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What are we playing?

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Since the PC Gaming thread is dominated by news, I figured I'd start a second thread specifically about what members of this forum are playing right now.

Besides the games that have dedicated threads, I've been playing a total conversion Fallout New Vegas mod called Project Brazil, which adds a completely new start, story, and region to explore. Also, just started playing RAGE, Id Software's effort prior to the tour-de-force DOOM 2016. RAGE is interesting so far, because on the one hand it's a good game in its own right, but on the other you can tell Id learned a shitload from making it. Compare and contrast the beginnings of RAGE and DOOM '16 if you're that kind of nerd.


Also been playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which if it weren't such a stuttery mess would be one of my top competitive games right now. A lot of potential there, and PUBG should probably have its own thread here.

Just installed Rust (I might be on a bit of a postapoc kick, who can say), looking forward to playing that. It seems like the sort of game I'd really sink my teeth into, but I am disappointed to hear that it's basically in beta hell. :/ Still it was on sale, might as well try it.

Also began - for the first time because I am not a console guy - Bayonetta. So far, it's a fun fighting game, but I am not thrilled that you have to unlock difficulty levels. This is my Least Favorite Feature that unfortunately crops up in a number of my favorite games.


Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is another competitive game I am trying out. So far, it's an improvement over RS1 IMO, as the mechanics are clearer and it feels like it's easier to get a hold of. Might just be that I'd already played RS1. I have minor beefs with the weapon fidelity, which I only mention because RS2 is a game that's gotten praise for having "realistic" weapon handling. Yeah, it's far from bad, but there are some problems. The game itself is a bit stuttery and seems poorly optimized. I noticed with the M60, pathing is so bad as to make that gun virtually unusable, but one of my buddies didn't have the same experience. So I dunno. I want this game to be good pretty hard, but if the gameplay issues aren't fixed I'll have to drop it.


As for lately, that's about it. Thinking of picking up Life Is Strange again - played a decent amount of it while tremendously bored and had mixed feelings. Might see how I feel on a second go. 


So, what are we playing?

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   My gaming PC is dead for about a year, and all disposable money are going into buying new apartment and furniture (soon-ish), so i am stuck with older games. Currently just finished Metro Redux (both 2033 and LL stories), re-playing FEAR + add-ons, planning to get back into RTS (Red Alert 2 was finished several months ago), probably will get one of those C&C games after Generals (which i completed last year). Not very interested in on-line gaming, maybe outside of Arma 3, but because it is not very well optimized i don't even try to instal it on this coffee-filled notebook.


   Forgot to add that i would still like to try to play SWAT 3 in Coop with some of forum members, roleplaying Trump's America Defence Forces trying to catch all the mexicans.


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I've been trying to play with Steel Division: Normandy 44, but the player base has kind of evaporated already and the multiplayer matchmaking doesn't help things.  I still think its a good game though that makes some good improvements over the Wargame series.

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This may not bear relevance for many of you, but I recently ran into a bug in KF2 that gave you something like 80% damage reduction as a berker and 40% bonus attack speed. I say bug because resetting your perks every time you hit level 20 berker precludes it from being an exploit in my mind. The medic, who I was in comms with, started ignoring me because I was taking 10 damage from direct hits from fleshpounds on hell on earth difficulty. For more relateable terms, imagine playing WoT, and suddenly nothing hits you for more than 100 damage at tier 10. Some pretty solid lols were had

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