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Space Documents Thread

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Similar to the aviation subforum, a thread to post documents in. Reply with your own contributions.


Launch Vehicles


Advanced Cryogenic Expendible SSTO

Advanced Rocket Engines

Air Augmented Rocket Propulsion Concepts

Improved Saturn V Variants

History of Soviet Liquid Fueled Engines


The Space Shuttle as an Element in the National Space Program (published 1970)

Space Shuttle Range Safety Command Destruct System
Why Does the Space Shuttle Have Wings?: A Look at the Social Construction of Technology in Air and Space

Human Rated Delta IV

Ignition! An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants

Soviet Space Program Handbook (1988)

Launch Loop


Nuclear Propulsion


Missions to Mars and the Moons of Jupiter and Saturn Utilizing Nuclear Thermal Rockets with Indigenous Propellants

Nuclear Thermal Rockets Using Indigenous Martian Propellants

Nuclear Thermal Rocket/VehicIe Design Options for Future NASA Missions to the Moon and Mars

Nuclear Pulse Propulsion

Solid Core Nuclear Propulsion Concept

Development of Nuclear Rocket Engines in the USSR


Space Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Program

Rover Nuclear Engine Program Tests

Design of Antimatter Annihilation Rocket

Antiproton Powered Propulsion with Magnetically Confined Plasma Engines




Soviet Manned Lunar Program

Solar Rocket System Concept Analysis

Manned Mars Missions Using Electric Propulsion

Galactic and Solar Cosmic Ray Shielding

Issues in Radiation Protection: Galactic Cosmic Rays

Titan Submersible Proposal

Discovery of 1992 QB1 (first KBO)

Color Diversity Among Centaurs and KBOs

Manned Venus Flyby Proposal (1967)

Manned Eros Flyby (would have used Apollo derivative possibly)

Bussard Ramjet (simple)

Bussard Ramjet (more stuff)

Comparison of Phobos and Deimos as Exploration Targets

Scenarios for the Orbits of 2000 CR105 and 2003 VB12

A couple of spaceflight books

JIMO Materials Challenges

Aerocapture Analysis for a Neptune Mission

Aerogravity Assist at Triton

Neptune Orbiters Using Solar and Radioisotope Electric Propulsion

Magnetic Field of Mercury

Human Exploration of Mercury and Saturn

Project Mercury Report (1959)

Abort Options for Mars Missions

Manned Phobos Mission (Project APEX)

Manned Venus Orbiting Mission

High Altitude Venus Operations Concept

Crewed Mission to Callisto

Titan and Europa Mission Summary

Design of a Common Lunar Lander (1991)

Manned Lunar Habitats

Meteroid/Debris Shielding


Rapid Mars Transits with Exhaust-Modulated Plasma Propulsion


Columbia Crew Survival Investigation Report

The Mars Project (Von Braun, 1953)

That is not dead which can eternal lie: the aestivation hypothesis for resolving Fermi’s paradox

Nanotechnology and Space System Architecture

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