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  1. Now, we are all in agreement that the best tank the Germans built was the StuG III. But did you know that the Germans had other vehicles? It's true! You should talk about them here. Links you should click: Our Problem Child: Rossmum on the Panther tank Germany's White Elephant, a look at the Tiger tank in theory and practice Tiger II: A Royal Pain An overview of Germany's armour quality
  2. You can buy a licensed hunting carbine conversion of a DP machinegun, compared to that a Mosin doesn't seem so interesting
  3. EnsignExpendable

    Documents for the Documents God

    Primary sources are a harsher mistress than heroin. Post your best docs, videos, and photos here! Make sure that your documents have good citations, photos have confirmed locations and dates (and are actually significant, we don't need millions of pictures of T-26 #550424). Use reliable hosting! Youtube, Picasa, or a government agency's hosting where you got them from in the first place. I will periodically update the OP with everything posted in the thread. Documents not strictly falling into "Allied" or "Axis" categories, or subcategories, will be sorted by country of origin. Allied British Empire and Commonwealth (excluding Canada) T-90S manual (Russian) T-72B Manual (Russian) T-64 1984 Manual (Russian) T-34 EARLY TANK SERVICE MANUAL 1976 US report on capabilities of and countermeasures to the ZSU-23-4 Shilka United States and Canada Ballistic Tests of Armor Materials (American penetration standards) MECHANISM OF ARMOR PENETRATION (Investigation of projectile shatter) THE PERFORMANCE OF SUB-CALIBER PROJECTILES COMPARED WITH THAT OF CONVENTIONAL TYPES Fragment Penetration Tests of Armor Principles of Armor Protection (Decapping plates research) Grooved Armor Plate Photographic Study of Impact of Ball and Armor Piercing Ammunition on Armor Plate Light Armor Plate Development Test of Laminated Thin Armor Plate Metallurgical Examination of Samples Representing Ninety-Six Two Inch Thick Ballistic Test Plates Welding of Armor: Summary of Ballistic Shock Test Results on 1-1/2 Inch Homogeneous Armor 'H' Plates Welded with Austenitic Electrodes and Tested at Aberdeen Proving Ground Armor. Metallurgical Examination of Cast Turret Number 757 for M4 Tank, Manufactured by Union Steel Castings Co., Ballistically Tested at Subzero Temperatures at Camp Shilo Historical Review of the Correlation of Ballistic and Metallurgical Characteristics of Domestic Armor at Watertown Arsenal Metallurgical Examination of 2 Inch, 2-1/2 Inch, and 3 Inch Rolled Homogeneous Armor Employed in the Ballistic Evaluation of Armor against 57 mm and 90 mm Armor-Piercing Projectiles Resistance of Various Steels to Perforation by Fragment Simulating Projectiles Metallurgical Examination of Sections from the Cast Armor Turret made by Continental Foundry and Machine Company and two Trunnion Pins from a Heavy Tank M6A2E1 Comparative Effectiveness of Armor-Defeating Ammunition (Normalization and penetration) Armor Plate Ballistic Testing Metallurgical Examination of Section from 6 in. Experimental M4A3E2 Assault Turret Manufactured by Union Steel Castings Division of Blaw-Knox Company Metallurgical Evaluation of a Method of Anti-Personnel Defense for the Medium Tank M4A1 Metallurgical Examination of Twelve 2 1/2 Inch Thick Rolled Homogeneous and Sixteen 2 1/2 Inch Thick Face Hardened Armor Plates Manufactured by Carnegie-Illinois Steel Penetration of Homogeneous Armor by 3-inch Flat-Nosed Projectiles Comparative Effectiveness of Armor-Defeating Ammunition THE EFFECT OF SYSTEM DESIGN CHARACTERISTICS ON FIRST ROUND HITTING PROBABILITY OF TANK FIRED PROJECTILES Handbook of Ballistic and Engineering Data for Ammunition. Volume 1. 