hit by IFVs. 



   CV is playing a bate for SPGs to avoid IFVs taking serious damage. In the same time Spartans switched to shelling infantry units at village near Zulu. Also, i called US army support, so soon-ish they will arive and support us.



   Now area near Zulu is clear from Russian cannon fodder, so Blackfoots and IFVs should have some space to move around. BTRs are retreating, again.



   Hmm, i thought Mikhail sended those tanks to attack us, but they are standing and just blocking road. Shpetsnaz SPGs are shelling what targets is visible for SGB troops, but now the most probable target to be shelled will be closest to tanks. Our MBTs arrived to this standoff, we need to crack this blocking group and get artillery destroyed, especially because soon this group will turn into breakthrough armored fist, as infantry support is arriving to help tanks (visible near SPGs).



   Blackfoots were sended to attack enemies before they can start attack, as Zhukovs started to shell our own MBTs. Those Ogre tanks are fully loaded, firing their "AA" flamethrowers. Spartans should help to Blackfoots to damage or destroy T-100s, as Ogre's AA HMGs will be a problem for Blackfoots.



   Well, as expected flares didn't managed to fool stream of burning liquid, kek.



   Spartans shells are landing on Ogres, as Blackfoots trying to get to juicy Zhukov's hulls. KV-20s are wraping up with shooting and start to leave their positions, while BTRs are rushing to scare away my gunships.



   And those BTRs succeeded at making my helicopters go away. But now Mikhail understand that he should push, or he will lose this firefight to Spartans without any gains, so Ogres are now pushing forward.



   Infantry moved back, Mikhail looks like have other plans for them. Tanks slowly moving to us, Schwarzkopfs are ready to meet those things.



   Spartans finished 2nd tank in this platoon, while BTRs are not doing what they should - support Ogres. This mistake will cost SGB.



   BTRs are moving forward, but Ogres were defeated. Our tanks will disassemble those transports using their 120 mm shells.



   Heh, i see why Mikhail didn't wanted to start assault - he was waiting for Kamovs. MBT platoon lost 1 vehicle, but they are still combat capable, Archon is acting as distraction for Kamovs, while Fastbacks are rolling forward through roads full of destroyed SGB AFVs.



   Lemzenko's troops grabed Delta, but this fight is nearly over. Kamovs are going down, US Army troops arrived to support us and there are no more serious units to stop us from sending those Zhukovs to neareast scrapyard.



   Juicy stuff! This is almost bullying.



   Tanks are clearing Bravo now in attempt to cut Delta from reinforcements and isolate Shpetsnaz operatives there. Second platoon of MBTs was called in to help us to beat enemies.



   They are too slow to get out of this. Hehehehe.


   Battle for server hub Bravo - no elections hacking allowed!



   Tanks now are clearing Delta from BTRs. This should allow us to advance closer to uplinks and grab them from Russians.



   Mikhail now in full damage control mode - Ogres platoon was moved to secure Bravo. Our MBTs are moving back after they lost 1 tank from barage of BTRs missiles, but second platoon of MBTs will take their place.



   Now we are going to clear Bravo from any troops SGB deployed here. Blackfoots fired their missiles against Ogres, and Spartans aiding with their of HE shells managed to kill 1 tank and damage second one.



   Tank platoon that was retreating is now aiding to us, they were stopped to support US regular army troops and cover Blackfoot's exist from firefight as they started to take damage from AA HMGs and Guards of Bravo server hub.



   Combined firepower of 2 SPGs units, platoon of IFVs, 2 tanks and gunships managed to defeat those monsters.



   Pioneers that were covering our South side now are moving forward to secure our left flank. I'm trying to see how far i can sneak them and get away with it.



   2 teams of Blackfoots are scouting what happens at Alpha, while Pioneers are capturing Delta and prepare to grab Bravo. I'm going to cut as much resources to Mikhail as possible, as he can try to throw at me another 100+ Shpetsnaz soldiers in one human wave assault. Fuck you, Lemzenko!



   I tried to see if Pioneers can grab Alpha to secure Bravo and fuck off from it before SGB arrived, but looks like Alpha is already occupied by those lovely chaps.


   Back and forth - clashes for random mountain road:



   Our meeting with SGB infantry was rudely interupted by 2 teams of Kamovs. First one will eat a gun run from USAF.



   Fastbacks are moved close enough to play with Kamovs, while being outside of LOS of infantry folks. Also, that group of gunships was hit by airstrike, they should be easier to deal with now.



   SGB Howlers are going for US Army troops, in attempt to punch a hole to Zulu upling. My IFVs will put them on ground.



   Almost done with first group, second will arrive just after first one will be part of scenery and full of holes. Army is dealing with infantry.





   Army troops did their job, but were defeated. This attacked failed.



   Looks great for me!



   Lemzenko sended WMD missile at us, but missed his target and only managed to take out of action one of 2 IFV units. He aimed at gunships (i used 2 units flying near each other to lure WMD strike on them), and missed as they managed to leave point of impact in time. Bad that IFVs were a bit too close, but not bad either - our opponent wasted his powerfull attack on a unit that had a back up.



   Now we can easily play with our opponent. 2 Blackfoots team should handle 1 Ogre platoon well enough, especially if we are using missile barrages.






   Hmm.. good target for our Kinetic rods from space! And airstrike, too!



   USAF gun run connceted well, killing remaining Ogre from defeated platoon, killing entire unit.



2 units with 1 hit. This is probably best strike i will have against SGB in this operation, as Mikhail will not be able to call too much forces at once.



   Engineers are slowly moving to Bravo. At this point i'm interested how Mikhail will attempt to get out of this shitty situation, so not rushing towards B for now.



   Let's lure those Kamovs. Also, soon another formation of US Army forces will arrive to block road between Alpha and Bravo.



   Kamovs are supporting infantry squad, moving from Alpha to Zulu.



   Spartans and their MRLS strike are pretty good against slow moving targets. Fastbacks will help to Army troops to get through choppers fire.







   BTRs are trying to chew through blocking group.



   Gunships are trying to do the same, but jets are incoming.





   US troops are defeated (again), but enemies are also in really bad shape. Spartans finished infantry squad near Alpha, so there is almost nothing stopping us from getting to their LZ.


