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I will begin. Ever wonder what a Mercury-derived Lunar mission would look like? Something like this, maybe:






Or maybe you've always been convinced that the US Air Force had a secret Gemini-derived Lunar program. Well, they didn't, but the Kerbal States Air Force did!


The launch of the KSAF Air Force Orbital Surveyor:



In orbit around the Mun after having released its unmanned lander:


The launch of the Munar Occupied Laboratory:


The Munar-Lander Big Gemini, a ten-man Gemini-derived Munar lander:



The Munar Populator Mission launches its five Kerbals, each in separate B-58 Hustler-derived Landing Vehicles, on their journey to the Munar surface:


Shhhh! It's the KSAF's sooper sekrit Munar base!


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Or maybe you've always been convinced that the US Air Force had a secret Gemini-derived Lunar program. Well, they didn't, but the Kerbal States Air Force did!


Play Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space Space Program Manager instead, Gemini earth orbit rendezvous (if you're too much of a cheapskate to develop anything bigger than Gemini) and Gemini direct ascent (if you think docking is for men who are not proper men with rigid rockets) are options.




It's also got glorious commie Dyna-Soar (pic not of game but related).




Warning: game is very similar to a board game, just with a PC for bookkeeping.

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I'd love to see a Kerbal version of what the SLS might've looked like if the Air Force hadn't gotten their claws into it with their "interesting" performance requirements. Something that's pure space truck rather than a space truck that can also directly pop up into orbit, snag a Soviet satellite and come back down.

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I have created my own mod pack by hacking up and stitching together other mods, Frankenstein-style. For the adventurous.


A short overview of the modpack is probably in order. This is a parts pack made to suit my needs and desires in KSP. As such, it has very little extra for the spaceplane enthusiast, instead focusing on heavy lift, higher-fidelity engine characteristics, orbital construction, and space exploration. It takes components from a wide variety of other packs to create the most fun (for me) KSP parts library. It includes parts from the following packs:

Aerojet Kerbodyne
Adjustable Landing Gear


Kerbal Attachment System

KW Rocketry


Near Future Construction, Near Future Propulsion, Near Future Solar, Near Future Spacecraft


Procedural Fairings

Procedural Parts

Taurus HCV


RLA Stockalike

SDHI Service Module System


And relevant plugins. Note that most of these packs have been culled so that the compilation's parts are not very redundant. There is still a little redundancy, but the library is relatively easy to navigate even without Parts Catalog. Parts Catalog is still useful, though, if you want to minimize spacecraft creation time.

The advantages this pack has over NP or KW or FASA alone is that it gives great flexibility in how you create your spacecraft. The capsule library in particular greatly expands your options:



The primary engines of this pack are from KW and FASA, though some "legacy" NP engines remain. "But KW engines suck!" you say. Yes, they do, which is why I modded them to represent real-life engines. The Isp of KW engines now correspond thusly to real-life engines (keep in mind that this means engines are typically either suited to atmospheric or vacuum operating, and absolutely suck at the other! Take care when designing your rockets):

Maverick 1D: Unchanged

Vesta VR-1: RL-10

Wildcat V: Unchanged
Griffon G8D: RD-180

Hypergolic: Unchanged

Maverick V: RS-25

Vesta VR-9D: 2x RL-10

Griffon XX: RD-170

Titan T1: RS-68

Wildcat XR: RL-60

Griffon Century: Unchanged

Titan V: 5x RS-25


These, plus FASA engines, give you the ability to loft a lot of tonnage into space at once. In addition, you have a whole suite of monopropellant engines, which is really great for creating flexible-mission service modules that can alternately do a lot of maneuvering or delta-v expenditure.

Your basic fuel tanks come from KW, but you also have procedural tanks, which are essential for creating the most efficient craft for a given mission. I do not know how I survived without Procedural Parts before.

Almost all the RCS from the above mod packs are retained. Having the right RCS for the job is something I feel is very important, and this compilation gives you a lot of options, including flight packs and pre-built RCS-equipped service modules.

This pack includes a lot of additional construction parts, including 2.5m trusses. At the same time, I have tried to reduce redundancy by removing fairings, fairing bases, etc, as all that is covered by Procedural Fairings.

Aerodynamics gives you the basics: A few extra nosecaps, some fairings, and of course procedural fairings and bases.

Utility has been greatly expanded, with procedural batteries, a huge suite of solar panels, KAS parts, and a whole new set of docking ports and parachutes. Not only will your rockets look cooler and less cluttered, they'll work a lot better and be more efficient, too.

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