20-1-95 to 75-1-310 Included Test of 105mm Shot, T182 Development of 90mm Gun Tank, T69 SOLID STEEL AP PROJECTILES. CONVENTIONAL, TRUNCATED AND TIPPED TRUNCATED OGIVAL TYPES History of the Subcommittee on Welding of Armor Ferrous Metallurgical Advisory Board Ordnance Department U.S. Army Welding of Armor. Summary of Ballistic Shock Test Results on 1/2, 3/8, and 1/4 Inch Thick Homogeneous Armor 'H' Plates Welded with Austenitic Electrodes and Tested at Aberdeen Proving Ground during the Period from 1 October 1942 through 31 March 1943 REVISED SUMMARY OF ORO PROJECTS, SPECIAL STUDIES AND FIELD OPERATIONS TO MAY 31, 1952. VOLUME 1 CONTROL OF GUN FUMES IN M-4 SERIES MEDIUM TANKS ADEQUATE HEAD ROOM IN TANKS APPRAISAL OF KIND AND DEGREE OF PHYSICAL EFFORT REQUIRED OF TANK CREWS IN RELATION TO FATIGUE Heavy Tank T26E1 Metallurgical Examination of Components which Failed Under Ballistic Tests Comparison Test of Tank, Combat, Full-Tracked, 105-mm Gun, M60A1 STUDY OF ERRORS IN RANGE ESTIMATION WITH THE UNAIDED EYE Evaluation of American telescopic tank sights DETERMINATION OF THE AMOUNT OF HEAT TRANSMITTED TO THE FIGHTING COMPARTMENT OF TANKS UNDER FIELD CONDITIONS CONTROL OF GUN FUMES IN M4 SERIES MEDIUM TANKS BY POSITIVE-PRESSURE VENTILATION REPORT ON GUN FUME HAZARD FROM 37MM GUN IN M5 LIGHT TANK DETERMINATION OF BASIC VENTILATION CHARACTERISTICS OF TANKS OF THE M4 SERIES. DETERMINATION OF BASIC VENTILATION CHARACTERISTICS OF TANKS OF THE M5 SERIES PLACEMENT AND MOUNTING OF SIGHTS IN TANKS DISCUSSION OF VENTILATION REQUIREMENTS OF ARMORED VEHICLES Work on Sabot-Projectiles and Supplements, 1942-1944 M4A3 Manual M103 armour requirements US Armor in Korea, pt. 1 US Armor in Korea, pt. 2 XM1 Engine Troubles Analysis of the effectiveness of American tank destroyers US testing of MTU MT883 Diesel engine for possible use in M1 Abrams Development of 105mm HEAT round T-384 (US) Human factors and safety assessment of the M1A1 Abrams Alternate armament for M551 Anti-Armor Defense Data Study (A2D2) ‘How to Research’ Guide Anti-Armor Defense Data Study (A2D2). Technical Report Anti-Armor Defense Data Study (A2D2). Volume 2. U.S. Anti-Tank Defense at Mortain, France (August, 1944) Anti-Armor Defense Data Study (A2D2). Volume 3. U.S. Anti-Tank Defense at Dom Butgenbach, Belgium (December, 1944) Anti-Armor Defense Data Study (A2D2). Volume 4. US Anti-Tank Defense at Krinkelt-Rocherath, Belgium (December, 1944) Evaluation of Siliceous Cored Armor for the XM60 Tank INVESTIGATION OF THE VULNERABILITY TO BALLISTIC ATTACK OF TWO T77 OSCILLATING TURRETS War Metallurgy Protection provided by steel and aluminum armor against fragments from high-explosive ammunition 3" M62 AP ammunition trials United States Ammunition Data Sheets An Overview of Novel Penetrator Technology Medium caliber ammunition effect on urban targets M36 Crew Training Manual 90mm M3 Armor Piercing Ammunition M4 (105) Training Manual M1A1/M1A2 TUSK 1/2 Manual Technical Manual for M6 and M6A1 heavy tanks Canadian war diaries of the Normandy campaign Other Swiss Anti-Tank Guns (in German) Penetrator strength effect in long-rod critical ricochet angle AMX-13 prototype trials at Aberdeen 12cm kanon STRV 121/122. Skjuttabeller Renault FT-17 manual Axis Germany Armor: Metallurgical Examination of Armor and Welded Joints from the Side of a German PzKw Vf (Panther) Tank Metallurgical Examination of a 3-1/4 in. Thick Armor Plate from a German PzKw V (Panther) Tank Armor Plate. Metallurgical Examination of German Armor from a Pz. Kw. III Tank Principles of Armor Protection (ballistic testing of scale Pak 40 shells) Interrogation of Herr Stiele von Heydekampf (On Porsche's designs, Tiger/Panther development, T-34's influence on German tank development, and long term trends in German tank building) Pantherfibel.pdf German tank production, availability, and losses in WWII Leitchttraktor manual British analysis of King Tiger turret (Porsche) Vulnerability of Tiger Tanks Tiger Operations Handbook: Tigerfibel Japan The Metallurgical Examination of a Japanese Samurai Sword Japanese light armour (part 1) Japanese light armour (part 2) Japanese heavy armour Italy Other North Korea country handbook It's sparse for now, but I'll slowly but surely transfer my collection. Contribute all you got!
  4. Did you know that not only was the AK copied from the Stg, but the Mosin is actually just a Mauser?
  5. Lol, just lol, if you buy a Bethesda product.
  6. EnsignExpendable