   Yet another LZ slaughter.



   Meanwhile - Pioneers started to de-hack Bravo, so not much resources income will be at Lemzenko's hands.







   Another squad (hit by airstrike, thats why Locus is also shot down). Spartans are also participating inthis endever. 



   Missile barrage finished those ones.



   Another team to become practice targets for USAF and Spartans. And Blackfoots.





   I'm terrible human.











   Montain road near Alpha was mined by my Pioneers in order to ambush any flanking troops.






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   Huh, familiar faces - Georgiy Sokolov, commander that adapts to opponent's actions. We will see how well he adapts to defeats! Map is familiar, main "flashpoint" will be area near Yankee and to lesser degree - Sierra-Delta bridge.




   More infantry is needed to capture more server hubs early game. Ghosts will be also used to counter any deep infantry attacks (although they are unlikely) and later in battle will be used to push forward through Shpetsnaz infantry defending hacked uplinks.





   Map is heavily forested, it is an infantry-friendly enviroment. And thats why having unit of Ghosts is not a bad idea. In general this terrain favors heavy AFV pushes through 2.5 paths or luring enemies to your side of map and defeat them with sneaky infantry movements and firefights.





   Nice cofin-shaped should pads. Very appropriate. 



   Pioneers arrrived to Whiskey. US troops are moving to Yankee, where they will meet their Russian Army counterparts.



   Archon and Fastbacks arrived to Lima, where they will control a highway between Foxtrot and Lima. 1 battery of Spartans is also at position, ready to fire.


   Initial clashes and establishing a frontline:



   Russian army is rather aggressive on our left flank, pushing to Sierra hard, Spartans are going to deal with them.



   Sokolov's vultures arrived, looking for a prey, CV is sheilding Spartans from them.



   Russian troops are ready to ambush troops at Foxtrot server hub, taking positions in forests nearby, while US Army soldiers are pushing forward in attempt to secure F. 



   Kamovs are trying to gun down US troops that are pushing to Delta after Spartans killed Russian regulars, but Archon and UGVs escort are nearby, working as AA.



   That is a good moment to quickly finish Kamovs.



   Fastbacks are supporting our troops at firefight near Yankee. Securing it will allow for better chances to hold F-L road.



   Kamovs are trying to escape, but Blackfoots are starting to take damage. I will not order them to retreat - this chanceis still too good to leave Kamovs alive.



   Blackfoots also spotted number of enemy troops at Alpha, Bravo and AFV unit pushing to Delta. 3-4 squads of infantry are near Foxtrot, where 1-2 infantry squads of US army are located now.



   For now we secured our side of this battlefield. Foxtrot looks like a not bad place to try to push enemies, as we will have at least some support from Army infantry there. AFVs are assembling into assault formation and prepare to push futher.


   Battle for server center Foxtrot - hacking is not allowed!



   Spartans are clearing area from Russian conscripts, while Blackfoots provide eyes on Shpetsnaz AFVs. CV also launched UAV to keep better eyes on enemies comming from a road from Alpha to this area.



   Ogres are moving to Foxtrot, Spartans switched to shell them.



   -1 Ogre tank. BTRs are visible behind T-100s, Sokolov was preparing his own assault task force to break into Foxtrot, clear it and grab it.



   Blackfoots (why my brain tries to call them Blyadfoots?) are striking BTRs, while they are busy with US troops.



   And they were also busy with deploying Shpetsnaz infantry squad. Spartans continue to shell Ogres, now SGB tank platoon have only 2 tanks left, they will be probably ordered to retreat.



   Gunships are now retreating, as BTRs finished infantry squad of regulars, but their place will be taken by Schwarzkopfs MBTs and Spartans SPGs.



   Tanks opened with salvo of HESH rounds against BTRs, it damaged both transports and footmobiles. Our IFVs will support tanks in their push.



   Spartan's shells that are landing near BTRs also hurts infantry neaby. We should finish them rather quickly, but second team of Cockroach BTRs are visible on the left, with 2 remaining Ogres supporting other SGB troops.



   Ogres decided to not retreat, which is one of reasons why 1 Schwarzkopf was lost. Kamovs are incoming, tanks needs to be moved back to recover.



   After we lost 1 tank my forces retreated as amount of SGB troops that Sokolov pushed to Foxtrot is rather huge (visible on map). Spartans will soften them up, while we will deal with incoming Kamovs. Also, infantry unit thaat tried to take Foxtrot was defeated and BTRs that brought them looks like are running away, but in overal Sokolov managed to repel my attack.



   Kamovs are now getting much needed attention from our AA units, while SPGs back to working on Ogres platoon leftovers. Foxtrot looks like is clear from infantry, so it will be uncaptured for some time. Georgiy apperently understood that trying to take Foxtrot will be not easy so he went to Delta, but i prepared for this - US army troops already are arriving to support Ghosts, that are taking Sierra.



   Blackfoots will finish Kamovs after Fastbacks seriously damaged them.



   Army arrived, so BTRs will not have chances to push to Sierra, especially after our SPGs started to shell them. Additional armor is being delivered to us for second assault attempt. First one failed because we didn't had enough "oomph", but after softening enemies near Foxtrot and carving Yankee and part of area near Foxtrot out from Sokolov's hands, we should have easier time getting results.



   Second assault starts. Now we are moving slower, with artillery cover. I timed this push with second group of US troops arriving to areas near Foxtrot.



   Army forces will be a good addition to our firepower. CV is participating in this push, as Ghosts now act as Spartan's AA defence. 2nd platoon of tanks and 2nd team of IFVs are on the ground and moving here as well. Pioneers (visible on the background) are moving to take Yankee and reinforce it with UGVs, so Kamovs will not have a free pass through our right flank. 



   Kamovs arrived and launched a barrage of missiles against our tank platoon, it lost 2nd tank. They will be ordered to retreat, but our assault is already launched and will continue.



   Payback time! Spartans and heavily damaged platoon of MBTs are clearing Delta from infantry and BTRs in the same time as Blackfoots gunning down damaged SGB choppers.



   Kamovs are now nearly dead, but Delta is still full of SGB troops. We need to dislodge Sokolov from it to secure entry ways to his side of valley.


   Clearing Delta from pesky Russian human waves.



