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12 hours ago, Xlucine said:

HR lady had to stay behind to pilot the ship, but just swanned about the bridge melodramatically until it was her turn to an hero

30 ships carrying 400 or so people left the cruiser, I counted around 5-7 ish(strangely, 5 in a shot where they're flying away from the viewer and then 7 when they're moving across the viewer's screen towards their right shoulder immediately following) when she actually got in the pilot's seat to turn the thing around


12 hours ago, Xlucine said:

- The empire seems to have an endless supply of ever larger triangles

I was griping on Discord a week or two ago about how basically The First Order has an infinite money RTS cheat code hidden somewhere. Since the "defeat" at Jakku, it has basically gone out and colonized the Unknown Regions(Basically 1/4 of The Galaxy and off limits to common astronavigation), mobilized a new interstellar civilization and fully encapsulated economy in the span of 30 years, handled a counterintel campaign to discredit and mitigate political forces in the New Republic's Senate, and organized a galaxy spanning child kidnapping ring to create a new Stormtrooper Corps and an interstellar navy that, according to Battlefront II(which is part of Disney Canon), basically has all the Star Destroyers(30% bigger than Imperial models) it needs to conquer The Galaxy. Securing Luke was just tying up a loose end.


12 hours ago, Xlucine said:

Also fin used to dust the maguffin, but never mentioned it to anyone and was just as surprised as everyone else when the maguffin was used.

Another thing, what is with the Almighty Janitors(Rose and Finn) knowing about ALL of this tech?


12 hours ago, Xlucine said:

Whatever happened to snoke's ship, that rey purloined? It'd probably have been useful on not-hoth, with rey piloting one and a team of porgs manning the guns on the falcon.

IIRC that was just an "escape pod", not even an armed shuttle or anything


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