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Titan-derived moonshot.


Stage 0: 4x UA1207 boosters

Stage 1: Titan-derived tank, diameter increased to 15 ft from 10 ft. 7x single chamber LR-87-11-1 engines

Stage 2: Titan-derived 15ft tank, 5x RL-10A engines (I wanted it to be 7x AJ-10-133s, but the ones from the General Electric D-2 pack are not usable for this since they take liquid fuel instead of LH2)




Capable of putting over 20 metric tonnes (that's about 12 Kerbal tons) into Moon-intercept.




Martin-Marietta cross



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I'm building the interplanetary vessel Ares from 'Voyage' by Stephen Baxter. Once completed this will be my largest KSP vessel. It was fun to see that my earlier Eve vessel was very similar. The crew and MEM are next up along with refueling this beast. The CSM pictured is the attached construction vehicle. I had some difficulties lining up the SII fuel tanks with the main body of the vessel. This may take a rebuild.

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