   Wow, that is rather big amount of infantry that was accumulated near Delta. Spartans just finished shelling BTRs and now there are 3 squads of infantry to deal with, which is up to 60 soldiers in total.



   Nothing beats good MRLS strike agaist infantry caught in open field. 



   Second squad managed to jump into a building, but they are under fire of 4 different units, so what is left of them will be destroyed in few moments.



   Good - we almost cleared areas near entry points.



   Just moments after we captured Yankee Sokolov dropped missile on Spartans. I suspected that my assault troops are going to be targeted, thats why they are spread out, but apperently Georgiy had eyes on Spartans (or spotted them earlier with choppers). Nothing to critical, we are capable of continuing assault as bulk of Sokolov troops were destroyed. Now CV and Blackfoots finishing just arrived guards of Delta uplink.



   Sokolov is trying to deply T-100s, meanwhile my first tank platoon is retreating and 3rd one just arrived to battlefield, so it is time to unwrap our own WMDs!



   At least we will not deal with those monstrous things.



   Blackfoots are gunning down survivors of our strike. On the other side of valley our newly deployed troops are moving towards frontline, so we can resume our assault.



   Sokolov tries to deploy what he have left. We are winning!


   Getting closer and closer.



   Now we resume our push forward, tanks are moving to Alpha while Sokolov is placing his infantry in forests and cover near this road.





   Is this a piece of Tarkov Shoreline?



   Hey, another squad of Ogres being deployed on top remains of previous heavy armor platoon. Sokolov doesn't want to give up.



   Blackfoots and Archon are working together to crack T-100s, as they are fully loaded and have AA HMGs.



   Tanks continue to push through infantry- infested forests.





   Schwarzkopfs exchanged fire with Ogres and infantry took advantage of the, 1 tank was lost (although we have 7 more).



   Engineers are trying to make Blackfoots go away. Fine, we will leave you!



   And gun down those guys with Spartans help instead!



   Now Spartans can reach to SGB LZ. Well, it is sad that those SPGs don't have MRLS pods, but their guns still should be able to ruin Shpetsnaz troops day. Foxtrot is taken, Delta will be soon in our hands. 


   LZ massacre.



   Bulk of my troops managed to cut through Sokolov's defence line, now we will have aibility to lock down him and his troops.





   This is 3rd platoon of T-100s heavy tanks that Sokolov tries to deploy. EMP strike will deisable them enough for artillery to finish engineers and allow rest of troops to focus on those monsters. Lemzenko went full human wave assault at this point, but Sokolov still tries to deploy armored vehicles, which is probably a better idea than infantry without cover being under fire of several units.





   4+ units are shelling T-100s, EMP strike was powerfull enough to disable them for rather long time.





   Now infantry!







   All my troops are now here.







   Army arrived to secure Delta, Pioneers are taking Bravo - we are cutting Sokolov from resources, fast. 















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   Rarely seen map. Shpetsnaz will be under tracks of our tanks!




   Map have 2 different halfs - limited by hills roads and 2 oil field on Eastern side with heavily build up oil refinery on Western part of map.



   Fyodor Savilov? I know that guy. I know him very well. So well that i'm now a specilized weapon to defeat Savilov. All Savilovs in the world, actually. I am destroyed of all Fyodor Savilovs, their fear and pain! BUHAHAHAHA!

   My plan is to win. For that we will deploy troops and send them to win! Very good plan!



   Savilov likes to push central areas, we will capture uplinks with 2 Pioneers squads and deploy enough AFVs to crush him. Our evil twin will fail!



   Piss-brown color filters were popular in ~2008.



   Good view of this map with obvious line between build up part of Vlore map and "outside" areas.







   It appears this train was sabotaged.



   Will we sabotage this fence instead! So terrible!



   I bet those wooden crates were holding something precious for Russia! Like.. oil!



   First targets for our Spartans is spotted.


    Savilov's defeat, chapter 1, battle for central entrance:



   US Army soldiers are assaulting oil refinery. We are moving together with bulk of their forces to assist.



   Fyodor's BTRs are already taking Foxtrot, but we are going to fuck'em up with artillery barrage!



   Oil refinery means lots of explosions, hehe.



   Fastbacks are countering Kamovs attempt to attack us. Although SGB brought Zhukov SPGs to this fight, so US regulars are fucked.





   Finishing Kamovs. As we don't have air and serious regular army support in this battle, we are tuning server hubs for EMP hacking attacks.



   And here are Ogre tanks. Spartans are clearing area from Russian cannon fodder so other troops will have easier time fighting SGB armor.



   One Pioneers squad is moving to next uplink, while another one will work as AA  defence of my SPGs. Archon will work as road block, with support of IFVs we should be able to stop enemies push, while Spartans will be our punch.



   And here are they. Spartans started to work on them, Blyadfoots are clearing Yankee from cannon fodder.



   Just look at them! So confident, sitting in the middle of this road, firing their HMGs and pissing a stream of spent cases all around them.



   Our artillery shells lands with Zhukov's rounds are visible on the background. Archon moved out of T-100s LOS, leaving only UGVs to deal with enemies.



   And here is MRLS pods in use. If we used them in this refinery, half of it probably would blew up, hehe.



   Savilov, I AM MASTER of your strategy! Archon works as a shiny toy to attract Fyodor's attention and make him send troops here, where UGVs, Spartans, Fastbacks can chew SGB troops. Terrain limits angle of approach to CV, making this firefight easily controllable. EMP strike disabled vehicles, they are no longer a threat.



   UGVs are replacable, so don't care about loses of those RC toys. Spartans are chewing BTRs and infantry that was deployed from those transports.



   Missile barrage from BTRs took out 1 Fastbacks (i thought that it was already used by them), but it is nothing terrible - Savilov lost 2 BTRs units, 1 tank platoon, Kamov team and now will lose infantry squad, while we lost 1 vic and 1 gunship.



   MRLS strike finished infantry squad, but Savilov's artillery is still up and shelling UGVs.


   Savilov's defeat, chapter 2, pushing futher:



   Blackfoots found artillery and squad of Shpetsnaz operatvies that are trying to lay ambush on our troops that may enter oil refinery through central road.



