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  1. Britain doesn’t appear to be doing very well... I wonder why
  2. I’m not sure how well a judge I will be, cause I’m an idiot (compared to most people here), but I’ll try. I do have some ideas for the MBT, but I’m bad@computers, so I guess I don’t have too much of a choice.
  3. What about an modern MBT? I'm not very eloquent with words, so I'm just gonna be semi-blunt: (In a fictional universe where Russia can build more than 30 Armatas a year) NATO strategists are panicking over the introduction of the Armata heavy universal platform in the Russian Federation. The remote main turret, active protection, high tech electronics and situational awareness aids, and separated/encapsulated crew compartment have sent chills down the West's collective spine. In their terror, they have turned to you (the scum on the internet) to draft up designs to combat this new mechanical monster! Basic Design Requirements (all criteria with asterisks and 3 more of your choosing): *Be less than 63 metric tons without additional armor packages. *Have a weapon system that can get past the hard kill Afghanit APS (lets assume it doesn't work on projectiles traveling above 1500 m/s). *Have a weapon system that can penetrate the Armata within it's frontal arc (turret doesn't count). *Be able to engage the Armata at 2.5 km. *Be transportable by railcar, somehow (can have some disassembly). Have some parts commonality with, or be based off, any MBT or AFV/IFV currently available in NATO (Including Poland, but not Ukraine... cause they're not part of NATO). Be able to withstand Vacuum-1 at 2km and Kornet-EM along the frontal arc. Travel at 60 km/h. Crew of 3. Crew must be separated from ammo/engine compartments (doesn't have to be a capsule). Advanced Design Requirements (extra brownie points ): Be less than 55 metric tons without additional armor packages. Be able to engage the Armata past 4km. Able to withstand Vacuum-1 at 500m and Kornet-EM along the front arc. Has an active protection system. Can travel at least 70km/h. Crew of 2. Use the "brute force method" (KE projectiles only). What do you guys think?
  4. I’ve never been that low to consider suicide, though I have noticed it’s harder for me to get out of bed and do everything I need to do for the day. A general lack of interest and motivation have also plagued me for a couple years now. Sorry for derailing, especially on such a sensitive/morbid topic.
  5. I don’t think getting rid of guns will significantly lower the suicide rate, as there are MANY other ways to kill yourself. Ironically, the gun is one of the more humane ways someone could kill themselves, above hanging and plastic-bag-over-the-head, IMO. I’m not advocating or excusing people whom commit suicide, but there are more (and cheaper) ways someone can take their own life than a handgun. This also seems like another of those “feel guilty” articles, where they point to something other than the root cause of the issue. In this case, suicides. (un)Humorously, I believe the roots for suicides could lie in a similar place to why there is gun violence: mental health. Not so much like autism, but depression, anxiety, and paranoid schizophrenia (among others). How in hell we’re suppose to fix or mitigate those issues, I haven’t the foggiest idea, but the “ban guns” approach will NOT solve it.
  6. Thanks for telling us Iceland is, in fact, an island. Oh yeah, the EU does like to make fun of their friends across the pond... with Donald in office, I'm sure they could get a hard-on blaming the US on random events the US had no involvement in...
  7. Are they serious? Is this really the conclusion they came to when asking the question “why did ‘Solo’ not do well”?
  8. I’m curious what they plan to do about my mother: she’s a retired cop, and owned (and still owns) her AR-15 she used for work. Sooo... now that she’s retired, can she keep her “assault weapon”, or is she classified under the “child killers” they so call responsible gun owners?
  9. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/412220-development-xm-1-c-and-xm-1-gm-ancestors-of-the-abrams/ Top tier performance just a credit card payment away... Not only do they have armor resistant to 115mm KE and 125mm HEAT, they also have stabilizers... I guess mental paraplegics need to play video games too, because they're giving away all the crutches with these tanks...
  10. WT = pay 2 keep your sanity. I stopped a couple months ago (with my highest tanks being the Tiger II(H) and Coelian) and just visit the forums because shitposting is fun. I think the biggest killer for me was it felt like I wasn't rewarded for my loyalty as a player (>3 years), while any asshole and their friend could buy their way to one of the best vehicles in the game (Obj. 120), or troll master Supreme (bIaS-6).
  11. This is exactly why that will never happen: The EU gets off by blaming everything on Russia. Whom are they going to blame when Russia is a friend?
  12. The look on that cops face... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. I suppose I should have elaborated: 1. In the article, it referenced there was Russian and Ukrainian news on this as well, citing “Obozrevatel” as a source. I can’t read it, so I was wondering what it says about this (on phone, so no google translate). 2. I’m wondering why the hell this is in American news, other than a “let’s hate Russia for [insert anything]” type of article. 3. I didn’t know (nor would have ever though) that anyone would use dolphins for military purposes (dare I say, porpoises ). I knew the providers were garbage, but when I read the title, my brain said “WUT?” so hard I couldn’t stop myself from clicking. I guess my main concern was “why are the Ukrainians using dolphins?” as it doesn’t make sense to me. Should have made that clearer, rather than as a side note.
  14. I guess this should go here, as it relates to Ukraine, but Ukrainian Navy dolphins were starved after Russian annexation... I don't know what to think about this. tl;dr, the Dolphins were trained by the Ukraine Navy for mine detection and personnel recovery (in case someone fell overboard). Apparently, they refused to be feed by the Russian handlers, and starved... I guess even the dolphins in Ukraine have a Russian hate boner? On a side note: why would you use a dolphin for mine recon when there's sonar and USV's?
  15. Does that mean Germany has to start another world war?
  16. It would be nice to see all the countries of Europe come together like the USA (somewhat sovereign states answering to a larger central body, with a combined military and economy), but that will most definitely not happen. It’s kinda sad really, a combined EU would be quite a formidable global force.
  17. Yes, the goal was for crew safety. That's what I based 3 and 6 off of. I wonder why they use double-V hulls on the new Strykers if it would cause problems like the hull splitting open, unless there's something else going on.
  18. Which of these hull designs would be best for under-belly blast protection? https://imgur.com/I8U9JDW I have a feeling it's between 5 and 6. My gut is saying 5 is better, but I'm slightly partial to 6's shape... and I don't know why... Also, I'm having a weird bug where when I try to post a picture, it overlaps the message box. Any suggestions?
  19. I bet Elon Musk is happy... until he realizes that few in Costa Rica can afford his cars
  20. Well, I mean, if blondes are you thing, who am I to judge. Anyway, maybe we could move this to another thread (so as not to contaminate this one)? Perhaps an "Arbitrary (and Extraneous) Questions Thread"?
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