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The purpose of that beast is to deliver a mining lander to Ike and to send small manned ships to Dres in one mission. It also has an ore processor, so it should be able to somewhat replenish its fuel from smaller celestial bodies.


That particular ship is the Kshatriya. Its sister ship, the Cataphract, sports a slightly modified hull, and will take two orbiter stations to Eve and Gilly, and might cruise to Moho. The Cataphract could also carry up to 8 small manned ships. Keep in mind, each small ship has about 3-5k delta V, depending on configuration. The shorter range ones are intended as emergency escape pods that are capable of returning to Kerbin from damn near anywhere.


However, these pale in comparison to the most recent ship, which is undergoing construction and ground testing at the moment. It's planned mission is to Jool.

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Well, 64 bit support is needed before the nuclear version can actually fly. So I decided to rebuild the hull(s) for using KR-2Ls. It has slightly more than half the delta V of the nuclear version, but it can put itself into a 200km orbit from the launch pad with only the assistance of some SRBs. It could make a very decent heavy hauler to take moderately sized ships to Duna or Eve.


It's primary propulsion comes from 13 KR-2Ls, and it has 4 aerospikes for retro burns when performing orbital rendezvous.


It is still in development and getting prepped for missions, but I give you the Avalon.


Somewhere around 2000 tons on the pad and 1.2 million credits.




The nuclear variant undergoing testing, things didn't end well. Yes, that is 84 engines.


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The return of float planes. They got a little trickier since steel girders no longer double as flotation devices, but I did manage to build a something workable. You have to be careful when taking off from the waters surface; too much throttle at low speeds will just push your nose into the drink. Landing almost couldn't be easier, though. If you want to be really lazy, you can just kill the engines at altitude, let it glide down, then lower the flaps when you are about 30m from the surface. As long as your ground speed is sub 45m/s, you should be golden.


The KBY Katalina



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So I sperged out and got myself a joystick (don't bother trying to use this in War Thunder, by the way).


Which meant that it was time to fly shit in KSP:



The K-163, as the name suggests, is a rocket-powered plane that is insanely fast and will kill you on both takeoff and landing.


Top speed in level flight is 506m/s, endurance is in the range of two minutes and I have yet to land this puppy without exploding.


Gonna put some guns on it and then she'll be perfect.

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Kshatriya aerobraking in Duna's upper atmosphere. It is on a mission to recover a stranded kerbal from the surface of the planet, and to deliver a 60+ ton mining vessel to Ike. The mining vessel will be used to refuel Kshatriya before it returns to Kerbin.



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A shuttle prepares to land on Duna. It's mission is to recover a stranded kerbal on the surface of the planet. After recovery, the shuttle will take off and rendezvous with Kshatriya, which is parked in a low Duna orbit.




Two Golem class mining landers extracting ore from the surface of Ike. This ore will then be taken up to the Kshatriya when it returns to Ike orbit, and from there it will be processed with the on-board IRSU converter into fuel for the ship.



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Since I recently got Simpleplanes, I thought I'd make another 163




The end result is actually pretty close to the real deal: a bit more wing, a bit less power (around 15 KN according to the in-game engine stats*) and a lot less weight.  




Handling is reasonably good, although the pitch trim changes with speed. I had to use the inner trim flaps as ailerons, as the game can't into elevons at this point. 


Disappointingly, the in-game version of the Komet seems unable to reach anything near to the speeds the real one did. I maxed out at something like 226 Knots in level flight, with a dive getting me only a little more.


I'm going to hotrod this thing until it gets the sort of performance I want from a stupid rocket fighta.



* Simpleplanes can't into SI units or Knots.


Edit: Much better...





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Jeb, Bob, Bill, and a few others return from Eeloo





Eeloo 1 and Kshatriya docked. Neither ship has RCS, so I created some "tug boats" that have a very powerful RCS and a claw.





Archimedes returns from Jool. It turned out that the phase alignment was just right for a quick stop by Dres to drop off a probe.



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The largest of the Ceres class cruisers, the Cataphract. I'll try to get a screenshot of Eeloo 1, Kshatriya, Archimedes, and Cataphract together, provided that the game doesn't crash.


Specs without lifting stages.


Wet weight: 531 tons

height: 19.9m

length: 45.4m

width: 35.8m


Fuel Load: 60324 units of Liquid Fuel


Engines: 26× LV-N Nerv

Maximum Thrust: 1560kN



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