   Blyadfoots are retreating as 1 more gunship was lost from AA missiles of Shpetsnaz heavy infantry, but we are not done - EMP strike disabled Zhukovs.



   Spartan's shells are getting to their targets, Zhukovs are dead at this point.



   MBTs showed up with their own fireworks!



   More tanks - more fireworks show!



   Archon parks near entrance full of blown up Shpetsnaz engineers, sended an UAV to scout areas ahead. Now this UAV is firing at Russian conscripts crowd, standing on a road between buildings. Because of bad angle UAV can get a good shot on them.



   I'm moving it a bit, should have good eyes on enemies.



   Pioneers are getting closer to Foxtrot and to Yankee. UAV now land rockets on Russian cannon meat, SPGs are providing additional firepower to clear area faster, as Savilov will for sure send unit or 2 here.



   Another platoon of heavy armor. Schwarzkopfs will deal with them.



   Salvo from first team of MBTs, we will carousel them with second unit to avoid taking too much damage from those big ass tanks.



   Changing tanks that shell Ogres works well - we are not taking damage, while T-100s are losing their own vehicles. Note that Spartans are currently not firing and moving to new firing positions to reach to futher parts of oil refinery.



   Kamovs arrived too late to help T-100s. Missile barrage from them took our 1 IFV, but Fastbacks are paying back. I'm preparing to retreat them, second team of IFVs are on their way to replace current one.




   Savilov's defeat, chapter 3, nothing will stop us:



   After taking Foxtrot Savilov dropped a bomb on SPGs, but at this point JSF winning train is at full speed!



   Fyodor now desperately tries to take uplink to stop our victory, sending infantry to Lima and this one to clear central entrance. Light infantry in building will have serious advantage over engineers near Crashed Foxtrot, so i'm going to play with our own big guns!



   Yes, this is a strike from space with kinetic rods used as a close range support! Against single unit as well, hahaha!



   Tanks are going back to smash infantry unit that tries to get to Lima, while Pioneers and IFVs are dealing with anything that have rotors.





   Tanks are firing on the move, but one was hit by RPG and blew up. At least gunships have free pass to fire their weapons without suffering from missiles and RPGs flying back at them.



   They are as good as dead. Pioneers are dealing with another group of SGB choppers in the same moment.



   Looks like Savilov now realised that he is fucked and stopped being stubborn donkey - Ogres and infantry are pushing Yankee. We have 1 Pioneers team there, Blyadfoots were called to support them.



   Gunships forces enemy infantry into a building, Pioneers have (for some time) UGVs support, but Ogres are now too close.



   Timing of EMP strike was a bit off - too late. T-100s fire blew up fuel tank right next to Yankee, Pioneers are seriously hit by this, At least infantry squad was defeated by few rockets.







   This attack is done.



   Hey, look, a wave of Russian gunships is coming, but there are only few seconds left!



   EMP strike was aimied to disable and not deal with them, as we won this operation.



   So far we suffered a defeat of 1 unit of IFVs, 2 Spartans from WMD strike, 1 gunship team was retreated and some casualties in 1 tank platoon and both squads of infantry. Enemy lost 3 platoons of T-100s, 2 BTRs units, 5 or 6 infantry squads, 4 Kamovs and 1 artillery battery.

















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   Arkadiy Novikov, some time ago we clashed with him. Quick thinking commander that prefer being on attacking side. My plan is to get to central area and lock down enemies , preventing them from outflanking our forces. On map above you can see that only one road is leading from SGB LZ to central area. Delta could be taken by them, maybe Alpha (a lot of forests are in this general area, so only infantry should be able to sneal to Alpha).




   Almost normal deployment. Ghosts will be moved to our right flank (Foxtrot-Alpha line), as i expect Shpetsnaz infantry to pop up there. Pioneers will take left flank - advance to Zulu-Delta line (AFVs probably can appear there). CV will block Sierra area until other troops arrive to support it.





   This map is much better than a briefing one. Alpha is surrounded by big thick walls, so infantry should be visible for us when SGB will try to get to Alpha. Engineers will haave a nice compound near Zulu to retreat to.



   Ghosts will be quickly moved to Foxtrot to secure flank.







   First contacts.


   Night battle starts:



   CV arriving to central area to clear it from Russian regulars with Spartan's help. Archon's UGVs can deal with gunships.



   Fastbacks are spewing steeal and fire at Russian infantry, while rushing to Foxtrot point.



   As Kamovs appeared near central area, keeping missiles for them is not necessary.



   Novikov have artillery. That may complicate things.



   Foxtrot is clear, nobody appeared so far from Shpetsnaz troops. Blackfoots were called to hunt down Zhukovs.



   Kamovs are watching what we are doing, but not attacking us. We can use this moment to gun down leftovers of Russian human wave. UAV is over our targets, trying to spot other SGB troops.



   Spartans are shelling targets, while on our right flank US army infantry found a group of Russian conscripts. I will try to get rid of Kamovs with combined attack of Fastbacks and Blyadfoots.



   As soon as Spartans finished infantry in central area, Blackfoots were free to move ahead and engage Kamovs, which were under fire and retreating from Fastbacks. Enemy is taking Alpha somehow, i didn't saw their infantry getting into compound.





   Novikov is preparing assault group.



   And here are those SPGs!


   Fighting everywhere:



   BTRs are driving out of this military base entrance. They probably had a path from LZ to Alpha. Spartans are now tasked with destruction of BTRs, as they are attacking Ghosts, who will have hard time dealing with those AFVs.



   Blackfoots are trying to destroy Zhukovs, but Ogres are pressuring our choppers with their AA HMGs.



   Fastbacks jumped into a fight on our left flank to take some pressure from Ghosts. Missile barrage should help out with those hideous G6 chassis re-purposed as APCs.



   Now it is time to get out, IFVs are taking damage. Ghosts should be able to finish BTRs, especially with Spartan's HE rounds.



   Next - infantry squad that is hacking Alpha. IFVs lost 1 vic, but they are still combat capable, same with Blackfoots.



   Back to central piece of this military base, assaulted by Shpetsnaz troops - Blackfoots are providing eyes on Zhukovs, together with CV UAV.



   Now we are trying to attack tanks, again. Shpetsnaz operatives are visible behind KV-20s, we need to finish SPGs and tanks quicker.



