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  1. I assume that those pics are not to scale with each other. BTW, No Willy Pete?
  2. Is there any other tank, besides the M3 Lee & M4 Sherman, that used multiple different engines? And that all the engine types worked? Look at the Sherman: M4 & M4A1 had the R975, the M4A2 had the GM 6046 diesel, M4A3 had the Ford GAA, & the M4A4 the Chrysler A57. And they all worked!
  3. In the article about the M3A3 Stuart, it shows a picture of the 751st Military Police Battalion using the M3A3. http://tankarchives.blogspot.com/2017/05/light-tank-m3a3-american-emigrant.html What was an MP Bn doing with tanks?
  4. They look a little too fat to be tankers. Might get stuck in the hatch.
  5. I guess road wheels don't count. Also, when did units switch to naming companies instead of calling them the phonetic name. I: Battle Company instead of Bravo Company.
  6. Yep, changing one of the inner road wheels looks like a fun job.
  7. I used to be in G Trp 82nd CAV, the cavalry troop for this brigade.
  8. If your blowout panels go, what happens to the RCWS is probably the least of your worries.
  9. Left over M60A2 turrets (ALVB conversions) were put on M48 hulls for hard targets. At least one was used as a static display.
  10. Any idea what this is? Found it here:https://www.reddit.com/r/tanks/comments/4z9ebv/what_variant_sherman_is_this_it_seems_to_have_an/
  11. Was the Tiger really that bad at what it was designed to do as a breakthrough tank? By the time it was fielded, it's role wasn't needed that much.
  12. Apricots are bad luck on US tanks.
  13. I remember from my time on tanks (M60A1/A3 & M1A1) that there were decals for all sorts of stowage and stuff along with warnings. Would the Sherman have the same signage?
  14. The tanker bar hasn't changed over time as well. Hey Jeeps, what about the internal signage? I don't think the decals and sign for stowage have changed either.
  15. Does anyone have a link to an article about the American Military Liaison Mission that first took pictures of the T-72. Wasn't the officer later wounded or killed?
  16. I like the picture of the stick & glove stuffed in the breach end.
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