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  1. It shouldn’t, because the textolite ME/TE was for 260-300 bhn armor, not 360 bhn armor.
  2. Well, yeah, I’m not talented. Though I do plan on using special, non reactive armor in a place I think might benefit from it. In regards to the complex surfaces and whatnot, you could always take the T-72B route and cast it in such a way as to have a nice hollow space to place a couple layers.
  3. Did I say CV90's big brother? I meant a (somehow) fatter M109: for perspective, the gun is an 6.1 inch (155mm), L/24 cannon, and the turret ring diameter is 86.6 inches (2200mm). She is currently sitting at 28.1 tons, and has 1 inch (25mm) base armor on all surfaces.
  4. How / how often did they replenish the CO2 canisters for the M81E1 gun on the Sheridan?
  5. Could have a judge who’s pedantic and brings up how ERA can be dangerous to nearby infantry...
  6. Is glass textolite and/or fused silica available? The silica should be easy, the lone state has a lot of desert and coast line (and therefore, sand) in their territory
  7. Where do you find the engine dimensions for the MB 838 or AVDS 1790? I can find total volume, but nothing specific.
  8. It is a little odd how a nation that benefited so much from standardization would produce and use so many different vehicles. Since I don’t know the history or circumstances that lead to those decisions, I’m not going to say any more. I do have a question, though: is the turret diameter the same across the T-64 through T-90?
  9. So are we, mate... But, for my own sanity, what point are you trying to prove? From my perspective: everyone but you is arguing that korner’s kills are exaggerated.
  10. There appears to be an additional variable that you are willfully ignoring... Also, you say to “doubt the claims”, yet you take the CLAIM that the soviets knocked out a Tiger B, at face value. Cherry-picking?
  11. I havent been able to find anything, but can you age only select areas (for instance, the weld zone) of precipitation alloys? from what I know, you would have to send the whole damn thing through the oven again; but if you have an oven big enough for the whole piece, why would you weld it after you aged it?
  12. wait a fucking second... what the fuck are you arguing then?!
  13. Yes, because the kraut’s had only 88mm guns in their arsenal... No Other Common AT guns
  14. Double post? edit: on the previous page?
  15. You failed to understand my comment, so I’ll make it more clear: Germans are not Nazi’s. This is obvious to anyone who has the required amount of brain cells to think rationally and objectively. Nazism is not an ethnicity, bound to a certain group of people based on heritage; it is an ideology, and was present in many countries at the time, not just Germany and the axis powers. Trying to pin nazism on one group of people is ridiculous and dishonest, which is why I now refer to Nazi’s as Nazi’s, not as Germans. “Germans today are not Nazi’s” isn’t (or, at least, shouldn’t be) some huge revelation or shocking fact to anyone who has the slightest amount of cultural or historical knowledge. Even the imperial Germans in WW1 weren’t Nazi’s, despite what a lot of people are lead to believe (American standard education is... lacking), and the Nazi’s should only be remembered as a mistake, like many young peoples’ goth/emo phase. That one dark and self-destructive point in history is not the sole defining feature of Germany or Germans. Now take the hint, shut up, and grow up.
  16. This is quite telling. We’re talking about Nazi’s, which are most definitely different from Germans. I would know, my Jewish great grandparents left Germany in the 30s to get away from them...
  17. Kinda hard to meet the enemy on the battlefield, when you can’t even make it to the battlefield
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