   Ogres are still pretty good at AA fire, bastards. Blyadfoots are getting out, but our own MBTs should arrive soon.



   Spartans finished KV-20s, after they did some damage to T-100s, Blackfoots are trying to hit them, yet again. We called more AFVs to help us to gain superiority over Novikov's battalion. 



   Ghosts advanced forward from Foxtrot and garrisoned house near road to overwatch entrance. After few moments Arkadiy's footmobiles appeared, and it appears that those are also light infantry, so this will be a fight of equals, which is bad. I expected combat engineers to be here, Ghosts now need a support.



   Tanks are arriving to Sierra, spotting a squad of engineers on my left flank. So Arkadiy accidently managed to match type of units to move to flanks with mine choices, kek. Schwarzkopfs greet them with salvo of HESH rounds. In same moment Pioneers are finishing taking Zulu, so we need to take 1 more to start our victory countdown.



   Ghosts managed to suppress enemies, they are now hunkered down inside of nearest guard tower. Choppers and artillery will work on those guys. Also, Arkadiy now pushed infantry squad to Delta, we are going to have same amount of positions taken. Hmmm.. i thought that Savilov was my evil twin (same type and composition of battalion forces), but looks like Novikov is my real evil twin as a commander.



   BTRs are trying to support infantry that is rushing closer to Sierra. 2 armor platoons and 2 teams of SPGs will not allow this attack to get anywhere other than trashbin.



   Tanks were ordered to finish infantry before they manage to get inside of guard tower, as it will be rather hard to gauge them from buildings.



   Now it is your turn, Cockroaches!



   IFVs are supporting Ghosts, again. At this point situation appears to be established at small superiority of our side in territry, but we managed to gain huge advantage in numbers, and is critical failer of Novikov's attacks.



   In order to maximize our advantage, i called Army troops to support us. 


   Night skies full of dust clouds and burning ashes.



   Ghosts are pushing forward to Alpha, meeting a squad of Russian cannon fodder on the way. Ghosts will deal with them rather easily, but choppers are called here to support them if Arkadiy will put together a counter-attack.



   SPGs were relocated to somewhat better place - they can cover infantry near Alpha, if needed. Zulu is not covered, but 2 platoons of tanks should be able to help Pioneers against light infantry, and against anything else Pioneers themselvs have serious weaponry. T-100s are pushing to central area, again. 



   4 units are engaging T-100s, those things will go down rather fast, even with their armor. In the same time squad of infantry tries to attack Zulu, but Pioneers have missiles, and enemies have no good cover between from their position to Zulu.



   Nearly done.



   Infantry that tried to use tanks as sheilding to advance closer to Sierra found themselves without support. Hehehe.



   Engineers jumped into nearby building to found a good firing position on tanks. Armor was called to back off, leave those engineers to Spartans.



   Few of them managed to jump our of collapsing building in a last moment, but Spartans are not done yet!



   Scouting enemy LZ, preparing for usual at this point LZ massacre.



   Thanks, Arkadiy. Asshole, but this was expected. At least now we can work without being tied by fear of WMD landing and defeating/killing 3+ units. I thought that this will happen, so i called 2nd team of gunships to have a QRF.



   2 teams of Blyadfoots are terrific force against everything except AA-dedicated troops.



   After scouting Delta, choppers are going to go back to SGB LZ and scour troops. I feel like Arkadiy is working on assault formation, and i still have unused WMD strike.



   So far only infantry, but engineers in big number can be pain in the ass to defeat without Ghosts squad nearby. My Ghosts with IFVs are moving to a breach in the wall, which Shpetsnaz operatives used to sneak to Alpha (Arkadiy Crashed it, but Pioneers will unhack Delta to bring back our electronic dominance).



   3 squads moving to Sierra is a good target for WMD strike.



   IFVs and gunships are getting out of blast radius.



   Earth shattering Kaboom, motherfucker!


   LZ massacre! "Kind of" LZ "massacre" this time.



   Survivors of kinetic rods landing are running away, while BTRs are driving towards them. 



   Airstrike on BTRs, with artillery attack of infantry will be a good way to rub salt into SGB battalion wounds.



   Another platoon of BTRs are going to eat autocannon shells from jets.







   Shpetsnaz attack helicopters arrived, but they will be shot down quickly, thanks to higher number of Blyadfoots and AA firepower.



   BTRs are retreating, there is another team of footmobiles near them. SPGs will try to finish those foes.



   In the same time infantry sneaked into Arkadiy's LZ and captured Bravo point from him, right under his nose!




   Now it is time to get out for Ghosts, or they will be overwhelmed with furious Shpetsnaz troops! I am giggling like a child right now.



   Gunships are trying to distract enemies.



   Umm.... ok.... Kamovs from front and behind launched their own missile barrages that defeated both gunships team.



   Vultures thought that they are hunting squishy infantry, but Fastbacks appeared just in time to deliver payback for Blyadfoots!



   In the same time infantry squad is de-activating Bravo, so Spartans are blindfiring against them.



   Fastbacks are assaulting Bravo to not allow Bravo to be taken again. At this point battle is won, only 6 seconds left.



    That was rather interesting session. Novikov >> Savilov.
















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   Elemination battle against Alpha brigade. Supposedly it is an elite battalion and best Shpetsnaz unit lead by SGB's best commander - Alexey Tatarev.


   Let's see how elite those elite guys.




   All uplinks with exception of Zulu are already taken, so uplinks grabing is not major concern. This battle is going to be all troops driving at enemy horde of units and firing at each other until somebody will win. Thats why more tanks were called to this battlefield.





   Guards being deployed to Bravo. Probably will not matter.


   Skirmish of steel and fire



   Tatarev's gunships eating a salvo from tanks.





   Bulk of Alpha brigade is moving towards us. Terrain allow them to get close without being under direct fire, anly Spartans can attack them (for now). Gunships needs to retreat, BTRs are in this attack group.



   Nice target for MRLS strike!



   SGB gunships will go down pretty quickly. Also, we managed to deploy 4 platoons of MBTs (16 tanks on the ground!) T-100s are pushing ahead of other troops, while BTRs are moving slightly behind them (pretty good formation).



   T-100s now are under serious fire from 6 units.



