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The interesting ship photos/art thread.


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USS Savannah (CL-42) hit by a Fritz X off the coast of Salerno




Slava-class guided Missile Cruiser Varyag becomes the first Russian Navy Warship to visit San Francisco since the end of WW2.




USS Agerholm (DD-826) during a 1962 ASROC test




French Battleship Richelieu showing off her movie star good looks.

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Basically removing all doubt that the age of the Battleship being the center of the fleet was over for the few remaining doubters, The IJN battleship Yamato rolls over and undergoes a massive magazine explosion and quickly sinks. Out of the 400 US aircraft involved in the attack against the Yamato and her escort vessels, only 10 total were actually shot down.

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whats the story on this? Are they just scrapping it in place?



Those boxes got filled with water, while the line of platforms visible between the island and the ship pulled on the bottom. This righted the ship, so it could be floated off to a scrapyard


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And this is a section for Submarines that have done particularly notable feats or hold random, but significant records, let's begin.




HMS Venturer, the only submarine to sink another Submarine (U-864) while both were submerged.




USS Archerfish, record holder for largest warship sunk by a submarine to date. It sunk the 72,000t IJN carrier Shinano which was originally going to be the 3rd vessel in the Yamato class but was converted to a carrier after the IJN's disasterous showing at Midway. it managed to catch it in transit on a secret voyage to Kure for it's final fittings.




S-13, Controversial but, the record holder for the most deaths in single ship sunk when it took out the converted passenger liner MV Wilhelm Gustloff,  the death toll is strongly believed to be as high as 9,500-10,000 despite the official number of 5,400. Note that while dickless Nazi apologists will complain about this as "attacking a hospital/ civilian ship!" (which is funny considering these same idiots seem to have no issue with Germans doing exactly that unrestricted during all of WW1 and WW2), the Nazis 1. deliberately didn't mark it as a hospital liner and 2, knowingly used it as a troop and equipment transport, even going as far as moving members of the Gestapo on board and arming it with AA guns even though civilians were also on board, all perfectly healthy or working I might add. All of this thus invalidated any protections it would receive as a hospital ship.




USS Nautilus (1954), The worlds first operational nuclear powered submarine and the first submarine to go under the north pole. Also the rumored location of Colli's Phylactery.



I'll add more later ....Maybe.

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