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WoT v WT effort-thread

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It seems obvious from the drawing and photo that the WT model is completely borked. The WoT model seems a lot closer.


Yeah, Gaijin didnt utilize the blueprints I gave them as well as Wargaming did when Daigensui lent it to them. I'm getting it fixed, however. 

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Some numbers for the upcoming Swedish tech tree.


Research Cost


Strv 103B tier 1 to 10, bare minimum: 769,525xp





Kvanvagn tier 1 to 10, bare minimum: 760,635xp





Testing Time!


Kranvagn first, because we have analogous tanks already in the game.


Conclusion: As expected, this is a hill humping fiend. Gun accuracy leave a little to be desired, and the ammo count is a little limited, but who cares, you have a 225mm thick slab of turret armor and 50% more gun depression than the T57 Heavy. Much balance. Screenshots are from my only battle with it on the test server so far.





Strv 103B


Initial impression: It's sexy looking.....


Probably one of the most situational tanks in the game. It has the potential to be a very annoying speed bump on your way to victory, and in the correct situation, can even be a threat. In those situations, just spot it and let arty rain down on its poorly armored roof. Also, this tank will be a favorite target for arty. Top speed in siege mode is 5km, and it takes 2.5 seconds to switch modes. Switching between modes completely disables the tank for the duration of the switch.


I can see it being very fun and dangerous to play on maps like Prok, Muro, Karelia, etc, but on most new maps, its horribly handicapped.





It took six battles to get a victory.


Basically, the Kranvagn in the clear winner if you want to rape people with sexy new Swedish tanks. It is very well rounded with a tough turret, solid gun, and very good flexibility. The Strv 103B has a lot of hype, and seems like a noob trap. In the right hands and it the right situation, it can be dangerous, but I would take the STB-1 over it any day.



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Also, the crew configuration on the Kranvagn matches the Strv m42-57 perfectly, whereas the Strv 103B has a radio operator instead of a gunner.


So, suggested crew skills for Strv m42-57 to ease your transition into the Rapevagn:


Commander   BIA, sixth sense, repair

Gunner          BIA, snap shot, repair

Driver            BIA, smooth ride, repair


The terrain resistance on the Kranvagn seems rather high, so off road driving would be acceptable as well.

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Basically, in WGs attempt to make some new tanks do something that they are not really supposed to be doing anyways, they completely change many other tanks without consideration to the balance of them.


Thin angled armor gets a serious buff, whereas thicker angled armor gets a bit of a nerf with the auto-bounce angle increasing to 72 degrees.

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yay in 9.17 tier 8s will suck even more against tier 10 mediums!

Yes. Because if there's one thing we need is more purple platoons rolling in Tier X Mediums ROFL-stomping pubs with impunity. 

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