   Airstrike finished BTRs, but Ogres are trying to retreat now after losing 2 tanks. BTRs team is near Zulu now, CV will block their advance and effectively shield SPGs.



   2 units of transports are now engaging us. Ghosts inside of house on the right are in a bad spot, fighting with Shpetsnaz counterpart and BTRs in the same time.



   Ogres are defeated, but Alexey pushes his CV to this firefight. Blackfoots are trying to help Ghosts, but their situation is rather bad anyway. Tanks are busy with holding central road.



   All tanks are now focusing their firepower on that MAZ truck. Go to hell, elite assholes!



   Ghosts continue to exchange fire with Shpetsnaz riflemens on the right while Spartans and Blyadfoots are delivering some damage to BTRs.



   BTRs are retreating, MAZ is turning back - Alpha brigade looks like is losing this fight. Although our Ghosts have serious casualties, they are not going to win their own fight. Spartans were tasked with shelling Shpetsnaz infantry near Ghosts, looks like tanks are going to hold their positions.



   Another team of Kamovs bites AA missiles and dies. 2nd platoon of Ogres that was retreating looks like was tasked to get back into this fight, Tatarev is not over with this firefight.



   Ghosts are defeated, but team of Shpetsnaz operatives are getting out of building that will collapse in few seconds, thanks to Spartans.



   Russian human wave of conscripts is killed, Ogres are going to be defeated by airstrike, BTRs are nearly done. We lost 2 units, they will be evacuated soon.





   Looks like last unit Tatarev have here.



   Or not last.









   Finishing move!













   Alpha brigade is defeated. I expected more serious resistance.






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   That one was hard and stressful battle.


   We are back to Ft.Levski, our enemy is still SGB as Eurotrash was defeated long time ago.




   New opponent! He is an ex-tanker, likes to use massed AFV attacks. We will se how he performs compared to other Shpetsnaz commanders. My plan is to grab A, B, D, S points and depending on situation take one more where enemy is weak enough for us to push.



   Somewhat usual deployment, but early artillery should be able to deal with early AFV attacks, if Yuri will do them.



   Path to Sierra is shortest for us (not counting Alpha), Delta is 2nd closest, while Bravo can be taken only after one of previous will be captured. Wishkey and Lima are pretty close to uplinks that i want to take, so one of them will be probably my targets.



   2nd platoon of SPGs will not be a bad choice for AFV-heavy enemy.



   IFVs will drop Pioneers to Alpha and move forward to support Archon. 



   Vultures are spotted.



   CV's UAV is out, will scout what is ahead of us.


   That is a taste of things to come.



   We are taking Alpha, while CV and Blyadfoots are supporting US army troops, attacking Russians on Sierra-Yankee line. SPGs are located just outside of military base walls, covered by IFVs.



   Yuri's gunships are attacking Army troops, Fastbacks were called for AA support. I brought a tank platoon for breakthrough attacks.





   BTRs showed up, calling EMP strike on them to give IFVs and SPGs time to react.



   BTRs are damaged, but Fastbacks need to get out to avoid damage.



   Yuri brought SPGs to this operation, he keeps them way behind frontline. Blackfoots have other task to complete now.



   Just in time!



   I'm trying to see how to sneak gunships there. This path looks clear so far.





   SPGs were under cover of infantry near Zulu and 2 squads of infantry near Lima were not expected (only 1 was spottedd earlier), Blackfoots need to retreat.



   SPGs are clearing Lima, choppers suffered casualties.



   Yuri finally brought tanks. So far he looked like balanced commander.


   Helicopters! Helicopters here and there!



   Yuri deployed significant number of Shpetsnaz infantry, at least 3 squads (one is at Whiskey, hacking it + 2 spotted). My opponent is rather fast, at least we managed to deny Delta for some time. Tanks are on edge of SPG's cannon range, but their current position works fine for now.



   Another group of SGB attack helicopters are incoming.



   1 missile barrage and just 2 gunships are left, ordred them to retreat while SPGs are shelling Ogres.



   Pioneers are working on Sierra, Kamovs are clearing area from Army troops. CV was parked on Bravo to avoid any early grab by Yuri of Bravo point.



   Kamovs made a mistake by entering Pioneer's missile launcher range.



   CV's UGVs are provinding support to engineers. At this point i feel that Yuri is outmaneuvering me. He manage to grab 2 uplinks with 3rd being on the way, while i just have 1 with another 1 being activated. I can't assault Delta with troops on our right flank (SPGs and IFVs platoon), so looks like Sierra-Bravo-Yankee triangle should be my next target.



   Tanks are arriving to Sierra, while CV is moving closer to other troops, as another team of SGB gunships appeared.



   IFVs were hit by missile barrage, but i put together a hunting squad of 2 BLackfoots units.





   Kamovs were scared away, in order to save gunship's full capabilities they will be moved back. Tankaev is very gunship heavy commander, not sure why briefing was telling about heavy AFV use. So far a lot of air units and infantry.



   4 uplinks vs my 2. We need to step up this game.



   IFVs are shielding SPGs, while they are relocating. I decided to instead of spreaing troops, assemble them into serious hard-to-crack task force to push to uplinks. Yuri is pushing his troops on all fronts, he can outmove and outplay me if i will spread units around.



   Ability to spot what is happening on SGB's LZ is appreciated.



   Finally found a moment to push gunships and finish those asshats. Kamovs were shot down, so we have some time to work on Zhukovs.




   Fuck you, i am UNDEFEATABLE!



   Tankaev grabed Delta and Bravo, leaving me with 2 uplinks and 1 uncaptured. Yuri is capable of being fast, working on taking all easy to grab uplinks. If i spreaded forces, i may stopped his units, but hordes of Kamovs and artillery would be able to isolate them and gun them down. Against Tankaev's overwhelming pressure on all parts of battlefield concentrating troops is probably right tactics. Zulu uplink was crashed to make it easier for us in next several minutes. Now we need to use all troops i manage to save in order to take initiative back. At this point imagination started to ask questions like "hmmm... we are playing at medium difficulty so far, even if it is called "Expert"... What about "Hardcore"? Let's observe what he will do at this stage of battle and decided if being affraid of him is ok."



