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  1. I was in central Florida when I saw it, so who knows where it’s from.
  2. Klaatu, Barada.... Achoo... Jokes aside, I was visiting family recently, and this thing caught my eye: And I cant ID it, any help?
  3. If I may request, can the competition wait until after holiday season?
  4. That’s a weird paint job. Any reason her roof and wheels are a different color?
  5. *Breaking out necromancy book* Does anyone know where to find these design studies for North Carolina? Since the available spring styles books have a big gap between 1925 and 1939, that’s not an option, so I am inclined to think it’s in Friedman’s “US battleships”?
  6. What you’re doing now, accepting that you don’t know everything, is a more acceptable attitude, but it’s a couple months late.
  7. I thought you made it very clear you didn’t want to be here anymore, so why come back?
  8. It’s interesting to me that the US navy had experimented with designs for super long battleships as early as 1911-1912 (this particular one being from 1913, and 895 feet / 273 meters waterline length), yet kept going with the “armored football” of the South Carolina through Colorado classes.
  9. I don’t have any photo’s or art, but I do have some info today! I was reading Norman Friedman’s “British destroyers and frigates: WW2 and beyond” and found an interesting passage. It appears that during the design stage of the Tribal class destroyers, it was seriously considered to have 5 twin 4.7inch (62 lb) guns in a Dido type arrangement (3 super firing forward, 2 aft), with a quad pompom and quad torpedo tube. This was dropped, for obvious reasons, as being over treaty weight (1,850 tons for destroyer leaders) and top heavy, but the reasoning behind the admiralty’s decision was that the bridge was too tall, and would make the ship easier to spot and hit.
  10. Front mounted engines are fun? The size of my engine was originally to have about 15+ hp/ton (if the vehicle were it’s intended weight). With current technology, that required a big engine, and placing that in front means you need a big slab of armor. I don’t think it helped that I brought the radiator underneath all that armor, either. Also, a 6 inch gun takes up a lot of space, which requires a big turret. I’ve definitely learned my lesson here, though. Front engines are not a good idea for MBT’s unless your doctrine allows you to have less hull armor (and if your engines aren’t too big). Also, big guns are a pain to work around; keep to reasonable bore sizes, unless you can fully automate it. Maybe if we had 20 years more technology (and I had more experience) she could be something. But right now? No.
  11. Yeah, I was shooting for 65-68 tons normal, about 75-78 tons with the belly plate and turret wedges. But she really put on some COVID weight , and I just dropped it, I’m not really looking for 80+ ton mammoths. Funny enough, not a single plate on my tank was over 1 inch thick (except for the trunnion mounting, because it has to be thicker). FWIW, the front armor is: Wedge (60 degrees): 20mm HHA, 20mm STEF, 20mm RHA 750mm air gap (at the center) Turret front (24 degrees): 20mm HHA, 51mm STEF, 25mm RHA, 280mm NERA (60 degrees, arranged like T-72B array), 20mm HHA, 280mm NERA (shells have to pass through 2 plates when dead on), 25mm HHA, 25mm STEF, 25mm RHA.
  12. You seem to know something about guns, but I also guess that half of being intelligent is convincing others you’re intelligent, so you’re half way there!
  13. Any idiot can argue with a genius for hours on end, like you’re doing. But before you go and try to spin this off as you’re the genius, let’s remind ourselves who has proven themselves at least marginally intelligent, by looking who has contributed what to the forum (or the internet at large)… … … … hmmmm, I don’t see much from you, mate. But the people you’re arguing with? They have something to show. And that’s ok. I’m pretty damn useless here, I’m just tolerated because I’m respectful and know when I’ve been proven wrong or made a mistake, which have both happened. You’re lucky to have stayed here this long with your attitude, but it will be no huge loss that you are leaving.
  14. Have you ever seen a post that looks like someone swinging a bat at a hornet’s nest?
  15. The terrain and building destruction sounds like Minecraft (lol, it auto capitalizes when I type it), and enemy’s are decent about moving around the map, but I think that’s because Minecraft is: A. Very simplistic in its design, fewer poly’s to keep track of. B. Doesn’t differentiate between “building/structure” and “terrain”. C. Doesn’t have “shrapnel physics”, where pieces of the environment go flying with lethal intent (except for TNT). But after thinking about it, this also sounds like “Space Engineers”, which I would recommend to anyone who would like Minecraft better if they wanted something with more polygons, in space. It’s roughly 50/50 on the combat and building departments, with some nice 0g and gravity physics, and a nice looking block damage system.
  16. RF: guerilla is one of my favorite games. The building destruction mechanics/physics and environment design are fantastic, and very satisfying. Fire fights, especially when you bring explosives, could get very cinematic and chaotic; more than once I was significantly injured (and laughing til I was red in the face) by a flying I-beam or concrete from a nearby wall.
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