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    Alanch90, do you have reliable fotos or sketches of Svinets-1 or -2? I found no fotos with a clear type allocation to 3BM-59 or 3BM-60! When was the DOI of these rounds?
  2. Gun Ready

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Really very nice fotos from Leopard 2 A4. It is a pitty that this tank cannot withstand a possible threat of today. The Polish Army needs some upgrade to more than the Leopard 2 A5 they also have in use and not a downgrade to the PL version!
  3. Gun Ready

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    It's the Unterl├╝ss production line, isn't it? And the foreground chassis with glacis add-on, hatch and mounting plates for side armor looks like for Leopard 2PL, or?
  4. Gun Ready

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Thank you for your detailed explanations, very helpful. I like to address a few questions you may be able to answer: First, what German Leopard upgrades did Rheinmetall? Second, why do you think Rheinmetall has good changes to win the MGCS contract. According to my info they have to share a contract with KMW anyhow as German authorities want to have a share between the two both as long as possible like with Boxer and Puma.
  5. Gun Ready

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    The Lynx KF41 is an AIFV and not a MBT! Up to now Rheinmetall did only different Leopard 2 modifications, not more. The only customers for the moment are Indonesia and Poland. They are doing great guns and fine ammo and they should stay with these things.
  6. Gun Ready

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Sorry, as a Newbie I got a little be confused with replying correctly.....
  7. Gun Ready

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    I daubt that Rheinmetall can do a successful counteroffer to a KNDS tank as they are no tank developers as KMW and Nexter
  8. Gun Ready

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Thaks for these very interesting answers. Especially the 130 mm development will be traced by me (as Gun Ready) very attentively! Will see under what cicumstances a production of 400 to 800 tanks will be financed by Polish government.
  9. Gun Ready

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Is something known about the new tank proposed by PGZ? Could the EMBT be an interesting concept for Polish MoD as this tank has a 120 mm NATO standard caliber, an autoloader and the high mobility and reliability of Leopard 2 well known to Polish Army?
  10. Gun Ready

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    If Poland likes to join the official MGCS program, a few years have to we waited until the French and the German authorities really made up their mind how this next generation MBT should look like. Rheinmetall can offer in the meanwhile a lot of hypothetical concepts.