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Sharks, Rays and other fun stuff thread.

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This thread is for interesting/neat articles about sharks,rays and other related stuff.


Washington Post story of offshore Killer Whales feeding on a shark, with some interesting drone footage of them feeding and teaching a juvenile killer whale how to do it.  The shark appears, to me anyway, to be a juvenile Great White.  Filmed in Monterrey Bay, so that makes sense.



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Wikipedia also has a quote from an old British novelist, Frank Thomas Bullen, on these eels


[the eel] attaches himself to the bodies of the larger, fleshier fish, such as halibut, and by sheer force of suction and boring withal works his ravenous way right into their bodies, at what misery to his involuntary hosts can only be imagined

Here's a video of it "boring" itself into a carcass


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