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The interesting ship photos/art thread.

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Jacques Couseau's Calypso, a decommissioned WW2 wooden-hulled minesweeper, was built in Seattle, specifically in the old Scandahoovian neighborhood of Ballard.








After being sunk in a collision with a barge in 1996, the vessel was raised and now sits in drydock in France Turkey undergoing repairs. Or rather catching on fire due to negligence . 



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3 hours ago, LostCosmonaut said:

Hot take: in the right environment (at night, engaging with radar), an Alaska could take Tirpitz and win. A SoDak would be no contest (although Tirpitz is faster, so it could run away I guess).

The 12 inch guns on Alaska were pretty good.


2 hours ago, Jeeps_Guns_Tanks said:

Yeah, the Sodak would rape the Tirpitz. Nazi Box Ships are overrated.  Hell, an updated post Pearl Harbor Tennessee could probably have handled the Nazi Box Shit just fine. 


17 minutes ago, Belesarius said:

Surprise buttsecks would likely be the result for the Tirpitz


I probably phrased my intentional softball conversation starter sloppily in that yes, I agree either the South Dakota or Alabama (or both together more likely along with the cruiser Tuscaloosa) would have turned the Tirpitz into saeurkraut if there happened to be a naval engagement when the flotilla of ships patrolled of the Norwegian coast in 1943. And quite obviously the Germans knew it which is why they had to keep shuffling around their capital ships to keep them hidden from Allied naval and air power.


I suppose the Alt-History question/wankfest would be what the Krauts would have needed to do in order to gain a leg-up against the South Dakota if it somehow were able to jump it in a one-on-one or perhaps a fleet action with supporting ships? (No I don't know off the top of my head what the readiness was with the Kreigsmarine at that particular time in the Scandinavian theater in regards to ship repair and fuel). Answer, everything would have to be different, I know.


Post Script: Also, holy cow the Tirpitz was a fat schwein-pig in regards to how heavy it was compared the South Dakota class versus the weight of metal it could fire.


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SoDak vs Tirp solo, the SoDak still probably rapes face, maybe while taking a few broken ribs or something. American fire control was some primo shit. And the 16/45s, IIRC could still fire the superheavy 16inch AP. So yeah. Tirpitz = rape victim.



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