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  1. The program name is SPEED and is a multi-material Eulerian / Lagrangian hydrocode with explicit solver technique.
  2. And here the temperature distribution within the same simulation https://photos.app.goo.gl/8Mtzn8cPLL5xbBCn7 much more meaningful information
  3. As promised mid August to @BkktMkkt here my simulation of 3BM60 @ 1600 m/s versus 600 mm RHA semi-infinite stack https://photos.app.goo.gl/FtyBUqT3BjGE8drXA erosion of rod only
  4. As I stated yesterday the schematic shows precisely the DM33 120 mm x 570. No doubt!!!
  5. This sketch shows indeed the DM33 and is extracted from the German Army ammunition identification sheet (Munitionsmerkblatt 1315-9213-3) which by the way is still classified "restricted - FOUO" (VS-NfD)
  6. Comprehensive answer @Militarysta! Giving a credible picture what's going on in Polish MoD. Do they really have a chance to get 2A6 from Finland or Portugal and are they able to pay for?
  7. First I thank @SH_MM for tracing MGCS. In may opinion the Polish are welcome to the program but not in this stage. In the beginning of the technology demonstrator study phase Polish industry would not be required at all. They want to make quick business. But may be that the research establishment WITU would be welcome to participate with their technology ideas. @Militarysta what is your opinion to this?
  8. He can only climb in and out if the turret is in 11:30 position! That is also the position to drive with open hatch on road.
  9. Coming back to the old German specification for armour steel (TL 2350-0001): The allocation to hardness is the following A, R and D 250 to 300 B 310 to 360 C 340 to 390 E 400 to 450 X 370 to 420 W 400 to 450 V 440 to 490 L 250 to 300 Now @Wiedzmin you can perform the analysis for the old Leopard 2 AV.
  10. BTW, why are you boys always discussing the pretty old stuff of Leopard 2 AV? Only two, to my knowledge, had been built. Nowadays we are talking about Leopard 2 A7V! So the "7" should be taken into discussion!
  11. The 409 million euro program will make Rheinmetall not happy with their business program in Poland, or? What impact may be expected for them? I thought that Polish MOD wanted to participate at MGCS program. Is that now delayed or even obsolete?
  12. I have the answer for @Wiedzmin to the different steel types and old dude @SH_MM is completely wrong with his theory: The letters are used in the old German specification for armour steel TL-2350-0001 for different hardnesses where W is 400 to 450 HBW, V is for 440 to 490 HBW and C is for 340 to 390 HBW. The letters hh and sh are not German abbreviations.
  13. It should be noted that the CE with 136 mm is the HOT1 and should not be confused with the HOT2 which has 150 mm in SC warhead caliber an therefore another penetration performance.
  14. Especially if you think about the thirsty turbine. Then they have to ask the Russians to supply them cheap kerosene before riding against the East. Ha, ha!
  15. That is a good question! Leo2A6, which is a Leo2A5 with L55 barrel instead of L44 is only available at German, Spanish, Greek, Quatari, (no more in Dutch), Canadian, Finnish and Portuguese Armies. The only which may have to many tanks are the Spanish and the Greek.
  16. That confirms my assumption! Although the Polish made ammo is cheaper than the German one the barrel life goes down which at the end costs also money. But that depends on the training rounds fired. BTW the chart of Polish Armed Forces is very interesting, too. How many tanks are in one armoured cavalry brigade? So, how many guns will be ready to defend 🇵🇱 in 2026?
  17. It should look like this https://images.app.goo.gl/kM4YnW8HiAK89J5e9
  18. The Leopard A4 shot shows a lot of propellant burning in front of the muzzle. This means pretty bad combustion in the loading chamber. That was definitely no Rheinmetall ammo! Can you get info where the round was coming from? Was it Polish self made?
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