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  1. Fin marks really only ever happen on thinner armor as well as softer metal such as cast steel. There is a reason why you only see fin marks being left on T-72s and M60 series tanks. It is also very likely that the Type 90 uses HHA on the outer layers meaning that the fins would just snap off when contacting the surface. That's just a guess though and from what I remember there were multiple shots from both HEAT and APFSDS, so we could just be seeing only the first shot of the test.
  2. Rule of thumb for any autoloader, no matter the country or design. As soon as the barrel moves, the reload is complete since any movement during the loading process would just sheer off any feed arm/ramp. An autoloaded version of a lap load is actually a really good way to describe it.
  3. Looks like the "human loaders are just as fast as auto loaders" is finally over. It seems like the Type 10 has two settings similar to the Leclerc's "Doublement" mode. Looking at patents for the auto loader system Japan uses, the next round seems to drop off the ammo belt onto a feed ramp. my best guess for how the 1.6 seconds is achieved is a button is pressed where immediately after the first round is loaded, a next round is dropped off and prepared. As a result you get a faster overall reload, but lose the ability to switch ammo type in between shots. Otherwise you get a standar
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