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Titan-derived moonshot.


Stage 0: 4x UA1207 boosters

Stage 1: Titan-derived tank, diameter increased to 15 ft from 10 ft. 7x single chamber LR-87-11-1 engines

Stage 2: Titan-derived 15ft tank, 5x RL-10A engines (I wanted it to be 7x AJ-10-133s, but the ones from the General Electric D-2 pack are not usable for this since they take liquid fuel instead of LH2)




Capable of putting over 20 metric tonnes (that's about 12 Kerbal tons) into Moon-intercept.




Martin-Marietta cross



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I'm building the interplanetary vessel Ares from 'Voyage' by Stephen Baxter. Once completed this will be my largest KSP vessel. It was fun to see that my earlier Eve vessel was very similar. The crew and MEM are next up along with refueling this beast. The CSM pictured is the attached construction vehicle. I had some difficulties lining up the SII fuel tanks with the main body of the vessel. This may take a rebuild.

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Kronosaurus boilerplate test, launching an over 400 Kerbal ton payload into a 430x430km orbit.



First stage is 12m in diameter and has 26x F-1 engines, second stage is 10m in diameter and has 24x J-2 engines.

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Probably my best KSP screenshot so far, or at least, my favorite. I dorked out and decided to write a little blurb to go along with it. Please do not take it seriously.



"MoonLab represents our first base outside of the Earth's Orbit, and in that regard it's certainly a remarkable achievement. You'll hear the Skylab guys talk up the fact that they have the nicer facilities where they can get the real science done, but don't pay any attention to them. They've had it easy. When we went to MoonLab, me and the guys spent the first two weeks living out of the Command Module. You see, while Skylab was launched more or less finished, MoonLab is a Wet Workshop. The Labs, Wardroom, Control Center, all of that had to be unpacked or outright built in those empty LOX and LH2 tanks. When you take that into account, you can see where Skylab has the "nicer" facilities. By comparison, yeah, we had to 'rough it', I guess. At least in the early days. That didn't mean that MoonLab was some sort of waste. We successfully proved people could live and work for months at a time away from even Earth orbit, even build a station, if they had to. We've taken up the ALSEP Mission, and performed detailed orbital observations of the Moon. We're just itching to get someone like Schmitt up there. Ultimately, you have to understand, there was just this kind of rivalry between the Skylab and MoonLab crews. They'll never say it, but they're just jealous our guys were the first back to the Moon. NASA tried to smooth it over by giving them the nicer station, but I guess it didn't work." - MoonLab 2 Mission Commander CDR Ryan Hale (USN), June 1976

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Welp, i got bored, so now i may introduce to the Passanger 2 and 3, don´t ask what happened to 1!

The planes are designed for 96 Passengers and have Intercontinental range.



As you may have seen by now there are not 2, but actually 4 "different" planes, this is because i tried to develope a kind of family of planes which basicly use mostly the same components and just differ a bit in engine configuration and amount






Both P2s don´t require any airbrakes since you can slow down pretty well with flaps but if you are incompetent like me just use thrust reverse.

Both jets have an MTOW of around 121 tons and take off and land smoothly at around 85 [m/s] (190 [mph])

They also turn pretty well sometimes soo well that your wings will snap off.






The P3 series is a bit heavier overhaul but it also carries a bit more fuel and also adds some air breaks since when kick on the Thrust-Reverse mid landing since you are on a too fast approach things can get nasty.

Overhaul they have pretty much the same performance as the P2s when it comes to take off and landing aswell as their flight qualities though they obviously have a bit better range.


All planes can reach around mach 0.95 though the P2 ME is the fastest accelerating one, also for a small build i just look into for around 1hr after school they turned out pretty well, from a shitty ksp player persperctive like mine atleast.

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Sovietsky Kerbania II testing her self destruct system. This system was installed in order to prevent the nuclear armed cruiser from falling into the wrong hands. Should that happen, mission control can activate the abort sequence, which triggers her entire nuclear arsenal of two Mk24 and seventeen W87 warheads at once.





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I was lamenting on Discord that I don't have a payload big enough for my Kronosaurus booster (x24 F-1 on first stage, x24 J-2 on second stage, 845 real tonnes to LEO), and @RobotMinisterofTrueKorea and I finally came up with an idea:







What could this possibly be?



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