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The Russian Navy with state-owned nuclear power company Rosatom decided canceling planned service-life extensions and modernization on its two legendary nuclear-powered Kirov-class battlecruisers or heavy missile cruisers, according to Izvestiya newspaper.

According to media reports in recent weeks, the Russian Navy has decided to recycled two heavy nuclear battlecruisers of Kirov-class – the Admiral Ushakov and the Admiral Lazarev owing to funding shortfalls.

In 2021, it is planned to scrap of the heavy missile cruisers Admiral Ushakov (factory number 800) of the project 1144 and Admiral Lazarev (factory number 801) of the project 11442 for a long time already withdrawn from the Russian Navy.


It is planned to allocate 400 million rubles ($6,27 million) for the recycled of the first, the second – 350 million rubles ($5,49 million).

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Massive boost to French naval capabilities   

Yeah,  I am Norwegian.  This sounds legit, though badly translated.     The reason the warship sank by the way, is because they anchored the ship to land to keep it steady. But it was a poor

On 4/22/2019 at 5:14 PM, Ramlaen said:



So it's true that the Russian Navy is basically getting rid of all its bigger vessels? I hear their aircraft carrier (how do you pronounce it?) is on the chopping block as well. 

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4 hours ago, Collimatrix said:

I'm curious as well.  Scrapping a lot of large, older vessels with high maintenance and crew requirements to save money makes sense, but I didn't think that the Russian ship-building yards were in a position to provide replacements.

   "A lot" are 2 ships which were "mothballed" in 90s and now cost way to much to bring to combat-capable condition. Should be noted that about a week ago Putin arrived to us (St.Petersburg) and participated in ceremony of starting construction of the frigates "Admiral Amelko" and "Admiral Chichagov" project 22350 and several other ships, so it is not like we are taking ships out of Navy and then leave them with nothing at all to float around.

















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The U.S. Navy is considering a significant change to its new stealth destroyers, one driven by the change of mission announced in last year’s budget documents, the head of the program said May 7 at the Sea-Air-Space conference.

The service has been struggling to find a use for the ship’s advanced gun system — the largest of its type fielded by the service since World War II — and now is considering stripping them off the platform entirely, said Capt. Kevin Smith, the DDG-1000 program manager at Program Executive Officer Ships.


"The guns are in layup,” Smith said. “We're waiting for that bullet to come around that will give us the most range possible. But given that that is offensive surface strike, we're going to look at other capabilities potentially that we could use in that volume.”


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Lockheed Martin and Austal USA are each conducting a two-phase look at how to upgrade the original LCS hulls, Joe DePietro, Lockheed Martin vice president of small combatants and ship systems, told USNI News earlier this month. The move came from a call in 2017 from Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson to backfit more capabilities onto the LCS.

“What they did is, underneath our class design services contract that we already have, they issued a technical instruction, where we were awarded roughly $2 million to go start the work on Phase 1 to develop the packages that would be for the installation and integration of those systems,” he said.

Those systems include Raytheon and Kongsberg’s anti-ship Naval Strike Missile, the Nulka MK 53 Decoy Launching System (DLS), the SLQ-32(V)6 Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) system, and a modification to the ship’s fire control system for its 57mm guns.

The work also includes a look into a possible upgrade of the ship’s TRS-3D combat radar.

The second phase of upgrades could include backfits of laser weapons and the installation of an eight-cell Mk-41 Vertical Launch System on the Freedom variant, or newly developed single-cell Mk-41 launchers throughout the ship.

In addition to the lethality upgrades, Lockheed is studying using the LCS platform as a mothership for the Navy’s planned fleet of unmanned surface vehicles.


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First of Israel's Sa'ar 6 ships laid, pending a ceremony. 

By end of 2019 it should arrive in Israel, where it will undergo a refitting process of approximately 1 year.

A total of 4 ships are planned.


They're not big and bad. Their *armament is modest. But they'll serve well.








16x unspecified anti-ship missile.

32x Barak 8 SAM.

40x C-Dome SAM.

1x 76mm gun.


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   The Defense Ministry and OSK will sign a contract for two more Borey and two additional Yasen' submarines.

   The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the United Shipbuilding Corporation (OSC) will sign a contract for the construction of two more strategic submarines of Project 955A (code Borey-A) and two nuclear multi-purpose submarines of the project 885M (code Yas'en-M) in addition to the 15 already contracted submarines of these classes. A source in the military-industrial complex on the sidelines of the military-technical forum "Army-2019" told TASS on Tuesday.
   "The construction of four ships will begin as part of the state armament program [until] 2027, but they will be handed over to the fleet after it is completed" The construction of the Boreye and Yasen' for the Russian Navy is conducted by the defense shipyard Sevmash. In accordance with the state armament program, designed for the period up to 2027, eight Boreas and seven Yasens should be built and transferred to the fleet. To date, there are three Boreas of the basic project 955 (Yury Dolgoruky, Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Monomakh) and one Yasen of Project 855 (Severodvinsk) in the Navy. The head submarines of the upgraded projects 955A "Prince Vladimir" and 885M "Kazan" were built and are at the stage of factory trials.
   The deadline for the delivery of these submarines to the fleet in 2019 announced by the leadership of the OSC and Sevmash in 2019 can only be sustained by Prince Vladimir. "Kazan", as reported by TASS, due to the need to eliminate technical deficiencies will be handed over to the fleet no earlier than 2020.


   The main armament of the Boreyev is 16 intercontinental ballistic missiles “Bulava”, “Yasen” are armed with - Onyx and Caliber missiles.










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