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I approve. I'd presume he's got the SAS as a fly-by-wire approximation to deal with the porpoising issue the original had and give a nice accurate drop?


SAS actually causes horrible oscillations and wing flappery that can tear the ship apart, so it stays off most of the time.

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The KSS Kerremlin, first vessel in the Kerbin Space Defense Fleet.


Length: 35.4m

Width: 18.8

Height: 13.2

Weight: 583.4 tons

Crew: 36

Armament: 12x Goalkeeper CIWS with 38,400 rounds, 3x Lasers, 12x HE-KV-1 missiles.

Delta V: 3600




Orbital laser strike.



The 5 "Mainsails" that provide it with propulsion.




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Now for something completely different:




This is the Solaris infinite duration drone. With four electric motors (KAX), a gargantuan battery system and a bunch of solar panels stuck everywhere except the most obvious spot (too much bother), it is currently being tested to determine total flight time.


With luck, the results will never be in.


Update: Okay, so the Solaris is a failure on all counts. I'm going to try and fit more panels, wing and battery onto this bird and try again.

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This is the Solaris 2:



By putting together approximately every battery, I've managed to make an electric plane capable of flying for 17 minutes.


Evidently Kerbals are much better at rockets than electric motors...


Edit: to give an idea of how much juice the motors suck up, you can mount a laser cannon on the nose and use it to lase things for almost five minutes without relying on the panels. In full sunlight, you can melt things for over eight minutes.

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