   For many battles i never bothered to seriously change plans, but this is rather exciting moment. Second team of IFVs and Pioneers are going to be deployed all the way back at out LZ and they will probably have easier time getting to Delta, as all Yuri's troops will be concentrated here, near Sierra-Yankee-Bravo-Lima quadrant. In the same time i will do a lot of noise here and attempt to dislodge Yuri's troops from Lima. Lima was chosen because it is near SGB landing area, so troops will be more likely to intercepted by bulk of my forces. Tanks are now breaching to plato near Lima and dealing with BTRs in order to take this zone and cut Bravo from Yuri's bulk of troops.



   Fastbacks are sheilding tanks from Kamovs, at this point i have 2 active IFV platoons with 3rd being deployed to move Pioneers around. This very AA heavy troops composition is needed because of rather high number of choppers, not as much as Karl Haider did so far, but who knows what Yuri will deploy.



   Tanks managed to secure Lima so far, Yankee is in our hands, we need just 1 more uplink. Choppers are trying to block enemies at exit from their LZ.



   This is bad, gunships are going down one by one and retreating is not going to get them out of AA weapons range fast enough. This is a glimpse of how Tankaev can outdo me - my attention was elsewhere and he quickly pushed BTRs to support Ogres armed with AA HMGs. Infantry unit is spotted moving from Bravo to Sierra, Yuri is now not trying to avoid us and take non-defended uplinks, but now aggressively tries to find a spot where he can take uplinks and get away with it.



   Both gunships are down thanks to 2 BTRs unit and T-100 platoon. Now looks like Yuri is going with AFV heavy formations of troops. I no longer have mobile QRF/recon, need to find a way to substitute them.



   One more group of helicopters is attacking our troops near Lima in attempt to sneak infantry team to Sierra.



   Now i'm not sure where to use tanks. Tankaev attacks us from 2 flanks - Sierra-Bravo line and road from SGB LZ to Yankee. On right tanks can be not bad way to counter infantry assault with 2 units, while on the left they can stop for some time AFV-heavy assault group. 



   I'm running out of time, flanking team of IFVs and Pioneers were brought in and loaded into Fastbacks, so we can order them to move. Bulk of troops is near Yankee, they are being pressed from their North and S-W but big number of troops, temptation to move them to help rest of my troops is high as they are in situation that easily can end up as total destruction...



   Plan is formed - Schwarzkopfs and Fastbacks, with support of IFVs and CV are going to block assault formation that is being prepared near SGB LZ, while SPGs will try to deal with infantry. All CPs that i was saving will be used to EMP-lock Tankaev's troops.



   EMP strike is called on tanks, but AoE will be big enough to disable any vehicles near them, like BTRs.



   Tanks are going for easy prey - BTRs. T-100s will be disabled in a moment, they will be naked before our MBTs. CV is moving here to help.



   BTRs are out, T-100s immobilized. This should give a moment for our MBTs to recover and reload their APS.



   Attack resumed, but now we have more forces here to support Schwarzkopfs. I'm going to call more choppers instead of those which were shot down - we need units that can quickly get to this area.



   1 tank lost, but we still are holding this position.



   More Kamovs, another IFV platoon will be moved here to support us. Artillery was working on infantry targets, but now i'm retargeting them on this wave of armored vics, infantry will be left for Blackfoots.



   Second platoon of IFVs arrived, firefight is not over.



   There is little time left, but Fastbacks with Pioneers managed to get to Delta and not be spotted by Yuri's troops.



   After SPGs left infantry without attention, they become shameless in their attempt to take Sierra, running through open ground. Blackfoots catched them in right moment.



   Looks like we managed to hold Yankee, SPGs are quickly tasked with shelling infantry.



   I want to breathe out to relax, but that fucking timer is still there!



   Tanks suffered casualties, they are barely combat capable at this point - some of SGB units can basically 1-tap them if their special attacks is ready.



   Delta is not being de-captured by Pioneers. Shpetsnaz operatives that tried to rush to Sierra retreated and now are targets for Spartans, while Blyadfoots are waiting near Bravo for new targets, second team of Pioneers managed to get to Lima and now working on it. That were 4 minutes of very high tension commanding. 



   Excellent, now Victor clocks appeared. Yuri will use WMD, for sure. Tanks are retreating, Spartans are kept away and other troops are now in movement to avoid bunching up to much. I hope that units will be quick enough to get far enough from each other.


   No LZ massacre this time! 



   Damn it, they were to slow! 4 units with 1 strike, and i just thought that we managed to get on top of this angry horse. On top of that more Shpetsnaz operatives are moving to Yankee directly from LZ, using small mountain trail.



   Very good placement of WMD strike. Also, looks like Shpetsnaz soldiers that tried to get Sierra and retreated because of artillery and gunship strikes are back at attacking. Now they are getting way to close to SPGs, who have almost no protection at this moment. 



   Kinetic rods are dropped on place where 2 roads for vics from LZ are connecting with each other. At least 1-2 units were hit by that.



   No time to look at results, Shpetsnaz operatives are very close to SPGs, choppers needs to get there.



   Spartans are leaving in maybe last moment before infantry got to them. At least previous artillery strikes managed to seriously damage this squad.



   Tankaev is keeping pressure on us, Spartans are deploying to fire at this squad of Shpetsnaz engineers.





   2nd squad of infantry is spotted moving to Yankee, Kamovs are supporting them. I used a lot of saved resources to call CV, tanks and Pioneers to battlefield.



   Fastbacks are going to support Blackfoots.



   More infantry is pouring from this small pass. We need to concentrate troops here to keep up with this pressure.



   Spartans are dealing with infantry.





   IFVs are going away not only because of engineers, but freshly brought in team of BTRs showed up. Tanks are going to show up in a moment, they will deal with those things.



   Now 2 units are pushing us, but we are ready. Ho to hell, Tankaev!





   Missile barrage from BTRs hit IFVs, they are going to be replaced by 2 other teams of IFVs.



   EMP strike was a bit late. 



   Pioneers from Delta pushed to Bravo and working on it to cut resources to Yuri.



   Those guys looks like are last one.



   Heh, they are.



   That was maybe one of most stressful but very exciting session. Savilov is trash compared to Yuri tankaev on Expert difficulty.