    Tank Myths

    Unlikely, the Americans didn't have a sample of Soviet sights until 1943, at which point the Sherman was already very much a thing. Jeeps might correct me, but I don't think there was a radical redesign in sights after the rotor sight was replaced with a telescopic sight.
  7. EnsignExpendable

    Tank Myths

    Interesting, the British did some tests in North Africa with captured sights. Unfortunately, they do not comment on the quality of the sights, but unsurprisingly they conclude that sights with magnification are better for looking at things that are far away than sights without magnification.
  8. I've played the sequels, but not the first one.
  9. Any good WWII themed stuff on sale on Steam/GoG/etc? I'm looking at Sniper Elite 4, I enjoyed 3 while it worked on my computer, 4 seems like more of the same. Anything else I should check out?
  10. EnsignExpendable

    The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    The British liked the Logansport the least, then Westinghouse, then Oilgear.
  11. EnsignExpendable

    What are we playing?

    A Soviet installer would be performed in a hall with 15 windows (all but one are closed) where you stand in line to hand your hard drive to an uninterested woman who will reluctantly give you a ticket so you can stand in line to the payment kiosk, then once you have paid return to the woman so she can install the software for you.
  12. EnsignExpendable

    The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    Any idea which factory this is? This is a super early Sherman by the looks of it, so there can't be that many to choose from.
  13. EnsignExpendable

    Scale Models Megathread

    Taking a break from god's own scale with the tiniest IS-3.
  14. EnsignExpendable

    Scale Models Megathread

    Real tanks are prohibitively expensive, and pixel tanks can be ruined by idiotic pubbies and bad ping. Plastic tanks, on the other hand, are much more difficult to ruin. A Revell Pz 38(t) with its part gremlin commander. Italeri M4A1 Sherman with commander and three identical Tamiya infantrymen. The pinnacle of ergonomics, an RPM FT-17. Dragon IS-2 mod. 1944 ready to deliver 122 mm of socialism. Tamiya King Tiger with homemade Zimmerit. Plastic isn't the only material in a modeler's arsenal. With some styrofoam, garden wire, and modelling paste, this Zvezda T-26 covered in Dragon infantry comes to life. The shining star of my collection, an ICM T-35! Of course, these tanks are only a fraction of what I have loading my shelves, but this post is long enough as it is. Post whatever infantry, tanks, planes, ships, or whatever you have lying around here.
  15. EnsignExpendable

    Books About Tanks

    Massive dump of Osprey titles. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AMYz3if1JzhRhYo&id=DC4F263A5A0865AB!24731&cid=DC4F263A5A0865AB
  16. EnsignExpendable

    Books About Tanks

    This is a thread about dead trees and dead tree substitutes. For example, I just scored this sexy number for only $12: It's a pretty huge book (think coffee table sized) with amazing maps: A brief inspection reveals some idiocy, but it doesn't detract much from the pretty pictures Post your bookshelves itt
  17. EnsignExpendable

    The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    The components are removed, it's just an empty shell.
  18. EnsignExpendable

    The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    I saw the famous Michael Sherman at Bovington. Interestingly enough, it has the red British "unarmoured" triangle screwed into the side. Was the tank actually made from mild steel or did they simply not want it to be sent into combat?
  19. EnsignExpendable

    Tank Myths

    German tanks in France were chiefly light tanks. The PzIII was available only in small numbers because they had one hell of a time getting production ramped up. As for a bad rap, probably because you can't put a huge fuckoff gun on the chassis. Interestingly enough, the Soviets liked the PzIII. It was popular to use in captured tank units and there were two SPG designs that used it as a chassis.
  20. EnsignExpendable

    The Witcher: Wild Hunt

    It's a good game.
  21. EnsignExpendable

    Scale Models Megathread

    Rest of photos: https://imgur.com/gallery/92KisHb
  22. EnsignExpendable

    The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    I saw a lot of "were flamethrowers used in Europe" questions pop up in the past week. Looks like a good confirmation that it was.
  23. EnsignExpendable

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    But the 2S1 wasn't in service yet
  24. EnsignExpendable

    Movie tanks and terrible Vismods