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  1. @Sturgeon @N-L-M @LoooSeR Big question: for the protection requirements, penetration is when a projectile (or fragments there of) reaches the crew compartment specifically? Or any space after the external* armor packages? *external, insomuch as that internal armor relates to a bulkhead or firewall separating compartments like the engine and crew spaces.
  2. Brahman continues to develop! Updates include: Added gun mantlet armor box (no array yet) Lengthened the main gun barrel by 2 calibers (now an L/34, barrel length is the same as an 120mm L/44) 20x102mm coaxial autocannon Combined day/night gunners sight added a 2.25 yard coincidence rangefinder added a pair of whip antennas for the radio cut out holes for the turret blow off panels
  3. I don’t have finals; I actually started a second part-time job, recently. But June 15 sounds fine: should give enough time for the judges to announce a winner on July 4th, a Texan’s favorite holiday!
  4. The Soviet army would like to disagree with you...
  5. There needs to be a Godwin’s law for this: The longer a company exists, the more likely they are to produce a PL-01 clone as a concept.
  6. How fast does this tank move, that it requires a spoiler on the back
  7. I based my tracks on the T142’s used on the later M60s. They’re the same 28 inch width with replaceable rubber pads. I’m think my wheels just need to have some geometry fixes, and my suspension arms are too long: right now, she’s sitting at 29.5 inch ground clearance! I also completely forgot to add idler wheels. The torsion bars themselves are 3 inches in diameter. I thought I saw that 3 inches / 75mm was a decent thickness for such things, but cannot find it again.
  8. I think this is the farthest I've managed to get in a competition (by how many necessary components I've completed). She's up to 44.8 tons, but I know I can get that down... each individual wheel is 540 lbs, which seems high... the tracks are also about 2.5 tons each (dont know how heavy they're suppose to be).
  9. I don’t quite remember which object it was (it was parallel to T-90, I think?), but they redesigned the front hull to be more square. @LoooSeR, do you know what I’m talking about?
  10. In what world? Have you seen 1980s and 1990s designed tanks? They’re almost all boxes with fat turrets (M1 Abrams, Leopard 2, Leclerc, Challenger, Type 90, Ariete).
  11. I thought I felt a disturbance in the force... You have been given sources from the Soviet, French, and now British army’s on what they think of the panzer 5, and they’re all in agreement that it is mechanically fragile and unreliable. I can only imagine that American testing would confirm these statements. Hell, even several German reports say they were unhappy with the Panther, for the same reasons (engine and transmission reliability). What arguments can you possibly give that could reverse such criticisms?
  12. From what I’ve seen, many large boats have fiberglass hull plating, with metal supporting frames. I haven’t seen a multi ton, all fiberglass boat, just canoes and small personal craft... but then again, I don’t go looking. Sounds good. I know in high performance race cars, they have similar issues.
  13. I’ve never seen fiberglass used as a construction or supporting material for anything over 3 tons. Not quite sure how you’d make a 20+ ton tank out of it.
  14. the M18 hellcat is apparently a "light tank" now... Server update 07.05.2021 - Updates - Game - War Thunder
  15. Weird that they’re considering a DU round for their new gun. IIRC, uranium (alloys) work better at 1500-1600 mps, and the M829A4 is designed to get those velocities out of an L44 barrel, not an L55.
  16. If it is the L55A1 they’re mounting, they could use higher pressure ammo than most of their allies.
  17. Fuel armor? The long distances that are required would necessitate a lot of fuel, which could be used as armor if arranged correctly.
  18. I was thinking more along the lines of a beefed up Sherman transmission, preferably the "high speed reverse transmission" (mid-way down the page) #33 The Sherman Of The Future: Advanced Sherman UpGrades That Almost Made It Into Production. | The Sherman Tank Site But yeah, my components are too light, should be closer to 4 tons, the normal MB 838 is nearly 2 tons dry.
  19. I've decided on a nickname for my vehicle: Brahman. Just some updates: added sponsons reduced turret roof height by 6 inches increased barrel length to 32 calibers and breach counterweight (it is no longer "balanced", but I think I have a work around) reduced upper front and roof plate thickness to 0.8 inches (20mm) revised some geometry, to reduce weight (currently at 28.45 tons) What would be a "good weight" for my engine? I have it currently modelled as 3.5 tons (3180 kg), including the liquid cooling and transmission. It's a 12 cylinder, 6.9 inch (175mm) bore by 7.1 inch (180mm) stroke, 1000hp engine based off the MB 838.
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