   18 units were deployed to this battle, probably one of highest numbers for me.




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   Our "extra" campaign continues, my aim is to encounter new commanders/map/battles with main target being attack on Moscow, as our faction captured Paris.


   This time we are going to Raid Sevastopol in order to soften enemies in nearby regions, we are going to push to Moscow from southern path.




   In this fight SGB will have airsupport, while we will have nothing other than EMP attacks.



   Our enemy is yet again Georgiy Sokolov, adaptable SGB commander. My plan is to push North and take out Z, F and Y targets, to avoid getting through middle bridge or long path through southern corridor.



   Infantry will be used to take uplinks and create back up positions for attacking AFVs.





   Infantry will take Delta and Sierra as they are not defended by SGB, easy targets.



   While infantry will get to server hubs, AFVs will move to our first target. 



   Kamovs are holding bridge, as planned JSF troops will avoid it.



   Ghosts are moving to Delta. Sokolov's reaction to those moves are unknown to me. Hopping that AFVs are going to take majority of attention from Georgiy's forces.


   Ruining target Zulu



   IFVs are first to arrive to Zulu, they will be working as AA defence for Schwarzkopfs. I'm going with AFV heavy force in order to have good mobility and enough firepower to deal with all targeted structures.



   Not sure if Pioneers should be pushed from Sierra to Bravo, as they are nearly only unit that is in the way of Sokolov's troops.



   MBTs arrived, they will finish last of robotic turrets, while IFVs were parked just behind walls to ambush Kamovs.



   Back at bridge area - SGB infantry on Alpha is moving somewhere.



   IFVs catched Shpetsnaz gunships, but this place is not that good now after IFVs were spotted - big ass oil tanks are nearby. 





   Sokolov sended some troops on his left flank, meawhile we are waiting for arrival of 3rd tank platoon.



   T-100s are now deployed to block central bridge, watching for our recon UAV. Infantry left Alpha and doesn't look like they are going to push through this bridge.



   UAV is really triggering them, hehe.



   Ghosts finally activated Delta, they may find themselves under pressure of counter-attacking SGB forces.



   At the same time Pioneers are placing minefields on our side of central bridge, after seeing all those tanks and infantry on other side.



   Zulu nearly done, we are calling 4th platoon of MBTs and 2nd team of Blyadfoots.



   Zulu is done, now troops are going to breach through entrance of military base (with no resistance so far on the ground) and move to Foxtrot target. It took 5 minutes to establish our positions and assemble good raiding party, so now we can increase speed of our raid.


   Securing Foxtrot



   Troops are getting close to Foxtrot and looks like Sokolov decided to defend it instead of wasting troops in counterattacks against our serious raiding party. That is a not bad decision - tanks will be supported by robotic turrets that protect building F, so they have good AA coverage over them, while their guns should be able to threaten my gound troops.



   We are starting to work on Foxtrot - i'm going with "carousel" of 2 tank platoons, units will replace each other on the frontline when their APS will no longer provide protection against damage to tanks. Ogres will be hit with EMP, our MBTs will clear Foxtrot from turrets to allow gunships to prey on T-100s.



   Gunships are waiting, tanks are finishing turrets and Ogres are disabled. So far no other Shpetsnaz units showed up.



   Tanks of 2nd platoon are replacing first platoon vics, while Blackfoots are going to finish T-100s.





   We are breaching to Foxtrot. Not much space around our target, especially because of those oil/fuel tanks nearby.


OZAzrlH.jpg   Now Georgiy reacts - BTRs are dispatched.


   And not only BTRs - infantry is supporting them in attempt to dislodge us from Foxtrot. Tanks pushed all the way to entrance to compound from SGB side and dealing with BTRs.





   More infantry is incoming. This is rather serious push, we need to defeat it.



   1st platoon needs to move, but rather tight placement of buildings and barricades is slowing them down.



   1 tank lost in first platoon, but we are good so far. 4th unit of armor is coming to Foxtrot.



   More infantry and 1 more tank lost in 2nd platoon. At this point Sokolov used ~60 soldiers to attack us.


   Soviet ugly hotels destruction serivce



   Gunships are using their missiles to hit and run those squads of Shpetsnaz infantry. 



   4! 4 MBTs units are here with 14 tanks in total ready to go further. 



   Let's use tanks to combat those waves of squishies that Sokolov throws at us. This amount of armor needs space to unfold and range to engage enemies at safe distances, so this big area in front of Yankee looks workable.



   Because of big number of Shpetsnaz engineers and tight placement of important structures to each other (and turrets), gunships can't operate there, they will be used to destroy Foxtrot.



   Footmobiles were easily defeated, now Schwarzkopfs are shelling Yankee.



   Gastbacks joined Blackfoots in their job of leveling Foxtrot.



   Strange, Georgiy is moving other infantry squads away.



   Huh, turret was destroyed on other side of building ,probably from falling debris.



   Only now noticed Kamovs somewhere near Lima.



   Endless line of armored vehicles!







   Shpetsnaz soldiers are running away from us!



   At this point it is rather obvious that Sokolov lost this raid. I'm pushing tanks forward to smash remaining troops.


   Have fun, until Foxtrot is done.



   Shpetsnaz operatvies retreated to Whiskey, leaving us in control of Foxtrot. I ordered gunships to stop firing at F to give us some time to gain experience for less battle hardened crews of tanks.







   One platoon of tanks were focused by Sokolov's troops.



   SGB lost 2-3 units for 1 our platoon of armor.





   Sokolov tries to deploy more of engineers, but they are getting caught by tanks in the open.





   Another one.



   Shpetsnaz engineers are using their flamethrowers as AA weapon against our recon drone.



   Minefields were placed on path from southern bridge to Wishkey/Alpha. Gunships were ordered to resume fire on Foxtrot



   Sokolov's tactics were not good enough during this raid. He is probably better at other types of operations, but in Raid other style of commanding are more fitting.





















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20 minutes ago, EnsignExpendable said:

I finished the Sniper Elite 4 main game, decided to play something else for a change before the DLC, so I gave Halo 4 a shot. It's a pretty game, but it doesn't pull me in at all. Back to shooting nazis in the balls, I guess.

You can try to play Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, a Polish-made simulator of Russian rebels killing.



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